Is A scam? (Discover The Facts About This Carhartt Site!)

Is a scam? Yes, is definitely a scam.

They claim to be an online store for the renowned Carhartt brand,’s facade is nothing but a clever scheme. 

But how deep does this deception go? Let’s unravel the truth.

Undeniable Facts That Show is a Scam

In the world of online shopping, it’s crucial to be aware of the sites you trust., with its dubious claims and practices, is one such site that demands a closer look.

False Affiliation Claims with Carhartt

A screenshot that shows use the brand name and logo of carhartt

The investigation into understanding begins with its claim of affiliation with Carhartt. This assertion, at first glance, lends it an air of credibility. 

A screenshot of the official website of carhartt

However, a thorough investigation into Carhartt’s official website,, reveals no trace of 

This absence of acknowledgment is a classic hallmark of online scams, where fraudulent sites leverage the reputation of established brands to mislead consumers. 

The tactic is simple yet effective: use a well-known name to build trust, even when no real connection exists.

Imitation of Another Questionable Site

A screenshot of's home page’s professional-looking design initially instills confidence. 

A screenshot that shows the exact same home page but from

However, a comparison with, a site of questionable repute, shows an unsettling similarity. 

This pattern of copying other websites is a common strategy among fraudulent sites. It’s a shortcut to gain user trust by presenting a familiar, seemingly trustworthy interface. 

The lack of originality in design and content is a significant red flag, indicating a possible intent to deceive.

Recent and Suspicious Registration Date

A screenshot of the domain information of in’s entry into the online market, marked by its registration on July 7, 2023, as per records, might initially signal the arrival of a new and exciting retail player. 

However, in e-commerce, such a recent start, especially for a site offering high-value products like Carhartt apparel, is often a signal of a scam. 

New websites, particularly those that immediately offer extensive discounts, are frequently set up by scammers. They aim to attract and defraud customers quickly before disappearing.

Flagged by Scam Watchers

A screenshot that shows flagged as a scam

While might initially escape suspicion, the flagging done by as a fraudulent site paints a different picture. 

This alert is often the result of detailed reviews and reports from individuals who have encountered deceptive practices on the site. 

Being flagged by such a watchdog is a clear indicator of the site’s dubious nature and serves as a warning to potential customers.

Mismatched Products and Copy-Paste Content

A screenshot of's about us page content

The ‘About Us’ page of presents a puzzling contradiction. It boldly claims that the site is a  premier reseller of Visual Comfort, Tech Lighting, and Generation Lighting. 

However, a quick check through their product list reveals a stark discrepancy: there are no lighting products available for sale. 

This mismatch between what they claim and what they actually offer is a classic red flag in identifying fraudulent websites.

A screenshot of the same about us page content but from

Further investigation into the ‘About Us’ content deepens the suspicion. 

A screenshot of the list of sites that use the same content as

The same set of descriptions and promises can be found on multiple other websites, all of which have been flagged for questionable practices.

These sites include 


The replication of ‘About Us’ content across various sites is a common tactic used by scam networks to quickly set up multiple fraudulent websites, saving time and effort while maximizing their deceptive reach.

Dubious Email Discrepancies

A screenshot of the official email address of

The situation becomes more dubious with’s email practices. 

A screenshot that shows's email address is valid

The site lists as its official contact email, which appears legitimate upon validation checks at 

However, the plot thickens after I subscribed to their site.

A screenshot of the email that I received from

The email verification that I received doesn’t come from their official address but rather from, an email linked hosted by a completely different domain. 

This switch in email addresses is a deceptive practice, often used by scam sites to avoid detection and confuse their victims.

A screenshot of the list of sites that use the same dubious email address

A deeper investigation into the email reveals its association with a network of scam sites. This email address is linked to numerous fraudulent websites, as identified by These include 

The association with such a wide array of scam sites further cements the dubious nature of

Extreme Deals

A screenshot that shows is on a site wide discounts on their products

When you first visit, the extensive discounts ranging from 45% to a whopping 97% might catch your eye. 

Such deals, especially for a site claiming to sell high-quality Carhartt products, seem incredibly enticing. 

However, this is where savvy shoppers should pause and reflect. For a new business, such as, which only started operations a few months ago, offering such deep discounts is economically impossible. 

It’s a common tactic used by scam sites to attract customers quickly. 

These too-good-to-be-true discounts are often bait to lure in unsuspecting shoppers, only to leave them with subpar products or, worse, no products at all.

The Conclusion

Is a scam? Without a doubt, it is. From its false claims of affiliation with Carhartt to the alarming inconsistencies in its operations, is a textbook example of an online shopping scam. 

Remember, when the deals seem too good to be true, they probably are. Stay informed, stay vigilant, and always verify before you trust.

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