Is A Scam? (A Critical Alert For E-Shoppers!)

As the digital age evolves, so do online threats. One can’t help but wonder, “Is a scam?”

Delving deep into the facets of this website, my findings are unequivocal: this site reeks of deception.

It’s truly disheartening when entities masquerade as legitimate online portals, especially when they boast tantalizing offers on home, garden, and interior decor items.

It’s essential, now more than ever, to arm oneself with knowledge and caution.

Irrefutable Clues Hinting at’s Sham

In this fast-paced e-commerce world, the allure of quick deals and too-good-to-be-true offers can cloud our judgment.

Here’s a breakdown of some undeniable clues suggesting that is not on the up-and-up:

A Brand-New Domain with No Legacy

It’s fascinating how’s domain registration date coincidentally falls on July 17, 2023, making its online presence barely a few months old according to is

Experienced online shoppers know that longevity often equals trustworthiness. New domains, especially those without a traceable history, spell potential trouble.

Price Discrepancies that Boggle the Mind

Imagine coming across the “Courtyard Garden Flower Pot Creative Ornament” on, priced at $27.88, (photo shown above) then seeing the exact product on Walmart for $37.45. (photo shown below)

That’s a whopping $10 difference! It’s not just about savings; such pricing disparities often hint at counterfeit goods or bait-and-switch tactics.

Baffling Email Inconsistencies email

When reaching out to online retailers, one expects a seamless communication experience. This wasn’t the case with

Our inquiry was directed to, a seemingly official avenue for customer interaction. (photo shown above)

However, the plot thickened when the response we received wasn’t from this address. email zendesk

Instead, a completely unrelated email chimed in:, signed by someone named Nova. (photo shown above)

This immediate detour from standard communication practices is concerning. Why the discrepancy in email addresses?

Why didn’t the official channel address our query? And who exactly is Nova?

Such glaring inconsistencies cast a shadow over the credibility of, urging potential shoppers to tread with caution.

Omitting Trusted Payment Methods payment method

As I navigate the world of online shopping, trust is always at the forefront of my considerations.

A seamless shopping experience is not just about convenience but equally about ensuring my hard-earned money is safe.

So, when I noticed the glaring absence of PayPal from’s payment options, my alarm bells started ringing.

Having relied on PayPal’s robust security features, including its hallmark two-factor authentication, I’ve come to see it as a gold standard in online transaction safety.

Why would choose to exclude such a widely acknowledged and trusted payment gateway?

Do they have concerns about meeting PayPal’s rigorous standards for vendors? Or are they trying to sidestep the buyer protection measures that PayPal enforces?

These unanswered questions only amplify my reservations about the legitimacy of this site, urging me and fellow shoppers to tread carefully.

Shadowy Company Connections contact us

A closer inspection into the affiliations of unravels a concerning link to Novva Limited.

At face value, this might seem like just another company name amidst the ocean of online entities. However, digging deeper unveils a murkier picture. novva limited

As per insights from, there’s strong speculation that Novva Limited operates not on legitimate grounds, but rather as a veneer. (photo shown above)

It’s potentially a Chinese shell company, a guise employed to mask the true nature of its operations. And this isn’t just about one or two dubious websites.

The term ‘plethora’ might be an understatement, as this company is believed to be behind a staggering number of online stores, many of which have already been flagged for deceptive practices.

It’s a connection that doesn’t just raise an eyebrow but sends out loud warning bells for anyone familiar with the treacherous landscape of online scams.

When one entity is notorious for such widespread deceit, any association with it becomes an immediate cause for concern.

Rehashed and Recycled Content about us

Authenticity matters, especially in the ‘About Us’ sections.

But’s proclamation of “At reachpageca we love every passion and interest on Earth…” isn’t unique.

This exact phrasing dots scam websites like and, further eroding its credibility.

Had Enough of Online Scams? Learn to Spot Them Now!

So, after delving deep and connecting the dots, the narrative woven by seems awfully familiar.

A facade of legitimacy, sprinkled with red flags, it’s a story many online shoppers unfortunately know all too well.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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