Is A Scam? (Beware Of This Deceptive Discount Store!)

Is a scam? Yes, is a scam. portrays itself as a discount store, boasting a range of products from women’s wear to men’s shoes.

But beneath this facade lies a web of deceit that every online shopper should be wary of. Join me as we unravel the truth behind

Disturbing Facts That Expose as a Scam

Before we delve into the heart of the matter, it’s crucial to understand that the digital realm is rife with websites that aren’t what they seem. is one such site, and the evidence is both compelling and concerning.

A few Months Old Domain

A screenshot of the domain information of in

Websites often build trust over time. However, hasn’t had much time at all.

According to, this site was only registered on March 9, 2023. That was just a few months ago!

New sites can be unpredictable. They haven’t had the time to gather reviews or show they can be trusted.

And sometimes, new sites are created just to scam people for a short time.

So, when you see a site as new as, it’s a reason to be extra cautious.

Dubious Ownership

A screenshot of the contact us page of where the company that operates this site is shown

Behind is a company with a suspicious reputation: Kristal F.I Societa’a Responsabilita’ Limitata Semplificata.

A list of scam sites that operates under the same company as

This company isn’t just behind; it operates many other sites that have been flagged as scams.

Here are some of them, along with their email addresses:


When one company is linked to many questionable sites, it’s a big warning sign.

Questionable Email Address

A screenshot of the contact us page of that shows their email address

Trust is built on consistency, and seems to be playing a game of hide and seek with its email addresses.

A screenshot of the result after I check the email address of in

On the surface, their official email,, is valid when verified on

But here’s where things get tricky.

After subscribing to their site, the welcome note I received wasn’t from their official address.

A screenshot of the email that I received  from

Instead, it comes from And upon digging deeper, it revealed that this email isn’t just tied to

A screenshot of the list of sites that are using the same email address as

It’s the common thread linking a series of other questionable sites including:

  • Clark Autumn (Official Facebook page of

It’s like a maze, with this one email connecting various dubious sites.

If they’re not transparent about something as basic as an email, it begs the question: what else are they hiding?

Plagiarized Content

A screenshot of the about us page of

Originality speaks volumes about a business’s authenticity. But seems to be taking a shortcut.

A screenshot of the same about us page content but from

Their “About Us” page felt like a trip down memory lane. Why? Because the exact words can be found on other sites.

A screenshot of the list of sites that are using the same content as

Here’s a list of these questionable sites together with their email addresses:


It’s like walking into different stores and seeing the same decor and products.

When a site can’t even craft an original story about itself, it’s a glaring sign that all might not be as it seems.

The Final Verdict

So, to answer the burning question, “Is a scam?” Yes, it is a scam.

With its web of deceit, it’s a trap waiting to snap. And my advice? Tread with caution.

In the vast online marketplace, it’s always better to shop smart than regret it later.

Equip yourself with knowledge, trust your instincts, and let’s keep our online adventures scam-free!

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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