Is Mobrog a Scam? (Read this before joining!)

Conducting a survey is a very vital part for a company or a research team to do. It will enable them to test the feasibility or the viability of the product or the service that they are testing out. This is made possible by the ones who are answering the survey. They will be the ones who will decide and determine the outcomes of the study. 

Even before the pandemic began, online survey sites were very rampant and very efficient to use. It does not only let you answer a survey but also gives you money as a compensation or a reward for participating in a certain survey. A lot of sites are already on the internet that you can use and you can generate income from. But we must keep in mind that not all sites are trustworthy and reliable.

A lot of survey sites are continually attracting people to their site by promising them a high compensation that they will obtain when they will answer and participate in an online survey. And because of this, they are attracted and lured by these flowery words. But in the end, they will be fooled by those sites,

Today, Mobrog is a widely used online survey platform wherein you can answer a survey and make money. This is a great site that people can make money from. But let us see today if this survey site is really profitable and efficient to use and is not a scam just like other survey sites that promise people high compensations.

Mobrog Review Summary

Product Name: Mobrog

Product Type: Paid Survey

Creator: Research GMbH

Summary: Mobrog is a survey site that allows you to have an extra income by answering surveys. By just doing that, you can generate an income from it. This will be beneficial not only to the one who is answering the survey but also to the one who owns the survey.

Price: Free

Best For: Paid Survey

Rating: 5 out of 10


What is Mobrog?

This is a survey website that promotes themselves as a survey provider that offers you the option to get extra compensation or income by answering surveys. It is managed and is operated by Research GMbH, a group German Market Researchers. Because this is owned by a global research team, this can be accessed and is available in more than 60 different countries. Mobrog isn’t boxed in the online world, you can also use an app to answer any survey anywhere, anytime, and on the go. 

How does it work?

Mobrog is a survey site that allows you to have an extra income by answering surveys. By just doing that, you can generate an income from it. This will be beneficial not only to the one who is answering the survey but also to the one who owns the survey.

Before making any money, you first must create an account. The site will ask you a few questions that will help them find a suitable survey that you can answer. The topic that they will ask includes your hobbies, the food you eat, the gadgets that you own, your occupation, and your education that you attained. Then, you will now have the chance to answer surveys that will pay you $0.50 to $3. You can also earn by inviting your friends to sign up. Finally, you can now have your money cashed out via PayPal.

How do you earn with it?

As simple as answering survey forms, you can already make money. After answering a series of questions that the site provides, you will immediately receive credit on your participant account. But put in mind that your income will be based on how long the survey is. Then, after eating the credit and earning money, you can now have your money paid out via PayPal.


Just like what it mentioned above, this is accessible in more than 60 countries. This will ultimately be beneficial for those people who own the surveys. It will enable them to have a wider range of people who answer their surveys.

Global Community

The more surveys that you answer the more money that you will have. Therefore, you must answer as many surveys as you can for you to get a higher chance of earning more money and generating more income.

Their honest and dependable

There are sites that lure people to join and sign up on their site by promising and assuring them that they will pay them $5 or more as a compensation when you’re answering their survey. But you must know that Mobrog is an exception. They are very transparent when it comes to the payment and the compensation of the people answering the surveys. This is a great quality a site has. This is important to those people who want and plan to rely on this site for their income.

Good Reviews

Just like any good site has, Mobrog has a lot of good reviews and a lot of great testimonials coming from those who experience using it. They say that Mobrog is a very reliable and a very trustworthy survey site. This is a good thing that people must consider when they are deciding on signing up on this site.

No high cash out requirement

Others sites will require or oblige you to at least have $10 on your account in order for you to cash out. But in Mobrog, you only have to make a little amount of money for you to have your money paid out. This is great because it will allow you to have your money when you backout from the site. Even though you are only doing the surveys or a short period of time or perhaps a several days, you can still have the money that you earned for that span of time


Low rates

Even though the site offers low cash out requirement, Mobrog doesn’t have that high tolls or rates that the surveys offer. You cannot earn $3 in an hour of taking surveys on this site. Therefore, this site is not suitable for you to make a living from it. Perhaps you can do it as a sideline job for you to have an extra income.

Limited survey opportunities

The survey opportunities differ from country to country. They don’t have equal chances of doing a survey. You may have a lot of opportunities, but it will not be the same for others. This can occur because of the location or the country that the person is living in.

Looking for other options?

If you really want to make your time worthwhile and at the same time earn and save up money, then you should really try Affiliate Marketing. It is more worth it than risking your information and  identity.

Affiliate Marketing is a growing business online that focuses on promoting products from merchants and earning from commission. Great thing about it is that it is not only a worthwhile pastime but also a way to earn passive income!

Where can you start doing this?

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How different is it from taking surveys?

You can actually spot obvious differences from surveys and Affiliate Marketing. Here are some important differences that you need to take note of:

  1. No cash-out

Joining the team is also for free.You don’t need to pay for anything! All you need to do is choose your merchant and get an affiliate link from them for your sales.

  1. No need to constantly wait for income opportunities

You do not have to climb up a ladder to earn more. Once you are set, you can promote the products in your website and own accounts where you niche could access it. From there you can do other things. Your income will automatically be credited to your account.

  1. Passive Income

You gain even if you are sleeping or doing another extra job. Once you were able to establish your website and affiliate link then you just have to wait for your commission to enter your accounts!

  1. No Recruitment or Referrals

You do not need to recruit anyone to earn more in this area. You can honestly gain from the commission you get from the merchants you partnered with.

  1. Inclusives

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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