Software Resell Rights (Can you really earn from it?)

Reselling is a trending business nowadays because they say it is like a no-brainer way to gain profit easily, or is it?

Any kind of business, whether you created the product or simply resells it, should be well-thought and established. Specially when it comes to online products or softwares. Since the virtual world is expanding , most business enthusiasts set it as the target market. 

Software Resell Rights are commonly offered when buying softwares for your website, SEO or social media marketing tools. It can be an additional source of income for people who are using the product.

But is it as simply as we think it is?

Software Resell Rights Review Summary

Product Name: Softwares

Product Type: Resell Rights

Summary: Software reselling is one of the ways for the people to gain profit nowadays. What developers do is that they make the softwares available for others to resell. You can resell it with your own branding and modifications or you can sell it as it is. 

Best For: Reselling

Rating: 4 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is Software Resell Rights?

Software reselling is one of the ways for the people to gain profit nowadays. What developers do is that they make the softwares available for others to resell. You can resell it with your own branding and modifications or you can sell it as it is. 

Most developers sell the product or software with an up-front cost with a price for reselling which could be different and separate if you buy the software for personal use or consumption only. If that is the case, then you can get that profit 100%. In other instances, there is a commission paid to the developer and the remaining profit would be yours to keep.

How does it work?

Either you are a developer looking for resellers to sell the products or you are the latter. Either way, you can still gain a profit in selling the product assuming that it has an established market.

Developers would like to increase their sales by allowing resellers to sell their products, giving them a bigger channel and market. Some create an affiliate program for it while some simply sell the license and get profit from the products being bought by the resellers. Here are some scenarios that developers set-up for their resellers:

  • Reselling: with original branding and license only;
  • Rebranding: with the reseller’s logo and other brand identity included in the package 
  • License of the source code for the reseller’s own product modification or customization for their own clients or customers.

The price for each scenario actually depends on the developer and their business model. SOme give it for a one-time fee, while some can choose to pay the developer a commission for each sale. 

The Good and the Bad of Reselling Software

One of the advantages of reselling is gaining profit from a product that you did not actually create. However, it is not as easy as the sellers show it and it is not simply buying and reselling. There are more challenging factors that add to it and that you should seriously consider. 


First, you should read your license agreement and its buyers’ and sellers’ rights. This is to make sure that the licenses are legitimate and for you to see the provisions or terms included. This is important because licenses have different provisions.

For example it should state whether the product is offering an MRR or PLR, or maybe both. This will clarify the limitations and restrictions of the product like the use of the tag lines and marketing, or if it is possible to alter or rebrand the product. Another is the suggested retail price SRP)  of the product. 

Not clarifying or studying these things can get you into a big trouble and you do not want that to happen. These can lead to legal violations and will bring a great damage to you and your business.


When you decide to do a rebrand, then it is important to see to it that people can differentiate your rebranded product from the original. Of course you wouldn’t want your customers to buy something that they can get at a cheaper price. That is bad marketing and it makes the competition great. 

Think of ways of adding some tools or freebies like training, ebooks, services, and the like. 


Now that you have the product and understand the terms, how are you actually going to sell it? This where the hard work doubles. You have to have a marketing strategy or plan. You might be needing a good website which will serve as your platform.

Software Resell vs Affiliate Marketing

There are a lot of considerations to see and check when it comes to reselling online softwares. It usually includes a lot of legalities and technicalities. However there are available networks that can really help you start your online business.

If you really want to start a retailer or resell business, there is. Better option that will not just help you earn money but to become better in your craft.

Affiliate Marketing is all about promoting products with your affiliate links but with a different kind of platform. The good thing about this is that you are not simply going to sell a certain product, but can choose what you really want to sell. It includes various merchants!

You only need to create your website and content, and earn you passive income! Also, there are equally or even more promising affiliate systems and networks that offer free services and quality features for starters! This is good news for those who are planning to start business online but do not have the experience.

You can do it all risk-free and for free with Wealthy Affiliate! It is a free, user-friendly affiliate marketing network that sets up entrepreneurs for success! It has millions of members worldwide and thousands are being added to this community every week.

There are helpful features for beginners to help them build their business and grow it in the long run. Here are some free features that you can check:

Free Sign-up

Affiliate Marketing is a good source of income, but some cannot enjoy their income because they kept on paying their initial investments to the software they bought. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can enjoy your first set of income because they offer their programs for free!

When you sign-up you wouldn’t have to spend a dime or cent to enjoy their privilege. If you are already stable in your income, there are also affordable membership upgrades upon your choice. It is not a spend first before you can access it.

Training and Workshops

Instead of figuring things out on your own, and wasting your time looking for proper training online, you can have all of these in one stop! Wealthy Affiliate offer training for the tools that they are going to give you. There are training and mentoring with the creators and other successful businessmen.

They have weekly webinars and they also hold conferences and workshops for their users and interested customers. 

There is also a website generator included and it is customizable in the way that you choose without limits. It has thousands of partnerships with online shops and stores. With the variation that they provide you do not have to push yourself to promote a product you do not like. You can also freely choose your niche.

Website Builder

Included in this platform is a website host and domain! It is very pricey to pay it on a different service. It is also time consuming to fix a lot of set-ups.

In Wealthy Affiliate, you can already have it in their package. They will also help you build and personalize according to your needs and market. Also, we all know how pricey it is to build your own domain but they are giving you a free one!

Keyword research tool

Since SEO is a great determinant of your success here, they are also providing a research tool that computes the competitiveness of your keyword. This is also included in the training. You will learn how to use it with the other tools they included.

Can’t think of anything? It is okay. It will also give good suggestions of high rank keywords for you!

Worldwide Pool of Merchants

Finding the right niche is very crucial and not easy. It is sometimes confusing to choose which merchant to trust and who actually has the legitimate product. The quality cannot also be brushed off but needs to be considered.

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate because it already offers legitimate and successful affiliate programs! All you need to do is choose from their categories where your interests and likes fit. You choose from thousands of good programs.

24/7 Technical and Community Support

The good thing about this kind of network is that you’ve got all you need to start in one place — whether technical or skill-wise. You do not have to figure things out on your own. Some developers who offer reselling does not really give a comprehensive and step-by-step guide although out. 

Specially if it is a done-for-you product, tech support is really needed for troubleshooting or problems. Sadly, this is not always available and offered. Sometimes, they give an offer but for marketing purposes only. When users try to reach them, there is no one that can help them.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can freely ask other members and users about their experiences in the field. It is a kind and friendly community that encourages one another. Their community is not only about forums and discussions. There is also a 24/7 Tech Support that you can contact for your queries or problems. This is very important especially if you are starting and still learning the process.

What a great way to start and grow your Business! Check Wealthy Affiliate now.

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