OGuitarVip.info Review: (Fake Fender Scam!) Don’t Be Deceived!

Recently, when reading through the many website requests we get through our contact form, we were asked about OGuitarVip.Info. Were they a scam, or were they an authentic brand to order from?
The short answer was that yes, they were indeed found to be a scam, and our review below will help show you why. They sadly appear to have been doing these types of scams for a month now, and it is our hope that this review of OGuitarVip.Info will help others from ordering through this site!

What Is OGuitarVip.Info Selling?

OGuitarVip.infoAs their domain name suggests, OGuitarVip is selling guitars. And a lot of them. Not being guitar people, we couldn’t really tell you what exact type of guitars they were. But we can tell you that they do appear to be sold at a discount.

Discounted Prices?

So, here’s the thing. We’ve seen a lot of discounts, and a lot of products with low prices before. It’s on many of the numerous sites that we’ve reviewed. Oh, and by the way, the majority of them were scams.

Low prices and discounts aren’t bad. It’s only when they show up on a site (that is usually on the newer side), and when they are really heavily discounted. Most of the guitars on this site seem to be only discounted 10%-20%.
And when we read their About Us page, we find why they are discounted at that price. You see, this site was probably something similar to a dropshipping site. Basically, you find a whole seller who is willing to ship it somewhere, and then sell products at a wholesale price.
OGuitarVip.info's Sale ModelAs you can see from OGuitarVip.info’s Sale model, they claim to be cutting out the dealer and brand, and thus shipping straight to the consumer. So they seem to be sounding legit, right?

Well, yes and no. We would like to applaud OGuitarVip.Info trying to make themselves legit as possible – it’s actually a lot farther than most scammers go. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to make us believe they are actually who they claim they are.

Just Who Are OGuitarVip.Info Claiming To Be?

You see, when you come to a website, you have to trust nothing, and double check everything. And that’s just what we did. If you scroll all the way down their site, at the bottom, in their website’s footer, they claim that Fender is the copyright of the site.

Website's FooterIs this site called Fender? (The answer is no.) If the answer is no, then who exactly is Fender, and why are they claiming to be the owner of this site?

This is sadly a typical ploy by scammers to make you believe they are a legit company. If you were to look up Fender, you would find that they are a company that sells Guitars (go figure.) But, if you go to their website, it would take you to fender.com, and not to this site. This site isn’t related to Fender in any way.

Not only that, but OGuitarVip.Info is also using copyright material from Fender. The logo on their site, and other images are all images that are owned by Fender. To do business under them would mean that OGuitarVip.Info is running an illegal operation (which they are doing, by the way).

But that isn’t all that they are doing.

PayPal Or No PayPal?

If you look up at the last image above, you’ll see that in their footer they have the PayPal symbol. That means that they accept PayPal as a method for paying for your purchase.
But, when you go to the actual payment page, you can only pay with MasterCard!

No PayPal, and no SSLNot only that, but as you can see from the above image, the actual payment page doesn’t even have SSL on it! We highly doubt the Credit Card form is secure either.

What does this exactly mean?

Let’s pretend that you are going to make this purchase on a public network, like at a fast food joint,or a library. If you did, all your Credit Card info would go to OGuitarVip.Info unencrypted, meaning that anyone else on the network could see what you just sent.

Yes, someone else could read what your Credit Card number was, as well as the expiration date and CVV. This is definitely not a site that you want to enter your credit card information on.

We also suspect that the owners of OGuitarVip.Info could see your Credit Card info, but we can’t be completely sure. But in any case, with the lack of SSL, this payment page is definitely not one you want to use.

The Owners Of OGuitarVip.Info

If we go back to the footer, we would find how to contact them – if we needed customer support, or something like that. And how they tell us to contact them is through an email address:

Customer Service Email AddressThe email address in the above image is the same as the one found in OGuitarVip.Info’s footer. And it appears to be found to be connected with other fraudulent websites.

If you do a search for the email, you’ll find that several people have talked about them before. Below is an image of two of their sites that they have been linked to. Both of them are fraudulent.

Email linked to other fraudulent websitesSo all in all, the owners don’t appear to be looking very legit. They seem to have been doing this for the past month, and clearly aren’t going to stop.

They, and their site, are definitely people you don’t want to take part of. We would highly recommend that you steer clear from them.

OGuitarVip.Info Is A Scam!

Well, now you know from our review of OGuitarVip.Info that this site is definitely a scam. No need to beat around the bush on calling this site out. They are a fraudulent company, and one that no one should be doing business with.
They have been linked to other fraudulent websites, as well as having no SSL on their payment page. They also are trying to impersonate Fender and pretend that they take PayPal payments. Overall, they are your typical run-of-the-mill scammers. Best to steer clear and avoid them.

Thanks To Liam for asking about this site and showing it to us!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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