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There are a lot of sites that are continually enticing people to invest in sites that don’t even exist. Thus, making these people’s money wasted and leaving those people’s bank accounts empty because they’re scammed. 

The real problem starts with the founder. If the founder of the site is not that good in handling money or handling the investments, the site is in big trouble resulting into people being hesitant in investing even a penny in the stocks the founder or the author is offering

People are easily lured into these schemes and scams because of the benefits the sites are offering to them. Perhaps they’re promising a 30% or 50% increase in the money they invested, or maybe higher growth in their investments. This will invite people to sign-up and be the next victim of their scam. 

A site named Profit Unlimited is a site that gives you a wide range of stocks wherein the members can invest in. Today, let us see if this site can be trusted and be of help to the investors, especially to those who are only starting.

Prof Unlimited Review Summary

Product Name: Prof Unlimited

Product Type: Investment

Creator: Paul Mampily

Summary: Profit Unlimited is a website offering tips, strategies, and techniques that their founder—Paul Mampily—is applying in his personal business. This site helps you with making decisions on when to invest, what sector to invest in, and how to gain more by investing smart. 

Price: $79

Best For: Investment

Rating: 5 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is Profit Unlimited?

Profit Unlimited is a website offering tips, strategies, and techniques that their founder—Paul Mampily—is applying in his personal business. This site helps you with making decisions on when to invest, what sector to invest in, and how to gain more by investing smart. 

How does it work?

Before making money in it, you will first sign up and pay the 1-year refundable subscription. And after paying for the subscription, you will now have a premium account. The Premium Account is worth $79 and includes digital and printed subscriptions to Profit Unlimited ang 3 bonus reports that can be found on the sales page.

From this moment on, you can start investing on different stock markets that the founder himself recommends. But you can make your account do more by paying a higher amount.

How do you earn with it?

In this site, you earn money by investing in a vast choice of stock shares that you can invest in. The site will give you options to where you can invest your money into. There are stocks that fit people that have a strict budget that they follow. And there are also stocks that people that have more money that they can use in investing in the market.


The Newsletters target different levels of investors

The articles and newsletters that this site imparts aren’t only focused on a single group of investors. Rather, it reaches a broad range of investors stretching from beginners until season investors. But some sources say that most of the articles are really made and are fit for amateur investors. Hence, making this site a learning environment for everyone. 

The owner became successful after using the methods posted in the Site.

Paul Mimpilly himself used the methods that he posted in the site in investing. And after he made use of the methods, his $50 million portfolio into a $88 million portfolio in 2008 during a global economic downturn that impaired the world financial markets, banking, and real estate industry. Thus, resulting in him in garnering great compliment because of this achievement 

There is a Cancellation Policy.

When you think that this does not suit you, you can easily cancel your subscription within a year. This is a great feature because not all people who start or join in this business are sure or certain with the decision that they made. Therefore, it is great for you to continually weigh in your thoughts before continuing your subscription.

The site can be accessed anytime

The site has a feature that allows you to log-in and open your account anytime and anywhere. It also allows you to look at the account’s issues today and in the past because it is encrypted in a website only members can open. This will give the members an assurance that their money will not be wasted or be used in different investments they didn’t even invest in.

Trade Alerts

Profit Unlimited alerts its members whenever a trade is being made. This is a good thing for an investment site to have because it ensures its members that their money is secured with them.

Weekly Updates

The site always notifies you every Tuesday for new stocks investments that you can put your money into. This allows you to widen your options on diverse market trends. Thus, giving you a higher chance to get more income week by week.

The site offers stocks that everyone can invest in

Not all of us can and want to spend a lot of money investing. Some of us just want to invest a portion of our budget. And perhaps some of us want to invest a large amount of money into the stock market. 

Profits Unlimited gives you options and diverse choices that you can ponder upon. There are choices that fit your budget. And there are many choices also wherein you can invest a lot of money in it.

A lot of Good Reviews

Countless reviews can be seen on the internet on how they are satisfied with the service that they experienced on this site. A lot of members testify that their money grew and the founder of this site is really hands-on and is really an expert in this field. Actually, there’s a good amount of people that recommend this site for investing.

The founder is an expert in the field of business

Paul Mimpilly received a lot of prestigious awards in the field of business. He is given the Templeton Award after managing to make an investment jump from $50 million to $88 million in the middle of a world financial crisis. 

This gives members the assurance that the manager of this site knows what he is doing and how we manage all of the things that’s going on the business.


There are no guarantees.

Even though we can say that the creator of this website tries his best in finding major market stocks in this industry, we cannot assure you that there will be a 100% guarantee that you will not lose money or that you can earn it just as easily as what is being said.


If you really want to make an extra income, then I think you should start looking for honest platforms and vulnerable enough to show you how the system really works.

A business thrives even in challenges because of the trust they build with the customers and clients.

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