Review: Is Norkz Legit, Or Are Their Discounts A Scam?

There are so many different sites out there now-a-days. Some have cool gadgets that you can purchase. Some, like ours, review websites and try to keep the internet a more decent place. And some other sites give you discounts for name-brand clothing.

Or at least they try to make you believe that.

We could easily make our review four simple words long: it is a scam! But if we left it at that, you, the reader, wouldn’t have learned anything by it, and we wouldn’t have really proved anything.

So, how and why is a scam? Continue reading to find red flags that should tip you off that is a fraudulent website. Is The North Face?'s main pageWhen you come to’s main page, you’ll notice something immediately: They are trying to pretend that they are The North Face, a popular outdoor product company.

What’s even more interesting is that Norkz is actually using The North Face’s logo to advertise under. If you go to The North Face’s main web page, you’ll find the exact logo on their site!

The North Face LogoFor those of you who don’t know, using someone else’s logo is illegal. It is completely wrong. On top of that, you can be sued, and have a large fine dropped on you, as well as probable jail time.
So using someone else’s logo isn’t something you want to be doing. Nor do you want to be shopping on a website that is using copyrighted material.

Speaking of copyrighting, also tries to pretend to be The North Face by saying that they are copyrighted by them.'s copyright noticeAs you can see from the screenshot provided above, if you were to scroll all the way down to the bottom of, you would find that it says that they are copyright The North Face, and not themselves (which is what most sites usually have).
So, just from the start, we should immediately not trust this site, and choose another to shop at. But there are other scam warnings, if someone were to choose to continue to use the site.

Discounted Prices Usually Mean Scam Products

The Supposed Discounted PricesMost people are going to because of their discounted prices. They want to find something that is cheaper than the ‘normal’ price.

And let’s be real here. That isn’t a bad thing. It isn’t wrong to try to find something for less. It’s not a bad thing when people try to save money on purchases they are making. But, when discounts are extremely low, over 60+%, then you should really question the legitimacy of it all. tells you that you can get up to 80% discounts on these products. But they don’t give any detailed reason as to why they have a high discount.
Oh, they say that they are ‘rare discounts’, but don’t explain what that really means. And that is where the next red flag should rise up within your mind.

If a site is claiming to have low prices, and are giving clothing away at a discounted price, then something is happening. And if they don’t tell you what’s happening (but just claim that it’s a discount), you should immediately jump at the opportunity to get out of that site!

Many scammers, especially ones who like to scam people with clothes, will often put discounts on their prices, so as to entice people to purchase from their website and store.

There are places out there that are legit and have up to 80% discounts. But, sadly (if you are a North Face fan), isn’t one of them.

But, there is one more warning that would come if you choose to ignore both scam signs. If you did decide to make an order with this site, the next warning would come in the form of an email.

Legit Emails With Scam Warnings?

No, we’re not talking about that scam email that you received about some Nigerian prince who wants all your money. It’s the email you would receive if you made an account on

Most sites, when you create an account on their website, will send you an email, notifying you that you created an account. Some will do it to make sure you used a legit email address. Others will offer bonuses and discounts if you make an account. Still others just want to be friendly, and send you emails. sends you an email, just letting you know that you created an account, and that if you have any questions, you should feel free to email them.

What’s amazing is that they then list the email to use in the case you need help:

The Email That Reveals The EmailNow, you may not know who this email belongs to, nor what it’s connected to, but we do. This is an email that is used very often by a frequent scammer. We’ve actually written about other of their scam websites – and
Doing a quick search for this email reveals that they’ve been doing this for a while now, and with a lot of sites.
Scam WebsitesThe above list is just a few of the dozens that you can find online. You’ll also notice that the last one, the one highlighted in blue, is the same exact site that we are reviewing!

Why does this scammer show who they really are by using the same email over and over? We really don’t know. Maybe they are lazy. Maybe it works best for them. Maybe they aren’t that smart(?).
We honestly have no clue, but are glad that they did, since it sure helps us pinpoint immediately that this site is a scam, and not one to be trusted. Is A Scam!

Any of the three warnings should be good enough on their own to at the very least make one hesitant in using this site. And with all three, one should be running away as soon as they can! is a scam, and one that is unfortunately deceiving many. Hopefully, through this article, you will be better informed with making a better shopping choice next time.

Just follow those three warnings you learned, and you should be much closer at detecting the next scam!

Don’t Get Scammed Again!

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Follow the link below and get our course for 50% off of it’s original price. It’s our way of trying to help out those who have been scammed before, and/or those who don’t have a lot of money to spend!

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What are you thoughts on Do you think it’s a scam? Why or why not? We would love to know your opinion, thoughts, and experiences! Don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments section below, and we’ll get back to you!

4 thoughts on “ Review: Is Norkz Legit, Or Are Their Discounts A Scam?”

    • If you can cancel the purchase on your card, then that is best recommended. I don’t know if you need to go completely and cancel your credit card, but that might be the best choice.

  1. It’s definitely a scam, I thought it was north face. Ordered two jackets, they sent a girls baseball hat then told me the jackets were out if stock do i want the hat for 30% off. Waiting for my money back…

  2. scam ~ just got bitten. called PayPal and gave them a serving for letting this bank account take payment from innocent people and reported it. they are now investigating them from their side.


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