(Honest Review): Why Is The Dollar Pay A Scam?

What does a review of and a review of have in common? They are both scam websites.

Not only that, but these sites are subdomains that are exactly the same. Same images. Same designs. And even the same words.

We’ve been monitoring several sites, and came to find that they’ve changed their scam completely around, and are now trying to scam people through this new data entry job scam.

(NOTE: The screenshots were taken from several different sites that also have the same exact scam on it.)

Quick Review

  • They don’t have any Data Entry work for you to actually do
  • They are using fake testimonials/images/names on their site
  • Even if you make enough money to get paid out, they will never pay you

The Dollar Pay isn’t going to pay you. They are a scam website and one that you shouldn’t be working for. Instead of working for them, click the link below to read about our recommended program for making money online!

What Do The Sites Claim To Give You?'s Main Page

As you can see from the screenshot above,, along with the rest of the subdomains, claims to be a site where you can earn money from home. Not only that, but you can earn money by doing ‘simple data entry jobs and tasks.’

What is data entry?

Basically, when someone wants someone to enter something into a form, or fill certain information into a spreadsheet, it can be called data entry work. You’re simply entering data. It’s pretty easy and straightforward. We’ve done it before and it’s, well, sort of boring and mundane. But it is work nevertheless.

Nothing is overly wrong with a data entry job. The only thing is that most of these jobs don’t pay a lot, and so you have to do a lot of entering to actually make something.

But is claiming that you can make $1 dollar per line of data entry!

What You Get Paid For

As you can see from the above screenshot, shows you just exactly what you get paid for – ‘the cost of per line data entry is 1 dollar.’ Not only that, but if you refer someone to the site, you also get half of what they make.

Let’s think about that. Someone is going to pay you $1 dollar for entering in a line of data? Do you really think that someone would really do this?

And On top of that, they are actually going to have to pay more than $1 dollar if they pay for half of what the referral makes. If your referral makes $1 dollar, then you make 50 cents. Which means that the person paying for the data entry work is actually paying $1.50 dollars per line of data.

Now, we’ve done data entry work, and we know just how much they pay. No one in their right mind would pay that much for that type of work. If you were good, you might be able to get 50 cents for 50 lines of data entry. But $1 dollar for one line? Something is clearly not right here.

But, of course, we can’t just leave it like that, can we? No, we can’t!

We explored a little more, and found that these subdomains, and all had the same exact testimonials. And on top of that, they were found to be faked!

The Faked Testimonials!

Fake Testimonials

If you scroll down to the middle of one of the subdomains, you’ll find two testimonials. And they are very interesting testimonials.

The first is from someone named Mark Stern. What’s even more interesting is that this guy named Mark, who seems like he has a male name, has a female image! Also, it appears Mark doesn’t quite understand how to speak in English, since there are quite a few grammatical mistakes within his (or her) review.

The second testimonials is from someone called Jennifer Wiens. She has similar broken English, and claims to have made $5700 dollars, which she got from a check.

Now, we took the liberty of searching the internet to see if these images on the testimonials appear anywhere else. And we found that they did. Not only that, but we found a testimonial that uses Mark’s first name, and Jennifer’s last name!

Mark Wiens?

In the above screen capture, you’ll notice a very familiar face – but this time, the person’s name is Mark Wiens! And not only that, but they claim to be the CEO of Google!

Anyone who can do a quick search would know that the CEO of Google is actually Sundar Pichai, and not Mark Alviro Wiens. So, the above testimonial (found somewhere else) is clearly not reliable and also faked.

Also, if you search for the other image, Jennifer’s profile picture, you can find her on dozens of websites, most of which talk about some sort of hair styles or wall paper.

Hairstyles and Fake Images

All the above is to show that and other sites like it are pretending to have legit testimonials. They realistically just made up those reviews so that people would have a higher chance of believing them.

But, even though they are lying about their testimonials, and even though they have to be scamming people by saying you’ll get $1 dollar for every line of data you enter, we still decided to see if we could actually make money and get paid.

How Do You Make Money?

It’s very simple on how you make money. You either do data entry work, or you refer people, and they make the money for you. Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds (nor as legit as it is), but we went ahead and created an account. After we did, we found that there was no place to actually do any data entry work!

No Data Entry Jobs!

As you can see from the above screenshot of, there was no way to make money with data entry jobs. We searched high and low. So how exactly did we make $205?

We did it through referring others and getting them to register an account. (Okay, so in all actuality, we know this is a scam, and we know how functions, and so we just created a bunch of test accounts through our referral link, and ‘made’ the money – we didn’t really refer anyone else).

Now, this is where things get interesting. For every referral you get to sign up, you make $10. And you need to have a minimum of $100 dollars before you can request a pay out. So, after getting to the minimum, and getting 10 people to sign up, we requested a pay out.

We need 20 referrals?

Yes, told us that we need to have a minimum of 20 referrals before we could actually pay out. So, with our cool techniques, we made another 10 accounts, and got to the referral minimum.
But even still, we weren’t able to get paid:

Verify The Captcha

You see, to get paid out, you have to do a simple little captcha test. Sadly, it’s not simple, and it’s only making them get money, and not you.

For every captcha test you do, they make some profit off of it, since most of them are surveys. They get you to do a survey, they reap the rewards of that commission to the survey, and they never pay you.
We’ve seen this type of scam before, and unfortunately, it’s not going to leave any time soon. They are scamming hundreds, if not thousands, of people from their time, and profiting off of others hard work. It’s a scam and a fraud. Is A Scam!

Don’t be fooled! is a scam, as well as They are all fraudulent websites, and are not legit work-at-home jobs.

We would highly recommend that you stay away from them. You won’t get paid. Trust us on this. We’ve seen these types of scams before, and there is no way to get your money. They won’t reply to your messages, and they don’t care that they are scamming innocent people.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

25 thoughts on “ (Honest Review): Why Is The Dollar Pay A Scam?”

  1. Thanks a lot for your research and feedback .I just joined them this morning due to my lack of trust I decided to google .thanks it really helped I just quit.thank u google

  2. Thank you very very much for providing us with such a useful information. It IS a scam after all. I made an account on a similar website ”” some 2 days ago. It made me wonder too that they said it was data entry and captcha work and I too noticed that there was no data entry kind of thing in it. It started straight with captcha solving with adding 1, 4 and 3 dollars in my account. My God, these people are the worst. And the pictures and the structure of the website is THE SAME as the data that you have given. I am truly thankful to you. God bless you.

  3. So one of my friends post something about this it got my attention and I registered but then I have this feeling that this must be a scam or something so what I did was I created 15 dummy accounts registered it then I was asked to refer 20 members so I created 5 fake accounts again then when I tried the withdraw thing I was prompted to install some games or answer some freakin survey and it is the

  4. I trusted this type of online business as a part time only i can say this is not a SCAM…
    NOW, i need help. To claiming my money… i’ve already sign up my withrawal form today. I forgot to put my bank account or account # how can i send my account… so that i withdraw my money to the BANK… pls help

    • You can believe all that you want. However, for the reasons we stated above, you’re not going to get paid out, and giving them your bank info isn’t going to help things either. We would recommend that you stop working for them, since it is clearly a scam.

  5. Please, help me to locate a good place where I can make money online with my phone and not paying anything to someone first before helping… I don’t have no knowledge of computer or website design but good with my phone. Please help me out of this hungry life in Africa…


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