Walktrends.com Review: Is Walk Trends Legit? (No, Definitely Not!)

Walktrends.com came to us through our contact form as a request to take a look at. When we looked at it initially, we found several errors in the site the concluded to us that they were indeed a scam website.

Is Walk Trends Legit? Not from we saw on the site. In this article we’ll do our best to help show you just why we believe Walktrends.com isn’t an authentic shop, nor why they should be trusted. Hopefully this review will help you think twice before purchasing through stores like these.

Quick Review

  • Walktrends has some shady discounts on their site, as well as not explaining why everything is so heavily discounted
  • Walktrends has a Privacy Policy that isn’t updated correctly and has certain ‘default page’ issues
  • Walktrends looks exactly like 2-3 other sites – same images, same design, same contact info
  • Walktrends claims to have 24-hour customer service – as of this date, we have yet to hear from them (it’s been over a week…)

Tired Of Finding Scam Websites?

We don’t blame you. They are a common problem, especially for those who keep getting scammed. If you are one of those people, we’ve created a video course that teaches you how to avoid that.

Walktrends.com – The Discounts

WalkTrends.com's Main Page

When going to Walktrends.com, the site seems like a normal one. In their About Us page, they claim to be a leading store that offers discounts and lower prices. So much lower that they claim you can save 30%-70% of the retail cost.

However, when you take a close look at their discounts, and their products for that matter, you’ll notice a common theme. And that theme is that every single product they list is being sold for $12.95:

Prices all 12.95

We’ve seen this enough times to know that this is a scam. If a site has that many products on their store for that low of a price (and all the same price we might add), then it truly is a scam. There really is no need to investigate further about it.

You don’t purchase lawn-mowers, computer desks, or even beach chair sets for that low of a price.

This is just a common ploy by scammers to get traffic to their site. People see low prices, go to the scammer’s site, purchase something (because they think they are getting a good deal), and lose money over it.

Now, like we said, we could stop our review there, and say that the site is indeed a scam. But, just because we’re convinced that it’s a scam, doesn’t necessarily mean that you, the reader, are convinced. So, it’s on the next issue with the site.

Privacy Policy And Default Theme Issues

Privacy Policy Issues

Did you know that each online shop and store are required to have a Privacy Policy on their site? For them to operate correctly, a website needs to have some sort of page where they explain what info they collect, and how they keep your information private.

While Walktrends.com does have one on their site, we wouldn’t really call it authentic. If you notice in the screenshot above, you’ll find that we’ve highlighted several sentences in their Privacy Policy. Each sentence starts with ‘INSERT’.
What this means is that Walktrends.com just grabbed a default Privacy Policy, and never even updated it to their terms and agreements. Which means they never really set up their store, or their Privacy Policy, correctly.

Sites that have issues like this shouldn’t be trusted. If a site claims to have discounts, and claims to be a leading shop in the retail discount business, then they should have better site set up.

This is once again a common issue with scam websites. Since they are up one day and gone the next, they are often found with errors, like the ones above.

Additionally, their About Us Page can be found to have issues with it:

About Us Error

It appears that the owners forgot to completely set up their About Us Page as well, as you’ll notice in the screenshot above. Highlighted is the words ‘Store Name’, which is probably supposed to be changed to the actual store name.

But the way it is written is actually okay. Because it leads us to our next issue with Walktrends.com. And that is their ‘store name difference’.

Who Is Strectrend.com?

Strectrend.com's main page

Does the above image look familiar? It should, since it’s found on Walktrends.com’s site.

While searching around for Walk Trends contact info, Strectrend.com popped up saying that it was also located at the same exact location as Walk Trends:

Contact Info

So, why does Strectrend.com have literally the same exact website as Walktrends.com, but just with a ‘store name difference’ ?

We don’t know, but (as we’ve said before), this is common among scammers. To have several sites that look alike, and are running the same scam on them is pretty typical for a scam owner.

Redirnow's contact info

Additionally, there was another site that also claimed to be that exact location, though their site didn’t seem to want to load for us:So that is three sites that all claim to be at one location. When you see something like that, it usually means only one of them is telling the truth.

Is Their Support 24 hours?

According to Walk Trends contact info, they claim to have 24/7 support. They even give an email address to use in the case that you need to get a hold of them:

Walk Trends' Contact Info

We took the liberty of contacting them, and see how quick their service was. We contacted them all the way back on June 3rd, and we still haven’t received a reply from them, even though it’s been over 5 days since we sent the email:

No Response To Question

We asked a simple question, about PayPal, to see if they would respond. And they haven’t yet (so much for 24 hours service).

Now, some of you may think that this doesn’t matter, but it deeply matters, since their email is the only way that you can get a hold of them.

What happens if you decided to order something (even against everything we’ve shown above), and wanted to get in touch with them? Maybe the order didn’t come, or you wanted a refund? The only way to contact them is through their email address, and they don’t appear to be answering that.

Is Walk Trends Legit?

In a short answer, no, Walktrends.com doesn’t appear to be legit. They are running a site that doesn’t have a very clear Privacy Policy, that has discounts which are typical for a scammer-run website, and several other sites look just like them (and have the exact errors they do!).

WalkTrends.com also doesn’t answer their emails, nor gives reasons why they share a location with two other sites. In the end, Walk Trends isn’t a site that we wouldn’t recommend ordering from.

Learn Not To Get Scammed!

All the information we presented was all free for the taking. It’s just a matter of learn what to look for, as well as knowing resources that will get you the answers you want.

Over the last few months, we’ve compiled our method for detecting online scams, and have created a video course about it. It goes through free resources, as well as the different ways that we use to check if a site is indeed a scam.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

29 thoughts on “Walktrends.com Review: Is Walk Trends Legit? (No, Definitely Not!)”

  1. Thank you …for this info..it really concerned my feeling about Walktrends in the first place..i figured though that they tell you the product is 12. Or so..but they don’t tell you what the shipping adds up too and what your final cost will be before you put the card number in..that is why I didn’t carry through the the order.

    • I ordered an air mattress on June 27th I have not yet received it I emailed them numerous times with no response so I guess I’ve been scammed

  2. I noticed the add which repeatedly popped up on Facebook Marketplace. Which btw is extremely frustrating since a recent update/change on Marketplace has the system deny every item being sold (stating they go against the ecommerce policy and can guarantee they do not) I have been denied my sale of a cookie jar, a set of bunk beds, a purse and so forth, yet I continuously see the ad for a site which is more than obviously a scam site! What I want to know is.. “What is being done about these sites and how is it even still allowed to operate?” As well as what I can do to help? (websites like Facebook are partly to blame for pushing us in that direction as if it could be trusted)
    ALSO the “about us” page actually refers to the company being named “rredirnow.we.” At the bottom of the page it also stated that for the forms of payment they can except C.O.D and the dinners club card. They most likely added these logos for the visual effect, not even knowing or moreso caring about the meaning of each one. And did nobody notice the most obvious of all things? The fact that the sales tax amount section never changes from zero! This is honestly one of the laziest scam sites I have seen yet! FyI, I have also written the platform that hosts the site as well as Facebook of notification to this theft of funds site. I personally did not get scammed by this company but firmly believe that one person can make a difference if they take action to help others who can not help themselves. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME

    • Hey Natalie,

      Thanks for taking the time and writing this out. We appreciate writing to Facebook and the platform that WalkTrends.com is part of.

      Our guess is that the reason this is still going around is because, sadly, it can be hard at times to get these types of scams offline. Also, if this site is being spread through Facebook Ads, then it’s near impossible, since Facebook has a terrible scam ad management system.


      • I suspected Walktrends was not legit! Tyvm for confirming this just before I was to pay. It seemed fishy a bike trailer was 12.95, a beautiful HUGE outdoor table and chairs 12.95 lol ????????

  3. Thanks, Andy!
    I am hesitating whether place an order or not. Then I googled your information.
    And now, I know what to do. Thanks!!!

  4. These scammers, never keep one business name. Last month I was looking for a camping tent to purchase, and guess what price it was .. $14.95. Outrageously low compared to other sellers. I forgot the name of the website. When I went back to the site and typed ‘tent’ in the search bar, it said the ‘that product does not exist’. Even though I was looking at the item. That’s how I knew that this site was not legit. They also have the facility of paying through PayPal. But when I saw that there was no contact number to speak to a person or an address for the business – red flag raised. I found that to be very strange the site resembled another site. Have you heard bout ‘Solfemarket’. The description of their webpage looks the same. Worse yet, when I looked on invoice for information on where it was shipping from it was in Chinese writing…nothing in English.
    There website is always info@something.com….
    Lucky for me I could call my bank and cancel my credit card with immediate effect. Lesson learned well.

    • Thanks for letting us know Odix. We’ll have to look and see if we’ve come by Solfemarket in the past. Probably not. But if it looks exactly like Walk Trends, then it probably is fraudulent.

    • Nothing to lose? Really? You’re going to lose nearly $13 dollars, the possibility that your credit card is going to be taken from you, and you’re feeding the scam problem. That’s $13 more dollars that this scammer has who can now use it to scam even more innocent people.

      Feel free to make a purchase, but don’t come here saying that you have nothing to lose. That just isn’t the case in the scamming world.

  5. I was looking at the site a few minutes ago but knew right away, scam!!Too good to be true. Ridiculous. It’s really sad people fall for this. Thank you for your site, it’s truly important to consumers.

  6. Unfortunately I placed an order for 4 beach lounge chairs the day before your article was posted. On June 7th to be exact and still have not received my order. I also sent an email, still nothing. Monday I plan on contacting my bank to file for a refund. I found your article only cause I was typing walktrends.com in the address bar, and before I got to the (.com) the word (reviews) showed up on the suggestion…. And yup here I am. I will keep you all posted. Only cause due to the shipping it says 12 – 14 days, today Saturday June 22nd happens to be 14th day. I don’t expect my order to show up after all this, but hopeful. Lol OMG

    • Hey Thelma,

      You’re probably not going to receive it. As you’ll notice in the article, this site is one that is a scam. So there is very little likelihood that you are going to get what you purchased. Best thing to do is to go to your bank/credit card issuer, and check with them to see if there is anything they can do to dispute the issue.

  7. on a glad to see this….got on a few minutes ago and was not sure but decided to look walktrends.com up….glad I did…thank you all

  8. I ordered 2 beach chairs on June 7th thr facebook they sent me back order had gone thru. But I have not gotten Does anyone have the phone number to Walk Trends?

  9. I was scam by this company. Email after email no response. I have report this issue. All I need to know how I can get my money back. I know now anything that sound too good is not true. I WANT MY $$$$ BACK

  10. I didn’t read all this soon enough. I just ordered last night. Mostly I feel ashamed of thinking I could get a patio set for 12.95! I thought it was an internet error and I was going to take advantage of it….12.95 right? My mistake. Now I’m concerned for the health of my card….definitely NOT worth the stress! I’m now trying to find a way to report them and I’m not having any luck. Any ideas?

  11. I purchased 2 beach lounge chairs June 25th 12.95 each I saw the money taken and they are “processing” my order. July 2nd I have not gotten any replies on my order and no one to call either. I now realize I have been scammed.

  12. I was scammed as well. I ordered two beach chairs last June that never arrived. I paid $20 for both which I thought was a great day. Grrr. I emailed them but have not heard back. Their ad came up first when I Google searched pool chairs. That stinks.


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