What is Bigspot? BEWARE!

With the variety of choices in earning money, people are getting the adrenaline rush of the promises that they see.

Bigspot is one of the survey sites that promises legitimate market research companies that will bring extra income by just making time answering their surveys. 

And maybe you’ve already seen things like this and you wanna make sure if it really pays. And you’re in the right place because we are going to take a deeper look on what Bigpot is all about.

BigSpot Review Summary

Product Name: BigSpot

Product Type: Paid Online Survey

Creator: VarsityPlaza LLC

Summary: Bigspot is a legitimate survey site that promises to pay you as you share your opinion and answers with their researchers. Just like other survey sites, they do not generate their own surveys but their site serves as a platform that links you to survey panels and other market research companies.

Price: Free

Best For: online surveys

Rating: 3 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is Bigspot?

Bigspot is a legitimate survey site that promises to pay you as you share your opinion and answers with their researchers. This is owned by VarsityPlaza LLC. They started their operations last 2008 and continue referring people to market researchers. 

Just like other survey sites, they do not generate their own surveys but their site serves as a platform that links you to survey panels and other market research companies.

Bigspot is like a middleman so it is not actually their site that pays you but the actual companies that administer the survey.

How does it work?

You will not pay anything when you sign up for Bispot membership. All you need to do is provide them with your email address and other personal information like name, date of birth, gender, country and even ethnicity.

These information will help them match you to the right market research companies. 

How much can you earn?

The price of the payment varies depending on the company that administers the survey. With Bigspot they pay you within the range of $0.50 and $5.00 each survey. There are some surveys that pay higher than this but it rarely happens. 

So after doing all the surveys, how do younactually get paid?

Like what I said earlier, you will not get paid by BigSpot but by through the sites you were redirected to. Bigspot only make itlook like they are the ones who actually pay but you cannot see any info about thisw in their website.  

This is also the reason they do not offer any kind of rewards or bonuses to gain income. All of these offers are already presented to the websites that you are going to take the survey from. 

But BigSpot.com does not as such give you any surveys, and therefore also do not pay you. That is also one of the reasons that you cannot find any information about what kind of rewards they are offering before you join.

They are not offering any – they are just offering links to websites that then offer this.

But in general paid survey sites do offer great rewards. There are many sites that pay in cash through PayPal, you can earn Amazon e-certificates, get prepaid Visa cards, Bitcoin, gift cards, and more.

So you definitely can earn some nice rewards on surveys sites – just not on Bigspot.com.


Free and Easy to Join

This is always a perk to those who are starting and simply trying to experiment and see how making money online works. It is risk free while earning extra income. 


Unlike any platform that takes advantage of the innocence of people, this site actually pays you.

Various Survey Panels

There are a lot of survey sites that they can match you with. These partnerships are legitimate and helpful.


Narrow Limits and Restrictions

Their membership is not open to all. It is only limited to residents of Australia, USA, Canada, UK and Puerto Rico. This is why ethnicity and residence is required in their registration process. 

They also have a lot of restrictions that come with these requirements and qualifications. An example of this is signing up to every website that you will be redirected to.

Low Earnings

Unlike any other platforms that offer a lot of ways or opportunities to earn, Bigspot can only offer low earnings. There are not many activities or surveys to do. 

It cannot be a substitute to your main job or be treated as one. It only serves as a supplement or source of income other than your main or day job.

Your income with it cannot make you financially independent or stable. 

Privacy Issues

Some users found out that their personal info was being shared and sold to unauthorized third party websites. This usually results in identity theft and scams.


Since new sites require you to sign up and fill up a lot of forms for qualification, you will be also receiving a lot of spam emails, marketing emails and promotionals from the companies that administered your survey.


While they claim to actually have a lot of available partners for surveys, it is so hard to qualify for their researches. Sometime, they even cut you in the middle of the survey because you are disqualified. Finishing the survey does not mean getting a payment because you can be also disqualified.

This brings confusion and results to complaints by the users.


When trying to research this website there is actually not much information that can be found. And I am not just talking about the filler information but the vital ones.

All you can see in their website are privacy notice, terms and contact form or sign up form. This is a disadvantage for those who are trying to become a member because they might be misled by the money or opportunities claimed by the site.

How do they earn from you?

Some say that they earn by selling your info but that is not always the case. There are a lot of other ways with internet marketing that allows them to earn from you. 

Once they get you as a member, they can already get money from it. They get paid by making you sign up through their website to the companies that they partner with.

Also, by doing this they are already establishing trust and commitment from you. That you will always click on their site to check and participate in the websites that they promote or offer to you. This happens the moment you sign up and continue to check their website for surveys.

In short, they get commissions by your clicks and visits. This serves as a referral link and it is another thing if you join and sign up in the websites.

There is nothing wrong with referral links but is it always worth it? It is a good way to earn but are these links and websites really helpful? 

This is the problem with Bigspot. The websites and links they show have no or little value when it comes to the needs of its users. 

As you can see, they do not even give you in-depth info about these websites and surveys, or even about the offers. There is no helpful info available. 

All they give you is a very short description or a very shallow explanation of the list of websites. It is like a website that is only interested in getting you sign up for them to get their commission. 


If you really want to make an extra income, then I think you should start looking for honest platforms. A business thrives even in challenges because of the trust they build with the customers and clients.

It will not hurt to put some effort in at first if you know that it will lead to a legit success after a while. This is the kind of work that Affiliate Marketing offers. It is being affiliated to a certain merchant and earning from them by promoting their products.

You get to choose which merchant you would like and what products to promote. There is freedom of choice as to what kind of niche you would want to target. You are not being dragged to something you do not want.

You get to tell people your own opinion and take on the products. You are not misleading them but giving them the facts about it! If people will buy through your affiliate link, then you will get a commission from it. It starts with a hundred dollars for the first months and it will steadily grow. Good thing, you can earn without misleading people.

So, how do you start?

It will be of great help to be a part of an affiliate network that will help you build the necessary set up for your business. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to go to for this. I will tell some top reasons why:


With their free sign-up, you can already access a lot of their features that will surely benefit you in gaining income. Wealthy Affiliate has already millions of members worldwide and thousands more being added weekly! You can check their website and know more about their services and creators. There are also various testimonials and reviews from people whom Wealthy Affiliate served.


They also have one-on-one mentoring and training. These are proven marketing principles and practical steps that you can do on your own. It is not a false claim to a secret trick but is actually helpful both in theory and practice. They also have weekly webinars for updates!


If you are worried about the technical stuff, they also help you with that! Building your website has never been this easy. Tools for SEO and Keywords are also provided and included! These are crucial to any affiliate program so it is really worth it have it for free!

They also have thousands of partners from whom you can choose from as your merchants. The training also consists on how to promote the products you chose. It is like a good-deal package.


The community that they have is also honest and kind. You can learn a lot from them on how the business works. This is one of the good sides of Wealthy Affiliate and it shows that it is really true.

They also have a 24/7 Tech Support team for your problems and Troubleshoot. You wouldn’t have to wait for hours or days to fix issues you have about your business!

These are just glimpses of the services that Wealthy Affiliate could give you. Visit their website to know more about them!

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