Is A Scam? (Outdoor Enthusiasts, Take Note!)

Is a scam? Yes, is a scam. 

Portraying itself as a go-to online destination for outdoor products, including Garmin watches, shoes, and more, the site raises several concerns that can’t be overlooked. 

As we delve deeper, the inconsistencies become more evident.

Unsettling Proofs That Make’s A Scam

Before you get swayed by the attractive offers on, it’s crucial to be aware of the underlying inconsistencies that hint at its dubious nature.

Recent Registration

A screenshot of the domain information of in’s digital footprint is alarmingly fresh. Registered on October 16, 2023, according to, its brief existence raises immediate concerns. 

In the vast realm of e-commerce, trust is a currency earned over time.

Established websites, having weathered the challenges of the online marketplace, generally exude more reliability. 

On the other hand, scam sites often exhibit a hit-and-run pattern, they set up shop, lure unsuspecting customers, and vanish, only to resurface under a new guise.’s recent inception fits this pattern, making it a potential risk for online shoppers.

Invalid Email Address

A screenshot of the official email address of

Communication is the backbone of genuine e-commerce platforms. lists its official contact as

A screenshot that shows the official email address of is invalid

However, a quick check for validity in revealed that this email is invalid. 

Authentic businesses prioritize customer interactions, ensuring queries, complaints, and feedback are addressed promptly. 

The absence of a valid communication channel not only hampers customer service but also casts doubts on the site’s legitimacy. 

But in the spirit of fairness, I already tried to reach out to them through this email address, and I will update this article whenever they respond. 

Unrealistic Discount

A screenshot that shows that all of products are on sale

Discounts are a legitimate marketing strategy, but when they seem too generous, caution is warranted.’s sweeping 40%-50% discounts on all products raise eyebrows. 

Genuine businesses, especially startups, often operate on thin margins and can’t afford such drastic markdowns. 

These exaggerated discounts can be bait to lure unsuspecting customers, making them overlook other red flags. 

That’s why it’s important to question how a new platform can offer such significant price slashes without compromising product quality or incurring losses.

Misleading Reviews

A screenshot of the claim of having 173 reviews

Trust is a cornerstone of e-commerce, and reviews play a pivotal role in building it. claims a whopping 173 reviews on Trustpilot. 

A screenshot that shows has no reviews in

However, a thorough look at reveals no trace of them. 

Misrepresenting reviews is a grave offense in the e-commerce world. Genuine reviews offer insights into product quality, customer service, and overall reliability. 

By fabricating reviews, not only misleads potential customers but also undermines the very essence of trust in online shopping.

Risky Payment Method

A screenshot that shows is only allowing credit cards as mode of payment

In today’s digital age, secure payment methods are paramount.’s insistence on credit card payments, to the exclusion of safer alternatives, is concerning. 

Modern payment platforms like PayPal or Apple Pay offer two-way verification, ensuring both buyer and seller protection. 

By limiting payment options to credit cards, exposes customers to potential fraud. 

Credit card details, once shared, can be misused, leading to unauthorized transactions and potential financial losses.

The Final Verdict

Is a scam? The evidence strongly suggests yes, that is a scam. 

From its recent registration to misleading claims and risky payment methods, the site exhibits multiple signs of deception. 

For those passionate about the outdoors, it’s crucial to steer clear of such pitfalls. Remember, in the vast digital landscape, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Stay informed, trust your instincts, and make well-researched choices.

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