Is Cats N Kitties A Scam? A Review Of

Is Cats N Kitties A Scam? A Review Of

You are probably here wondering whether CatsNKitties are a scam or not. Well, no need to look any further. We’ll answer that right away: yes, it is clearly a scam, and we’ll help prove it to you below.

In this review, we’ll help show you signs to look for, so that you won’t get scammed for future reference. So let’s go take a look at CatsNKitties, and see just why they are a scam!

CatsNKitties’ Site

Main Page

When going to the site, you are greeted with a banner proclaiming that they are having their 24 hour sale, where everything is free, you just need to pay for the shipping.

It should also be added that they claim this will end at 3 PM (when that is, no one is quite sure). Scrolling down further upon the website reveals that they really are selling everything for free – or are they?

Products that are really free?

While these deals may great and all, they are actually just a deceptive trick to get you to enter you credential details so that these scammers can get your credit card info.

The Banner That Is Supposed To Be Around For Only 24 Hours

24-hour banner

As you can see from the screenshot above, they have a banner that says they have a 24-hour sale. Strangely enough, that 24 hour sale has been going on for nearly several days.

We received this website in our contact form a while ago, requesting us to take a look at it. Lo and behold, when we took at it back then, it had this same exact banner!

Now of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this site is a scam, but it starts making you wonder what is really going on. Questioning things is the very first thing to spotting a scam. If something says one thing, but it is clearly be delivered differently, then you should question anything else that the site says.

How Old Is The Site

When-ever a site is created, the site has to go through a registration process. This process records when a site is registered, and all this information is able to be seen by the general public. Which means, we can find out exactly when this site was created:

When CatsNKitties Was Created

The site is only 5 days old! Which makes this site even less legit. We would understand that if you have a website, and company, that has been around for a long time, and want to do a 24 hour give-away, then that is one thing. But to start a website, and immediately start giving things away, then something is clearly wrong.

But these aren’t the only issues that can be found within the site.

Does Their Email Address Really Work?

Remember how we told you to question everything you see? Well, they claim that if you have any questions, you should email them to this certain email address:
their (supposed) email address

We decided to question whether they really had an email address, and so wrote an email to them. Just so happens that they didn’t even register that email address (even though it’s a free email address!)

Not A Valid Email Address

So, if they aren’t telling the truth about their email address, what else are they not telling the truth? Also, if we just pretend that they are legit, how will we get in contact with them, if something does happen and we need their help?

But these things are trivial in comparison of the reviews that can be found for

What Do The Reviews Say?

Trust Pilot Reviews

TrustPilot, a popular place to leave reviews for websites, has five different reviews from five different people who gave a 1 star review.

Each one talked about how they were a scam in someway or other. Some didn’t get what they ordered. Others got their credit card billed to something that they never ordered, and had to pick up the bill!

So there are definitely people who have been scammed from this website, and they have (sadly) had to pay for their mistake. Is A Scam!

We would highly recommend that you don’t try to get any of the ‘free’ products from CatsNKitties, as everyone we’ve come into contact with seem to suggest they’ve actually had to pay for it (quite literally).

There really is no free product, and all that will end up is you with a canceled credit card and a host of bills that you now have to pay.

Don’t Get Scammed Again!

We know what it’s like getting scammed – we’ve gotten scammed plenty of times. But because of this, we were able to find similarities between many scam websites.

We created a video course, How To Detect Online Scams, in which we explain these similarities and methods we use to check a website. And we’re happily able to offer it to you for a discounted price.

Unfortunately, we can’t really give you the money that you lost by being scammed (if you did get scammed). But we can give you our course for a cheaper and  more affordable price.

Follow the link below and get our course for 50% off of it’s original price. It’s our way of trying to help out those who have been scammed before, and/or those who don’t have a lot of money to spend!

Grab that discount today!

42 Replies to “Is Cats N Kitties A Scam? A Review Of”

  1. I came across and thought “wow” this is to good to be true. I always double check the internet to see how ligit a company is, and low and behold, it’s a SCAM. No money lost here, haha it’s so sad how the world works these days…

    1. Hey Mickey, we’re glad that you checked – that way you don’t need to lose anything. It is pretty sad the way people try to take advantage of others now-a-days. If it wasn’t for other people trying to continually fight against them, it probably would be a much more worse place.


  2. I came across there ad on facebook for free cat food but checked them out first because I knew it was BS lol

    1. Ha-ha, thanks for leaving a comment, Reese. Yeah, it’s sometimes funny (in a sad sort of way) just what people will fall for now-a-days. I even saw this site being promoted on Twitter, with something about helping donate to kittens around the world! It’s a shame, if you ask me.


  3. I had reservations about giving my credit info. Not one of the comments on the FB advertisement mentioned hesitation and they seemed to imply that it was a contest of whose need was the greatest (I have rescue cats, blah blah meow meow). Above, here, Mickey ALSO misspelled lo and behold, just like you did–very curious. Trustpilot doesn’t have good control over their reviews, according to my research now. I like that you are in the business of identifying scams, but please PLEASE use Grammarly or another grammar/spelling software; your copy is difficult for many of us to bear.

    1. Hey Mary,

      Glad to know that we have people catching the mistakes in our articles. We’ll have it fixed. Sorry to hear that our copy is too difficult for the many (which I guess is only you, since you’ve complained about it?). By the way, we’re glad that we’re not the only ones with errors in our writing (according to Grammarly, you’ve got a ‘Punctuation Compound/Complex Sentences’ issue. Guess it means we’re all human.

      On a more serious note, I personally have read some things about Trust Pilot not being as legit as it is. But how far do you really push that – people are going to leave reviews just for the sake of not having people purchase (supposedly) free pet food? I highly doubt that to be true.


  4. I knew it was too good to be true and went to Google it so I could post it on the Carman so other people would know now it won’t even let me put a link or even a screenshot in the Commons to warn people but I’ve already maitri posts saying it’s a scam cuz nobody else seems to be suspicious which I can’t believe nobody gives away stuff like that for free LOL I can’t believe people are so gullible still!

  5. Sorry I didn’t proof read my last comment cuz I’m so upset that these people seem to believe that this is free and will be scammed .
    I just look why can’t I not report this to Facebook?
    usually you can report to Facebook

  6. I was just about to finish putting my credit card number in to buy some items but decided to check out if it was a scam… Think God I found this article..

    1. Glad we were able to help Tonya! It seems like a lot of people are falling for this scam. Glad you had the sense enough to check around and make sure.


  7. Why doesn’t your company contact FB & report OR post something on FB about such things?
    Why are there NO COMMENTS on their Ad on FB by people who have been scammed?

    1. Those are some good questions, to which I don’t have a good answer to. We’re not on Facebook, and received this website/question through our contact form – which means that we don’t usually know how it’s being promoted or who’s spreading it.

      I also can’t comment on there being no comments on Facebook for these ads, since, well, (as I said before) we’re not on Facebook.


  8. I wish I knew about your site sooner. I did order from them because the comments I saw on their Facebook ad all were positive and nobody said anything about it just being a scam. I am definitely not tech savvy so I knew of no other way to check and see when a company was made or any of that stuff. I too tried to email them and it came back as email rejected. I used PayPal and thankfully it looks like I’m not going to have to lose anything as more than likely I will get my money back but it just makes me so mad when somebody does something like this. I mean get off your lazy butt and work for a living just like the rest of us instead scamming everyone! Thanks to your site I now know how to better check out a place to see if their legit unlike before. Thanks for being there and helping people to spot scams so these sob’s don’t get away with it.

    1. Hey Bambi, out of curiosity, how did you pay with PayPal? I just took a look at the site, and it looks like it only accepts a credit card. Are you saying that the transaction went through PayPal?

  9. I checked out the website first, and did a google search. NOT spammed here:) I feel horrible for people who don’t know to check these things first.

    1. I would recommend that you contact your credit-card issuer (assuming that is how you paid), and see if you can get a refund. Hopefully you can.


  10. I thought I was helping out the kitties and sent ahead and ordered some of the “free items”. What is the worst that can happen? Will they charge my credit card the shipping or the cost for each item? And will it stop there or will they obtain my personal identity information?

    1. The worst that can happen is that they charge your card for the shipping, don’t send the items, and also now have access to your payment information. How bad is it in reality? From what we’ve heard, it does appear that some people had to cancel their credit card, since there were unknown purchases being put on it.

  11. I got scammed by these jerks thank God my bank gave my money back and is going after them for fraud

    1. Awesome! Well, awesome that you got your money back and the bank is going after them. Not awesome that you got scammed – but I’m sure you know what I mean 😀


  12. All started with an ad on Facebook. A promise to ship free cat items only charge shipping. $14.97 was charged to my card. I received two emails that it was going to be shipped as soon as they were finished packing the order. Never heard anything back from the company. Started researching the website. Website has disappeared. Find out that it’s all a scam and tons of people have had the same situation. I have gone to my bank and found out who charged my card. There was 2 business names out of Michigan. Luxe Gallore and Luxey Doll Shop. This has nothing to do with cats and kittens. I’m contacting my lawyer. I have tried reporting to Facebook multiple reports. Facebook is a joke because there’s no one or no direct way to contact anyone about the scams that are going on on their website. They are partially to blame as well. There is no form or Topix that deal with this kind of scam on Facebook. Makes me think if they’re in on it as well. I have found some information through the internet about the location in Michigan and the owner at the company. Yes they live in Pakistan. There’s even an owner’s name connected to the company. This is why I do not shop online. I do not trust anything online after multiple experiences like this through the internet. It is disheartening and upsetting.

    1. Sorry to hear about that Sara. Wish the world wasn’t like this, but it is. Best of luck to you and your lawyer in hunting them down!


  13. Yea I got scammed as well but they took $21.06 I don’t know if it because I live in Australia but I am so upset with this I be trying to see if my bank will refund me the money

  14. For the first time ever I think I have been scammed.. So sad but mostly for my kitties who apparently won’t be getting their order… I should’ve listened to my gut instinct… 🙁 Another lesson learned in life 😉

  15. I was scammed too, I just noticed the charge (ugh, I’m way behind on reconciling) I contacted Discover Card to dispute the charge 8 months later! Thanks for this site and confirming what I sadly should have known before I gave them my card.

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