Is A Scam? (Sneakerheads, Watch Out!)

Is a scam? From what I’ve gathered, appears to be a questionable site. That’s why I can’t recommend it. 

They claim to be an online store specializing in various collectible sneaker replicas. 

But how trustworthy are they really? Let’s delve into the details and see what’s really going on.

Positive Things About

When shopping online, especially for high-demand items like sneakers, it’s essential to approach each site with a blend of skepticism and open-mindedness., amidst various concerns, does present some aspects that could be seen in a positive light. Let’s examine these elements more closely.

Established Online Presence

A screenshot of the domain information of in

A significant point in’s favor is its established presence on the internet. The site has been operational since May 22, 2021, as per records. 

In an online landscape where many scam websites tend to have a short lifespan, the fact that has been active for over two years could be interpreted as a sign of a more stable operation. 

This duration suggests a certain level of commitment and consistency, which are important factors to consider when evaluating the legitimacy of an online store.

Active Social Media Engagement

A screenshot of the official facebook group of
A screenshot of the instagram page of

Another aspect where seems to stand out is its social media presence. 

The site has an active Facebook group with 2.9k members and an Instagram account with 7,823 followers. This level of engagement on social media platforms is noteworthy. 

Active social media accounts can indicate a business’s effort to maintain transparency and open lines of communication with its customers. 

It provides a platform for customers to interact with the brand, share experiences, and even raise concerns, which can be a positive sign of customer service and responsiveness.

Troubling Concerns at

While shows some positive aspects, it’s crucial to turn the lens on its less favorable traits. Uncovering these concerns is key to understanding the full picture. 

Let’s navigate through the murkier waters of and shed light on the issues that might make you think twice.

Unconventional ‘About Us’ Section

A screenshot of the about us page of

A standard practice for any legitimate e-commerce site is to have a detailed ‘About Us’ section, where they introduce their team, mission, and vision. 

However, diverts from this norm. 

Their ‘About Us’ page is an FAQ section. This deviation is unusual and raises questions about the transparency and authenticity of the site. 

Typically, legitimate businesses are keen to share their story and connect with their customers on a more personal level. 

The absence of this element in’s structure is a red flag, suggesting a lack of depth and possibly an attempt to obscure the site’s true nature or origins.

Questionable Email Practices

A screenshot of's email addresses

A critical aspect of any online business’s credibility is its communication channels, and this is where starts to show some serious cracks. 

The site lists two primary email addresses for customer contact: and At first glance, this might seem normal, but a deeper look reveals concerning issues.

The first red flag is that both email addresses are not domain-specific. In e-commerce, it’s a common and expected practice for businesses to use email addresses hosted on their own domain. 

This not only ensures a professional appearance but also adds a layer of authenticity and security. 

The use of generic, free email services such as Hotmail and Gmail can often be associated with less credible and potentially fraudulent sites. It raises questions about the professionalism and legitimacy of the business.

A screenshot that shows the first email address of is valid
A screenshot that shows the second email address of is invalid

Upon utilizing, a tool for verifying the validity of email addresses, I found that is a valid email address. However, does not exist. 

This inconsistency is troubling. It suggests a lack of attention to detail or, worse, a deliberate attempt to provide misleading information. 

Further adding to the concern, after subscribing to, the welcome email that I received didn’t come from either of the provided email addresses.

A screenshot of the email that I received from

Instead, it comes from, an email address not hosted on the domain and seemingly unrelated to the site. 

This is another significant red flag. The use of an external domain for official communication is unusual and can indicate an attempt to obscure the site’s true contact information. 

Additionally, no substantial information could be found online about this email address, deepening the mystery and concern.

Selling Replica Products at High Prices

A screenshot of the jordan 5 of

Perhaps the most glaring issue with is its product line. The site openly sells replica shoes, which is a legal grey area and often frowned upon in the retail industry. 

Not only is the legality of selling replicas questionable, but the pricing strategy of is also concerning. 

A screenshot of the same Jordan 5 shoes but from

For instance, they list the “Jordan Air Jordan 5 ‘Georgetown'” replica for $155, which is unusually high, especially when compared to the authentic version available on Footlocker for $210. 

This pricing strategy for replicas is not only ethically dubious but also raises questions about the site’s business practices and respect for intellectual property rights.

The Conclusion

So, is a scam? While it’s not a clear-cut case, the signs are troubling. The oddities in their ‘About Us’ section, questionable email practices, and the sale of overpriced replicas are significant concerns. 

Based on these findings, I cannot recommend shopping at 

For sneaker enthusiasts, it’s always better to tread carefully in the online marketplace. 

Stick to trusted and transparent sources for your sneaker fix to ensure you’re not just buying a dream but a genuine product.

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