Kapitalboardsshop.com Review: Is Kapital Board Shop A Scam?

Everyone loves free products, don’t they? That must be why these websites are so popular. Kapitalboardingshop.com claims to give away all their products for free, as long as you pay for shipping. It seems like a pretty sweet deal. But, as always, things that seem too good to be true usually turn out to be a scam.

So, the question then comes up, is Kapital Boards Shop a scam? And if it is, how can we tell, before we actually make a purchase from it?

Those are the questions that we are looking forward to answering in this review. Hopefully by the end of it, you’ll be able to look for clues that may lead to revealing whether a shop truly is a scamming website.

Quick Review

  • They claim to have a 24-hour sale that has lasted longer than 24-hours.
  • They don’t have a Privacy Policy.
  • The email address they give isn’t actually a valid email address.
  • The images are all named “Screenshot”, which makes the site look sketchy.
  • We’ve seen this type of scam before.

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Kapitalboardsshop.com’s 24-hour Sale

Kapital Boards Shop's main page

For those of you who don’t know, we’ve seen a lot of new shops come out that claim to have a 24-hour sale. They have all advertised that their products are free, and they have all turned out to be a scam.

We looked into Kapitalboardsshop.com two days ago, and their shop was exactly the same – with the same 24-hour sale! It’s just an unfortunate ploy to get people to their store, and get someone to purchase something.

As we’ve said in other articles, not every site giving away products are a scam. There are some that are legit. Most of those are startup company’s that are trying to promote themselves and get their name, and product, out into the hands of as many people as they can.

Usually, when a company does this, they tack on a larger shipping fee per item – we’ll look later on and see that Kapital Boards Shop doesn’t do this.

In any case, Kapitalboardsshop.com hasn’t taken down their 24-hour site, even though it’s been over 48-hours after they’ve originally put it up. Which means that they’re not really telling the truth (and if they’re lying about the 24-hour sale, then what else are they lying about?)

Lack Of Privacy Policy, Contact and About Page

If you scroll down to the bottom of Kapitalboardsshop.com’s site, you’ll notice that they only have one legal page – Terms and Conditions.
They don’t have an About Us page, a Contact page, or even a Privacy Policy page. Having these types of pages can help make a site look more authentic and legit. Besides for a Privacy Policy, the other two pages mentioned don’t exactly need to be on a site, though its helpful to add them.

180 days you may have to wait

The only thing they do have is a Terms and Conditions page. And those terms are pretty strange:

In the screenshot above, you’ll notice the number 180. What they are saying on their site is that you may need to wait up to 180 days to get your product!

We’ve never seen anything like this on a legit site. On top of that, even if this is legit, you then have little hope in opening a dispute if your purchase comes incomplete or broken. Usually after a certain amount time (way before 180 days), transaction payments can’t be disputed.

But that isn’t all that’s found in the Terms and Conditions:

Email Address In The Terms
Not A Valid Email Address

They list an email address you can use to email, in the case that you want to ask a question. So, we decided to do just that. And within a minute or two, we got a reply, though it wasn’t exactly the one we were looking for:The email service provider that we use sent us a message saying that that email address isn’t valid – there is no email for kapitalboards(@)mail.com.

So, the email address that they have on their site, the only way you can contact them, appears to not even work! If something happens to your product, or if you have a question about something, how are you going to be able to contact them?

So, not only is Kapitalboardsshop.com lying about their 24-hour sale, but they are also putting down a false email address as well. Maybe everything isn’t as legit as it seems?

How Many Products Can We Order?

It says in the Terms and Conditions that they will only ship 1 free item. However, that didn’t seem like the case when we tried to add a bulk order to our cart.

1 Million Long Boards

It seems like they have 1 million of these $300 dollar long boards in stock. And they are going to ship it to us at the price of $14.97? Isn’t Kapital Boards Shop a great place to get free stuff from?

Is Kapital Boards Shop A Scam?

Obviously, this site is a joke. They don’t have a Privacy Policy, they are lying about their 24-hour sale, and they have some bizarre Terms and Conditions.

We received a message about this site from someone, and they had also done some ‘investigative’ work into Kapital Boards Shop, which we’ll outline below.

When you look into the source code of Kapital Boards Shop, you’ll notice that the images are named ‘****Screen_Shot****‘. The screenshot below helps point it out:

Screenshots of the images

What this means is that the images on Kapital Boards Shop aren’t the original images. The scammers behind Kapital Boards Shop took them from another store.

Searching around the internet, you can find most of the images on a site called Tactics.com, a legit site that sells various different products. And it appears that the majority of the text on Kapital Boards Shop was also taken from Tactics.com as well.

In the end, Kapital Boards Shop isn’t a site that we would recommend you shopping at. It will only lead to loss of money, credit card theft, and a whole lot of other headaches. Avoid them, and you’ll avoid several more problems in your life.

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Thanks to Martin for initially asking us about this site. Also, a big shout out goes to Christopher, for letting us know about the source code and Kapital Boards Shop copying from Tactics.com!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

5 thoughts on “Kapitalboardsshop.com Review: Is Kapital Board Shop A Scam?”

  1. THANK YOU and WOW! You saved my bacon! My son just got into long boarding and this pops up on Instagram – I did think it was too good to be true if only in the shipping costs as that would be way higher to ship a big, bulky item like a skate board!

    I recently found a well-known email phishing scam using a email and “accidentally misdirected” mortgagee/loan docs – here’s a link to my LinkedIn post on it if you want to do some deeper diving – [redacted]

    Keep up the great investigative work and let me know how I can help!

    • Thanks John. Glad we were able to help save you from this scam. If we have time, we’ll take a look into that email scam. It sounds very interesting. We currently don’t look into too many email scams, but this one definitely peaks our curiosity.

  2. Well, sorta wish I saw This sooner, I guess it’ll teach me for not doing research, at least it was only $22. Brings 16 and a dumbass don’t always work out for me!

  3. Just purchased surfboard from a different site called Meyasurf.com under terms and conditions I saw kapital boards info with basic template to [insert privacy terms here] they left the prompts. Should’ve known and am calling credit card company now. Dang it. Just once I wish “Too good to be true” was actually true. Oh well.

  4. Meyasurf.com strikes again, tricked me with the instagram add for free surfboard, …why not!? just charges $14.97 for shipping, after reading through their terms and conditions on the site, it seemed really fishy. The site is down today and the charge went through. Canceled the credit card and reported as fraud.
    Be cautious of all theses social media adds! Fool me once.


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