Who Is noreply@shopneo.shop? (Learn What’s Real Behind This Infamous Email)

Who is noreply@shopneo.shop? noreply@shopneo.shop is an email address that fraudulent websites use to scam unsuspecting individuals.

In the vast world of online shopping, it’s essential to be vigilant.

With scams lurking around every corner, one must be equipped with the knowledge to differentiate between genuine offers and deceitful traps.

This article dives deep into the murky waters of noreply@shopneo.shop and the websites associated with it.

How do sites associated with noreply@shopneo.shop work?

Diving into the world of online scams, it’s alarming how sophisticated these fraudulent sites have become.

They’re not just about fake products anymore; they’re about stealing your identity, your money, and your peace of mind.

Identical Layouts And Contents

A screenshot of the home page of iufedsa.com

A striking similarity among scam sites related to noreply@shopneo.shop is their almost clone-like resemblance in layout, images, and content. 

A screenshot of the home page of hufdeds.com

For instance, the scam sites iufedsa.com and hufdeds.com are like two peas in a pod. This mirroring is a classic tactic employed by scammers. 

By replicating the design and content of legitimate sites, they aim to deceive unsuspecting visitors into thinking they’re on a trustworthy platform. 

This mimicry is not just about aesthetics; it’s a calculated move to gain the trust of potential victims.

Newly Minted Domains

A screenshot of the domain information of uliaeats.com in whois.com

Another commonality among these dubious sites is their recent domain registration. 

For instance, uliaeats.com, a site that screams scam, had its domain registered just last August 31, 2023. 

In the online ecosystem, trust is a currency earned over time. Newer domains, especially those associated with online shopping, should be approached with caution. 

But on the other hand, scammers often set up shop, lure victims, and then vanish, only to reappear under a new guise.

Operates Under The Scam Company Novva Limited

A screenshot of the contact us page of iufedsa.com that shows they are under the company Novva Limited

Most sites linked to noreply@shopneo.shop are intricately tied to the operations of Novva Limited.

This company has a vast network, and its involvement isn’t limited to just one type of scam.

A screenshot of the list of scam sites under the company Novva limited in scamwatcher.com

From social media platforms to phishing scams, their reach is extensive. Here’s a list of scam sites under this company:

  • ceurwa.com- support@ceurwa.com
  • zeyiuor.com- support@zeyiuor.com
  • universitycask.com- customerservices@universitycask.com
  • bersect.com- support@bersect.com
  • sonatarice.com- customerservices@sonatarice.com
  • inventoryretailer.com- customerservices@inventoryretailer.com
  • yiseten.com- support@yiseten.com
  • blocksupercc.com- customerservices@blocksupercc.com
  • alwaysbigca.com- customerservices@alwaysbigca.com
  • modnear.com- customerservices@modnear.com
  • bewoix.com- bewoix@gmail.com
  • hasaletoy.com- support@hasaletoy.com
  • coarswe.com- support@coarswe.com
  • productlistus.com- support@productlistus.com
  • inventorypromotion.com- customerservices@inventorypromotion.com
  • swapplaceca.com- customerservices@swapplaceca.com

Given the extensive network of scam sites, Novva Limited clearly dominates a concerning segment of the digital landscape. 

Making the association of noreply@shopneo.shop with this company deeply unsettling.

High-Risk Payment Options

A screenshot of the checkout page of uliaeats.com that shows they are only allowing transactions through credit cards

Financial security is paramount in online transactions. 

However, sites associated with noreply@shopneo.shop often sideline secure payment methods like Apple Pay or PayPal. 

Instead, they push for old methods like credit cards that lack two-way verification security, putting your financial details at grave risk.

Fraudulent sites associated with noreply@shopneo.shop

A screenshot of the list of sites that are associated with noreply@shopneo.shop

The online landscape is dotted with various sites and those associated with noreply@shopneo.shop stand out due to their shared characteristics. 

Their operations, designs, and tactics bear striking resemblances, indicating a shared origin or influence. Here’s a list of some of these sites:

  • iufedsa.com
  • clearstore.com
  • milyalva.com 
  • whsestocks.com
  • ahdap.com
  • primitut.com
  • metabuygo.com
  • onalden.com
  • yuasya.com
  • productlistus.com
  • onelda.com
  • liasdef.com
  • woodoiu.com
  • bloomef.com 
  • hapmantt.com
  • eightegt.com
  • edithaw.com
  • maicde.com
  • dealworks.com
  • shopneo.shop

Delving into these similarities, it becomes clear that there’s a pattern, a blueprint that these sites seem to follow.

Alternate Email Addresses That websites associated with noreply@shopneo.shop use

A screenshot of the home page of hufdeds.com that shows their alternate email address hufdeds.com

The variety of email addresses associated with noreply@shopneo.shop is noteworthy. 

These alternate emails, while diverse, are all linked to a common thread. Here’s a list of some of these email addresses:

  • support@hufdeds.com
  • support@liasdef.com
  • support@milyalva.com
  • support@whsestocks.com
  • support@ahdap.com
  • support@primitut.com
  • support@Metabuygo.com
  • support@onalden.com
  • support@yuasya.com
  • support@productlistus.com
  • support@uliaeats.com
  • support@iufedsa.com
  • support@onelda.com
  • support@woodoiu.com
  • support@bloomef.com 
  • support@hapmantt.com
  • support@eightegt.com
  • support@edithaw.com
  • support@maicde.com
  • support@dealworks.com
  • support@shopneo.shop

This collection of email addresses not only showcases their vast reach but also hints at the intricate web of connections they’ve established.

The Final Verdict

So, who is noreply@shopneo.shop? It’s an email address wielded by the shady company Novva Limited, used as a tool to deceive and scam unsuspected consumers. 

In a world where online shopping is the norm, it’s essential to be aware of such pitfalls. 

Equip yourself with knowledge, stay vigilant, and ensure your online shopping experiences remain scam-free.

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