Is A Scam? (Shoppers, Learn The Truth!)

Is a scam? Yes, is a scam. 

Posing as an online store, claims to offer an array of appliances and gadgets, from air fryers to laptops, freezers, boat engines, and even cell phones. 

But is it all just a facade? Let’s delve into the facts and uncover the truth behind

Compelling Reasons That Make a Scam

When it comes to online shopping, it’s not just about finding the best deals; it’s about ensuring you’re not walking into a trap. 

Let’s peel back the layers of and see what lies beneath its glossy exterior.

Mysterious Absence of Reviews

A screenshot of the domain information of in

In the digital age, customer reviews are the lifeblood of any legitimate online business. They provide transparency, build trust, and offer insights into the quality of products and services. 

However, presents a peculiar case despite being operational since September 13, 2021, as confirmed by 

A screenshot that shows there are no customer reviews about

The site lacks customer testimonials internally and even externally. This absence is not just odd; it’s a glaring red flag. 

In an era where even the smallest online stores gather some form of feedback, the complete lack of reviews on and external platforms raises serious questions about its legitimacy and customer satisfaction.

Questionable Addresses

A screenshot of the office and trading address of

The credibility of an online store often hinges on the transparency of its physical locations. 

However,, listed under the company EURODEKOR LTD, presents a perplexing situation with its addresses. 

They provided two addresses: 15 Carlisle Road, London, England, NW9 0HD as their office address, and Unit 7, The Mead Business Centre, 176-178 Berkhampstead RoadChesham, HP5 3EE as their trading address. 

A screenshot of the alleged office address of

Upon verification through Google Maps, the office address led me not to a bustling business center but to a furniture shop, specifically

This discovery is puzzling and raises questions about the authenticity of’s operations. 

A screenshot that shows that the trading address of leads to a residential space

Additionally, the trading address, instead of revealing a commercial hub, leads me to a residential space. 

This mismatch between the addresses provided and the actual locations is not a minor discrepancy; it’s a significant concern that casts doubt on the legitimacy of

Billing Under a Different Name

A screenshot that shows that instead of being billed by the company Eurodekor Ltd. I was billed by K-sport UK.LTD

When attempting to purchase from, I encountered a baffling billing issue. 

Instead of being charged by EURODEKOR LTD, the company listed on the site, the bill came from K-Sport UK.LTD

This unexpected switch in billing entities is a significant red flag, indicating potential deceptive practices. 

A screenshot of the home page of

Further investigation revealed that k-sport operates the questionable site, which is known for selling fitness equipment. 

This raises questions: why is a company selling appliances and gadgets billing under a fitness equipment seller? 

Such inconsistency in business operations suggests a deliberate attempt to obscure the true nature of the transaction.

The link to, a site with its own questionable reputation, deepens the concern. 

It implies that might be part of a more extensive network of dubious sites, using billing inconsistencies to complicate financial tracking and distance themselves from potential issues.

Limited Payment Options

A screenshot that shows is only accepting credit cards

In today’s e-commerce landscape, offering various secure payment options is a standard practice. It not only provides convenience but also ensures the security of customer transactions. 

A screenshot of the checkout page of that shows they are only allowing credit cards as mode of payment

However, falls short in this regard because the site restricts transactions to credit cards only. 

This limitation is a potential security risk. Credit card transactions, without the added layer of security provided by services like PayPal or Apple Pay, leave customers vulnerable. 

The absence of two-way verification security in their payment system is a concerning oversight. It adds to the growing list of red flags surrounding

The Final Verdict

Is a scam? Based on the evidence and inconsistencies uncovered, it’s a resounding yes. 

From the mysterious absence of customer reviews to the billing under a different company name, is a minefield of red flags. 

As you embark on your online shopping journey, remember to avoid this site. In the digital world, it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

So, shop smart, stay vigilant, and let’s keep our online adventures scam-free.

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