Is A Scam? (Shoppers, Protect Your Wallet!)

Is a scam? Definitely, from the evidence that I gathered, is a scam.

This website claims to be an online store selling home products like granite pots, pan sets, chairs, and even cordless vacuum cleaners.

But as I peel back the layers, a different story emerges.

5 Startling Evidence That Makes a Scam

Before you get lured by the attractive offers on, let’s dissect the glaring signs that point toward its deceitful nature.

1. Freshly Minted Domain Name

A screenshot of the domain information of in

I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to online scams, and one thing always stands out: the age of the domain., fresh out of the oven, was registered on May 5, 2023, according to the record at

In the vast e-commerce jungle, trust isn’t given; it’s earned over time.

Fresh domains, especially those flashing those too-good-to-be-true deals, often have a hidden agenda.

They spring up, lure in the unsuspecting, and vanish, leaving digital footprints of deception.

2. Negative Flags from scam watchdogs

A screenshot of the result after I search the domain in

When waves a red flag, you better believe there’s a bull charging right at you.

This online sentinel has marked as a fraudulent site.

And trust me, they don’t just hand out these flags like candy at a parade.

There’s a method to their madness, and if they’re sounding the alarm, there’s fire, not just smoke.

3. Shady Ownership

A screenshot of the contact us page of where it shows that they are under the company FADEL BEATTY LIMITED

FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED, the company behind, isn’t new to the scam world.

A screenshot of the article of about FADEL BEATTY LIMITED

As highlighted by, this shady company is part of a larger scam network.

They’ve been linked to numerous fraudulent websites including:


Each of these sites is designed to deceive and defraud unsuspecting customers.

And their modus operandi? Create multiple sites with similar content, lure customers with attractive offers, and then vanish, leaving customers high and dry.

4. Stolen Images & Unrealistic Pricing

A screenshot of the product image of a cordless vacuum in

Authenticity is the cornerstone of any genuine e-commerce platform. 

But seems to have missed the notice. 

A screenshot of the very same product but from

Their product image of “8 IN 1 CORDLESS VACUUM CLEANER, 20KPA POWERFUL SUCTION VACUUM WITH LED DISPLAY” was directly lifted from Amazon.

This isn’t just about copyright infringement; it’s about deceit.

And what’s more alarming is the price difference? It’s staggering.

The product is being sold for a mere €11,89 ($12.78) on, while Amazon lists it for €162.52 ($174.74).

These drastic price slashes are classic bait tactics, luring in customers with the promise of a deal that’s too good to be true.

5. Risky Mode Of Payment

A screenshot of the checkout page of where it shows that the only available mode of payment is through credit card only.

In the age of digital transactions, security is paramount., however, seems to be playing a risky game.

Their only mode of payment is via credit card, lacking the two-way verification security that platforms like PayPal offer.

This isn’t just about convenience; it’s about safeguarding your financial details.

A platform that doesn’t prioritize user security is one that should be approached with utmost caution.

The Verdict

Is a scam? Without a doubt. The evidence is overwhelming, and the risks are too high.

In the digital age, knowledge truly is power. By staying informed and doing your due diligence, you can protect yourself from such deceitful sites.

Always remember to trust your instincts, verify before you buy, and prioritize your safety over fleeting deals.

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