Is A Scam? (Beware, Job Seekers!)

Is a scam? Yes, is a scam!

Hailing from India, parades itself as the go-to platform for a plethora of work-from-home jobs.

From web design gigs to content writing stints and even accounting tasks, they claim to have it all.

But as I’ve often said, “When it looks too rosy, there’s probably a thorn hidden somewhere.”
And boy, does have its thorns!

Let’s dive deep and unravel the truth behind this seemingly attractive facade.

Unsettling Reasons Why is a Scam

The internet’s vastness is both a blessing and a curse. While opportunities abound, so do scams.

And, with its polished exterior, has some skeletons in its closet. Let’s pull them out.

Freshly Minted Domain

A screenshot of the domain information of in

The domain is a fresh face in the digital realm, having been registered only on June 23, 2023, according to

Now, you might wonder, “Why does this matter?”

In the digital realm, trust is a treasure built gradually. Websites that have stood the test of time, weathering years and building a reputation, are generally more trustworthy.

On the flip side, scammers often set up temporary sites, scam unsuspecting individuals, and then vanish, only to reappear with a new identity.

The recent registration of is a glaring red flag. It’s akin to a pop-up shop in a shady alley – here today, gone tomorrow.

And you wouldn’t want to stake your career or money on such fleeting promises. Right?

Flagged As An Investment Scam

A screenshot of the flagged done by to as an investment scam

When trusted watchdogs like raise an eyebrow, it’s time to sit up and take notice., with its stringent criteria and thorough vetting, has flagged as an investment scam.

This isn’t a mere whim; it’s based on a series of checks and balances that the site failed to pass.

Such flags are like the warning signs on a treacherous road – they’re there for a reason.

Ignoring them could lead to regrettable pitfalls, and it’s always better to heed these warnings than to learn the hard way.

Invalid Email Addresses

A screenshot of the contact us page of that shows their first email address
A screenshot of the terms page of that shows the second email address

In the digital age, communication is key. Legitimate businesses pride themselves on being accessible and responsive.

So, when flaunted two email addresses, namely and, it seemed like a positive sign.

But, as I’ve often found, appearances can be deceiving. Curiosity led me to, a reliable tool I’ve used countless times to verify email authenticity.

A screenshot of the result after I check the first email address of
A screenshot of the result after I check the second email address of in

The results were startling. Both email addresses, which so proudly displays, turned out to be invalid.

It’s like knocking on a door, only to realize there’s no house behind it.

Now, I believe in giving everyone a fair shot. Maybe it was a technical glitch or an oversight.

So, in the spirit of fairness, I took the initiative to reach out to them using both email addresses.

But as of now, the silence is palpable. However, if they do, rest assured, that I’ll update this article.

But for now, these ghostly email addresses raise more questions than answers.

If a platform can’t get something as basic as its contact information right, it casts a shadow over everything else it claims to offer.

A Torrent of Complaints

A screenshot of the negative reviews about in

Feedback is the lifeblood of online platforms. And when it comes to, the feedback is overwhelmingly negative.

A deep dive into paints a grim picture.

Numerous individuals have voiced their frustrations, lamenting about unfulfilled payment promises and underhanded dealings.

One user reported earning $251, only to hit a wall when trying to withdraw.

Such tales of woe are not isolated incidents but a recurring pattern. And patterns, especially negative ones, don’t lie.

They’re a testament to the experiences of real people who ventured into’s waters and came out burned. 

The Conclusion

Is a scam? The signs are clear as day: is a scam that is targeting job seekers.

With its shady practices and a barrage of complaints, it’s a minefield waiting to explode.

Job seekers, I’ve been down this road, and I know the allure of easy money.

But remember, genuine opportunities don’t come wrapped in doubts and suspicions. Dodge and keep your eyes peeled for genuine chances.

The digital world is vast, and while there are treasures to be found, there are also traps aplenty.

Navigate with caution, arm yourself with knowledge, and always, always trust your gut.

Because if it feels off, it probably is. Stay safe, stay informed, and let’s keep these scammers at bay!

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