Is MakeInker A scam? Our review!

You’re here wondering whether is a scam or not, right? Well, look no further. We’re here to give you our review right now!

And let’s not beat around the bush either! We think this site is a scam, though to understand why, you’ll have to keep on reading. At the end of the day, while this site may not be a complete scam, their practices do leave you wondering what exactly is going on with how they handle orders.

So let’s read a review of!

What Is

Makeinker main pageMakeInker was started back in the 2018’s, according to their About Us page. They claim that they wanted to be able to get people in India to find a place where they can easily access anything they want.

Their vision, according to them, is that, “our customer should shop online with simple steps, secure shopping, easy return and more happy with full of smile.”

Unfortunately, within the first sentence of them starting to write about themselves, they seemed to say something that we weren’t quite sure about. Whenever you’re trying to validate a website, you always make sure to challenge anything they said.

They claimed to have started in 2018. However, the data we were able to find said other-wise.

When someone goes to buy a domain name, they leave behind the exact date when they registered that domain, as well as when they last updated that domain. And all that information is publicly available for anyone wants to look at it.Data Saying The Website Was Started In 2019 As you can see above, the data says that they actually registered their domain January 29th. Additionally, it had an update on March 23rd, just a few weeks ago.

Now, of course, they could have started with the idea of MakeInker back in 2018, and never built their website till 2019, but then again, that doesn’t seem completely likely.

But there is more!

MakeInker’s Strange Terms And Conditions Notice

Terms And Conditions Notice

Most sites will have some sort of page where they lay out the terms for you to use their site, program, or product. And MakeInker is no different. They provide one on their website for all to read and take a look at. Strangely enough, there is a notice in the middle of it telling you that you’re not guaranteed the exact thing you order!

That’s right, you could order an android phone and get an iPhone since alterations of ‘merchandize brand, size, color etc.may be required’.

Then again, according to these terms, there could be no guarantee that you would get anything. If they gave you nothing, but called it an ‘invisible’ phone, they could be technically covered, under these terms that you would have to agree to (assuming you wanted to purchase something).

Now, most likely they are going to do anything like that, but even still, with terms like that, you definitely want to be very careful if you’re going to order something.

Speaking of ordering something, that was the next thing that we did, which helped us conclude that it was indeed a scam.

Ordering Something(s) from

It’s no lie, when we want to order something, we order big. And when we say big, we’re talking about 10,000 things big!

We randomly selected a product that MakeInker was selling, and decided to see what happened if we ordered. On top of that, we decided to buy 10,000 of these things, in order to see that if they would really allow that large of an order, and if they would actually claim that they had that many.

As you can see from the order below, they did indeed claim to send us 10,000 of these blue phones to us. What is even more striking is that they claim we just need to pay upon delivery!

10000 phones shippedLet’s think about this. Let’s pretend that we are a business. We’re going to accept payments at delivery, with ₹78,990,000 worth of merchandise (that’s over $1 million dollars!) on the line? That’s highly doubtful.

If this were true, think about how easy it would be to steal this. When the package comes, you have your goons with you, grab the merchandise, and run away.

As we investigated further, we couldn’t find another way of paying – every order we tried placing told us that we had to select cash on delivery as the option of payment. Is A Scam!

MakeInker is clearly a scam – there seems to be very little doubt about it.

Of course, you may be asking, how is it a scam if they aren’t really selling anything? If they don’t get your Credit Card information, or your banking info, then there isn’t any cause for alarm, right?

More than likely, the people behind MakeInker are trying to get people to make accounts, so that they can use that information for other purpose down the road.

Maybe they’ll collect the email addresses and send spam to them. Or they may take your home addresses and send junk mail. They may even take your phone number and try to send you scam messages!

While we can’t be certain, it looks like these guys are just trying to get your info, so that they can use it later on down the road. All in all, this site is one that we wouldn’t recommend you put your info in, or purchase anything from their store.

By the way, we made another purchase, this time order 6 headphones, and 9,000 Quadrillion phones (that 9,000,000 Trillion…). The person who lives in that Indian address we gave sure is going to have a large bill they’re going to have to pay in the near future…Alot of phones they'll be shipping

(Interestingly, 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 is the integer equal to 263 − 1. Maybe they have a glitch on their system?)

Alternative Spot To Buy Mobile Phones!

 Makeinker is indeed the wrong place to order from. But, we do have an alternative!

If you are looking for mobile phones, we would recommend you check out GeekBuying. They are a legit company that has a lot of tech-related products, many of which have discounts, and are for an affordable price.

Check Out GeekBuying Today!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

41 thoughts on “Is MakeInker A scam? Our review!”

  1. that site is clearly a scam, i think the will send fake parcels to scam our money, i have ordered one product already let see. i will update you with a picture when it comes.very useful post

    • It looks like it’s a scam Gajraj. They don’t appear to be stealing anything that is important from you though. So if you did do something on the site, I wouldn’t worry too much.

    • What do you mean Murali?

      MakeInker doesn’t appear to send anything, and they have some pretty strange occurances when we used the site (as shown above). So we wouldn’t recommend using them.

  2. I ordered redmi note 5 pro before 3 days ordered number 258820 ordered on 19 -7-2019 when you deliver to my product

    Pls give me reply

    Is it fake website ?

    I not get any update of my product also

    • It appears to be a fake website. We’re not the ones who run Makeinker, we just review them. So we can’t say when we’ll deliver your product, because we don’t run the site.

  3. I ordered Redmi note 6pro black on Sunday. My order number is310005 please tell me when will I find my mobile. If this website is not fake.

    • Hey Rohit,

      We don’t run Makeinker. We just published reports about other sites. So we can’t really tell you where your order is. Besides, if you had actually read our article, you would have seen that we believe this site is a scam. So you’re probably not going to get your order sent to you…


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