Is A Scam? (Shoppers, Stay Alert!)

Is a scam? The answer is a resounding yes, is a scam. presents itself as an online store, boasting a limited selection of items including sweaters, a jumper, and a prostate point care clip. 

However, a closer look reveals a web of deceit. This article peels back the layers of’s facade, exposing the truth behind its glossy exterior.

Compelling Reasons That Make a Scam

Let’s delve into the reasons why is far from being a legitimate shopping destination. 

Each point we uncover adds another layer to the growing pile of evidence against this site.

Recently Minted Domain

A screenshot of the domain information of in’s recent registration date is a significant red flag.

Registered on July 17, 2023, according to, the site lacks the longevity that often accompanies trustworthy online stores. 

In the digital marketplace, time is a currency of trust. Websites that have been operational for years typically have a track record, customer reviews, and a digital footprint that newcomers lack. 

The recent inception of suggests a potential fly-by-night operation, common among scammers who set up shop quickly, defraud consumers, and then vanish without a trace. 

This lack of historical presence should make any savvy shopper pause and reconsider.

Dubious Company Operations

A screenshot that shows that is under company Global Delivery Solution PTE. LTD

Digging deeper, operates under the umbrella of GLOBAL DELIVERY SOLUTION PTE. LTD.

A screenshot that shows the same company is operating other scam sites

This discovery led to a startling revelation. The same company operates another fraudulent website, as per 

A screenshot that shows that the scam site is operating under the company Global Delivery Solution PTE. LTD

This connection is more than just a coincidence, it’s a pattern. When a company is linked to multiple fraudulent activities, it’s a clear indication that its operations are not above board. 

This association casts a shadow of doubt over, suggesting that it’s part of a larger network of deceit.

Absence Of Contact Details

A screenshot of the home page of that shows the 1st contact us link’s approach to providing contact information is, at best, misleading. 

The site features two ‘Contact Us’ links, but they lead nowhere. One redirects to the homepage, offering no real contact opportunity, while the other is simply unclickable. 

A screenshot of the 2nd contact us link of

Additionally, in there legal pages where I expect to find an email address, the word ‘undefined’ is all that’s provided. 

A screenshot that shows that instead of providing a contact detail, use the word undefined

This lack of clear, accessible contact information is a common tactic among fraudulent sites. 

It prevents customers from reaching out for support or inquiries, effectively leaving them in the dark.

Stolen Imagery

A screenshot that shows a 2 lady wearing a sweater and a jumper that is selling

The use of stolen product images is a blatant act of fraud.

A screenshot of the same product image but from showcases the ‘Happy Sunday Feel Good Knit Jumpers’ using imagery directly lifted from the questionable site

This theft not only questions’s authenticity but also highlights a complete disregard for ethical business practices. 

Legitimate businesses invest time and resources in creating original content and imagery. 

The act of stealing images is a shortcut often taken by scammers looking to make a quick profit without any real investment.

The Conclusion

So, is a scam? Absolutely. The evidence is clear and compelling.

From its recent registration to its stolen imagery, is a site that shoppers should steer clear of. 

Remember, the allure of attractive products can be deceiving. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and let’s ensure our online shopping experiences remain scam-free.

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