Is A Scam? (Ladies, Watch Out!)

Is a scam? Dive deep into its deceptive tactics, and the answer becomes crystal clear: is a scam.

This e-commerce platform paints a picture of a fashion haven for ladies, showcasing an array of dresses, shoes, and swimwear.

But beneath the surface, a web of deceit awaits.

4 Disturbing Facts That Reveal as a scam

In the vast landscape of online shopping, appears as a promising oasis.

But as with many mirages, the closer you get, the clearer the deception becomes.

Let’s dissect the unsettling truths lurking beneath its glossy exterior.

1. Flagged as Fraudulent

A screenshot of the result after I search the domain in showing that was flagged as a scam site

When a site like gets flagged by, it’s not just a minor hiccup. It’s a glaring warning sign. is a beacon of trust in the online world, diligently sifting through the web’s vast expanse to identify fraudulent sites.

Being labeled as a fraudulent site by such a reputable entity isn’t a mere stain on’s reputation; it’s a scarlet letter.

It’s a clear indication that the site’s operations are far from above board, and trusting it would be a perilous gamble.

2. Shared Contact Across Scams

A screenshot of the home page of where they show their phone number

A phone number is more than just a means of contact. In the case of, it’s a thread weaving a web of deception.

A screenshot of the result after I search the phone number of in which shows that there are other scam site that uses the same phone number

The phone number +12025390837 isn’t exclusive to them. Alarmingly, it’s shared across a network of dubious sites.

Here is the list of fraudulent sites together with their email address:


Such overlap isn’t a mere oversight. It’s a deliberate tactic, a hallmark of scam networks where multiple sites operate under a shared umbrella of deceit.

3. Product Images Theft

A screenshot of the product page of where it shows a lady wearing a browns flip flop

Authenticity is the cornerstone of any reputable e-commerce platform., however, seems to have missed that memo.

Their “Women’s Plus Size Flip Flop Wedge Thick Sole Fashion Casual Sandals” isn’t just a product; it’s a testament to their audacity.

A screenshot of the same product image but from

This image, a direct replica from, raises questions about their entire catalog.

How many other products are mere reflections of genuine items from legitimate sites?

Such blatant theft not only undermines trust but also casts a shadow over their entire operation.

4. Disgruntled Customer Voices

A screenshot of the negative customer reviews about

Behind every review is a story. And for many customers, it’s a tale of disappointment and betrayal.

While the site’s glossy facade showcases a world of fashion delights, the reality is far grimmer.

Customers have recounted tales of mismatched items, with some receiving products that bear no resemblance to their online images.

And worse, some didn’t receive anything at all, a cruel reminder of the site’s treachery.

These aren’t isolated incidents but a recurring pattern, painting a grim picture of a site more interested in profits than customer satisfaction.

With this detailed exploration, the murky depths of’s operations become clear.

As always, it’s crucial to approach such sites with caution, armed with knowledge and a discerning eye.

So, is a scam? The evidence is overwhelming: is a scam.

From its ties to other shady sites to its blatant image theft, the red flags are glaring.

Ladies, knowledge is your shield. Arm yourself with it, and always tread cautiously.

In the vast expanse of online shopping, it’s essential to discern the genuine from the deceitful.

Stay savvy, stay stylish, and most importantly, stay safe.

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