Is A Scam? (Buyers, Be Careful!)

Is a scam? The short answer is yes. presents itself as a versatile online store, boasting a range of products from men’s shoes and bags to women’s footwear and accessories. 

But as the digital age advances, so do the tactics of online tricksters. Let’s unravel the truth behind

Compelling Reasons that Make a Scam

Dive with me into the depths of’s operations, and let’s unravel the truth behind its glossy facade.

flagged as A fraudulent Site

A screenshot that shows that flagged  as fraudulent

A visit to paints a grim picture of 

The site has been flagged as a fraudulent platform, and the complaints from a customer are both alarming and revealing. 

A past customer narrates their ordeal of receiving the wrong size shoes. Instead of a straightforward exchange or refund, the company played a game of bait and switch.

They offered discounts on new purchases rather than addressing the initial problem. 

This tactic not only showcases their lack of customer service but also hints at a deliberate attempt to extract more money from unsuspecting customers. 

What’s even more concerning is the address associated with the product delivery.

A screenshot of the address of in Google Maps

The package came from 1206 East US Route 130 North, Burlington, NJ 08016, which, upon investigation, leads to a residential location. 

This discrepancy raises questions about the legitimacy of their operations and whether they’re using fake addresses to mislead customers.

Shady Company Operations

A screenshot that shows that is under the company A&KE LIMITED’s association with the dubious company, A&KE Limited, is a significant red flag. 

A list of scam site that are under the company A&KE LIMITED as per

A&KE Limited is notorious in the online community for running a series of scam sites. 

Here is the list of scam sites that operate under this shady company as per

  • +44 20 3097 1897

Each of these sites has its own set of complaints and negative reviews, further solidifying the reputation of A&KE Limited as a company that thrives on deceit. 

For an unsuspecting shopper, the professional appearance of these sites can be misleading. 

However, a deeper dive reveals a pattern of unethical practices, poor customer service, and potential fraud.

Stolen Product Photos & questionable prices

A screenshot of the product page of that shows a yellow winter boots

One of the most glaring issues with is its use of stolen product images. 

A prime example is the “Kaegreel Men’s Waterproof Warm Lining Hook Loop Toe Protective Casual Ankle Boots.” 

A screenshot of the same yellow boots but from

This product image, which is prominently displayed on, has been directly lifted from 

What’s more concerning is the pricing on for this product is $46.99, a significant markup from Walmart’s price of $29.89

This tactic is a double-edged sword of deceit. Not only are they misleading customers with stolen images, but they’re also inflating prices to make a quick profit. 

Such practices highlight a glaring lack of ethics, authenticity, and originality. is more interested in making a quick buck than in building a reputable brand or offering genuine value to its customers.

The Final Verdict

Is a scam? Absolutely. Our investigation has unveiled the layers of deceit that shroud this online store. 

From misleading product prices to operating under a dubious company known for scamming, is a minefield for unsuspecting shoppers. 

As the digital realm continues to expand, it’s paramount to stay informed and tread cautiously. 

Remember, appearances can be deceiving, and is a prime example. Steer clear of this site and always prioritize your online safety. 

Equip yourself with knowledge, trust your instincts, and embark on a scam-free online shopping journey.

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