Is A Scam? (Know The Facts Before You Click!)

Is a scam? Without a doubt, the signs point to ‘yes’.

On the surface, presents itself as a legitimate e-commerce platform.

It boasts a range of home products, from handheld pool vacuum cleaners to garden power tools.

And claim to be the remnants of a closing store, offering unbeatable deals.

But when you scratch beneath the surface, the inconsistencies start to emerge.

4 Surprising Facts That Make a Scam 

Navigating the online shopping world can be like walking through a maze. Every turn could either lead to a great deal or a dead end of deceit.

And with, the path seems to be veering towards the latter.

1. Newly Minted Domain 

A screenshot of the domain information of in

The digital age has made it incredibly easy for anyone to set up a website. But a genuine business usually has a history, testimonials, and a digital footprint.’s domain was registered on August 8, 2023, according to

Such a recent setup is concerning. Established businesses have a history and a track record that speaks of their legitimacy.

Newer domains, especially those offering extensive deals and product ranges, should be approached with caution.

It’s not to say that all new domains are scams, but when coupled with other red flags, it becomes a point of concern.

2. Questionable Corporate Ties

A screenshot of the about us page of where it shows that they are under the first company Yebulian Technology Limited

Every legitimate business has a backbone, a company, or a group that supports and vouches for its operations. claims ties with two companies.

A screenshot of a segment my article at about Yebulian Technology Limited

The first, Yebulian Technology Limited, is already under my scanner for its shady dealings.

A deeper dive to learn who really is Yebulian Technology Limited reveals a web of deceit.

This company is the mastermind behind a series of dubious websites, each of which has been identified as fraudulent by online scam monitoring authorities.

A screenshot of the contact us page of where it shows the 2nd company that they are under, specifically the company AIMARK LTD.

The second, Aimark LTD, isn’t any cleaner.

A screenshot of the result after I search the company AIMARK LTD in

Research links Aimark LTD to a series of social media scams and fraudulent websites, including:


These affiliations don’t inspire confidence but rather raise more questions about’s operations.

3. A Web of Confusion on their email addresses

A screenshot of the about us page of where the first email address is shown

Trust is built on consistency, especially in the digital realm., however, seems to be juggling with this principle.

A screenshot of the contact us page of where the 2nd email address is shown.

They list three distinct email addresses:,, and

Such a variety is unusual for a business claiming legitimacy.

A screenshot of the result after I search the first email address of in
A screenshot of the result after I search the 2nd email address of in

Delving deeper, a quick check on flagged the first two addresses,, and, as invalid.

This isn’t a minor oversight; it’s a glaring inconsistency.

Taking the initiative, I reached out to these addresses, hoping for clarity. But as of this writing, the silence from their end is deafening.

I will update this article if ever I receive a response from them.

A screenshot of the terms and condition page of where the 3rd email address is shown

On the other hand, the third email,, stands out as it hasn’t been flagged as invalid.

A screenshot of the email that I received from

Interestingly, after subscribing to their updates, it was this very email that reached out.

While it’s not unverified, the fact that it’s the only functioning email among the others raises its own set of questions.

When a business can’t maintain a consistent line of communication, one has to wonder: What else might they be inconsistent about?

4. Mirrored Products & Pricing Puzzles

A screenshot of the product page of where it shows a young man holding a cordless lead blower

Authenticity is a cornerstone of any genuine online platform., however, seems to have missed the memo.

A screenshot of the same product image but from

Their 20V Cordless Leaf Blower’s image is a direct lift from

Such actions aren’t just lazy; they’re deceptive. Moreover, the price difference is hard to ignore.

Pineapersim’s $5.80 versus’s $99.00 is not just a minor price war; it’s a glaring discrepancy that begs the question.

How can they afford to sell at such a low price?

In the vast digital marketplace, stands out, but for all the wrong reasons. 

The inconsistencies, the dubious affiliations, and the communication gaps all point in one direction.

So, is a scam? The evidence is overwhelming. is not just a scam, but a well-orchestrated one.

That’s why I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this site.

Consumers, be wary. In the world of online shopping, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Always do your research, stay informed, and remember: if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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