review: Is The Viral Best A Scam? review: Is The Viral Best A Scam?

You’re searching for whether is a scam or not, right? You’re trying to find some sort of review to see if they are authentic, legit, and worth buying from. Or maybe you’re just here ’cause you like reading everything that we write!

Whatever the case, we are here to alleviate your concerns. More than likely, is indeed a scam, and in this review, we hope to help show you why we think that. By the end of this article, our hope is that you will be not only smarter, but also a little richer because of it.

What Is The Viral Best?'s Main PageTheViralBest seems to be a large collection of random things that you can purchase. And as is typical with the sites we look at, seems to have most, if not all of their products at a discounted price.

Nothing is wrong with discounts. But nearly every scam website that is selling something will put on a discount. Low prices entice people to a website.

Now, we can’t call a scam just because of their low prices. But it is something that does need to be taken into consideration as we look at the authenticity of their site.

Various products discountedAs you can see from the above screenshot, they have all manner of discounts and products. Who knew that a floating pet fur catcher was such a thing? Or that a Reusable Toast Bag could be discounted $15 dollars (and still cost over $10 bucks)?

Whether it’s this site or another that claims to have low prices, you always need to ask why those discounts are there. There has to be a reason. And if there is no reason on the site, then it is more than likely a scam.

We’re sorry to say, but it’s just a scammer’s trait to use discounts and never explain why they have them. Don’t get us wrong. We don’t think there is anything wrong with a site that has discounts. What we do think is wrong is a site that has discounts, but never goes into detail explaining why those discounts are around. never gives us a reason why the discounts are on their site. They don’t even have an ‘About Us’ page, an important page to help connect with their readers.
So, already, from the first look, they appear to be highly scamm-ish.

Social Media Accounts?

Something to always take a look at is a company’s social media accounts, assuming they have them.’s site only links to one – Facebook – and that doesn’t appear to actually be linked to them.

Grab Us Home's Facebook PageAs you can see from the above screenshot, the Facebook link goes to a page for a company called Grab Us Home. We’re not exactly sure what ‘Grab Us Home’ is supposed to mean, but it definitely doesn’t appear to be connected with in any way.

Either The Viral Best slipped up and linked the wrong Facebook page to their site, or something else is going on. In either case, it really doesn’t help’s chances of getting back on our legitimacy scale.

If someone is going to link to a social media platform, shouldn’t they at least link to something that is in someway connected to them? As we’ll see shortly, they are actually connected in someway, but the point we are trying to make is that we had to dig around for a long while before we found the connection.

So why not, if they want to link to it, point out that connection, so that people aren’t surprised when they go to a completely different company page on Facebook?

Who Is The Owner Of

We decided to pretend to order something, to see if we could find anything else revealed. When we arrived to PayPal, we found that seemed to be doing business as a company called Storm Media Limited.

Storm Media LimitedNow, if you do some searching about Grab Us Home, you will also find that Storm Media Limited is connected with them as well. So it appears that Storm Media Limited is running several websites on the internet, and has been doing it for a while now.

Looking up Storm Media Limited on the internet reveals that many people don’t actually like them. So much so, that they have an ‘F’ rating on BBB as well as numerous complaints against them.

Search Results For Storm Media LimitedPage after page on search results shows that Storm Media Limited and its subsequent websites seem to be not well-liked within the internet community.
When you go to the BBB, you’ll find that they are currently investigating Storm Media Limited on several things:

As you can see in the screenshot, even the website Grab Us Home is part of the many websites that Storm Media Limited operates.

But it sadly doesn’t stop there. The BBB also has on record over 300 complaints against Storm Media Limited, which is a lot more than most sites have (or should have, for that matter).

BBB Complaints Against Media Storm LimitedWe could go on and on, website after website, each detailing some fraudulent aspect of Media Storm Limited. But we think that we’ve made our point. The Viral Best, and those that it’s connected to, aren’t companies that seem to be very authentic.

Is A Scam?

So, that our review of, and who it’s related to. Now it’s up for you to decide on whether you think that they are a scam or not.

In our opinion, they are a scam, due to who they are connected with, and the many reviews that we read. They don’t seem have any legitimacy in anything they do, and so should be taken as a site that has the high potential of being a scam. We highly recommend that you find another place to shop at other than

An Alternative Shopping Site

We recently reviewed GeekBuying, a site that has a lot of discounts, legit discounts, on a wide variety of products. We would recommend you check them out, and see if you can find the product you wanted from them, since they have a lot more legitimacy than

Check out GeekBuying here!

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