What is Avon MLM About? (Must Read!)

Credibility of a business is not only seen in the longevity of the business but also the track records publicly and personally by the users.

This is why we are going to check how Avon actually works through the centuries that it operated in the industry!

Avon Review Summary

Product Name: Avon

Product Type: Multi Level Marketing


Avon is one of the multibillion dollar companies that operates as a direct sales company or Multi Level Marketing. It targets mainly beauty, personal care and household items and products.

It is based in London, England and regarded as the fifth largest beauty company in the field of beauty products. It is even compared to the sales that L’Oreal and Estee Lauder make. This makes them really in a good position in the industry they belong to.

Price: Kits for $25 – $50

Best For: MLM/Direct selling

Rating: 5 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is Avon?

Avon is one of the multibillion dollar companies that operates as a direct sales company or Multi Level Marketing. It targets mainly beauty, personal care and household items and products.

It is based in London, England and regarded as the fifth largest beauty company in the field of beauty products. It is even compared to the sales that L’Oreal and Estee Lauder make. This makes them really in a good position in the industry they belong to.

However, you cannot simply check them in department stores or drugstores. Since they are following MLM business model, they sell through their direct sellers or representatives. These representatives can also build their own small retail stores in strip malls.

They are actually in the industry now for 130 years and women continue to patronize and order their products!

How does it work?


Their products are manufactured in their facilities around the world. Part of it is company-owned and third-party ownership. Their largest facility is found in China which provides it to 39 countries!

Avon is well known worldwide especially with women. Simply look at the purses of different people you would see Avon products such as powders, lipstick and mascara. But they actually started  with selling their own formula perfume!

In addition to those, the company has also ventured into the skin care space with lotions, serums, moisturizers, and anti-aging products. While the personal items include deodorants, toothpaste, hair care products like shampoos, styling gels; and also  personal style items such as jewelry, clothing, footwear.

Products can be classified according to gender preferences and they also have kids sections and wear! This is why Avon Representatives offer a wide range of choices to its customers. 

Unlike any MLM products, their products actually have good reviews and affordable prices. This is one of the reasons why a lot of middle-wage earners actually use Avon products. 


Since most of their products involve skin which is generally sensitive, it also pays to check whether they are safe to use and does not harm its users. Most of the users respond that the products are actually working for them. 

Research Center

The continuous improvement of the Company can be traced in their own Avon Research & Development Center in New York. The scientists and researchers in their team focus on the cosmetic and beauty products that they sell.

Lipstick is the best-seller that they have which are specially formulated by their company. 


Not an easy job

There are women who are actually earning and making thousands of money but that is because they also worked 24/7 to reach the top. They did not have it on the onset but their business grew in the long run. 

Great Competition

Though their credibility is hard to question, their 130 years of existence there are also a lot of existing retailers worldwide. Depending on where you live, most likely there are already a lot of distributors or representatives.

This makes your place oversaturated with Avon Representatives and will make it harder for you to get loyal customers.

Limited Customized Portal

Avon will provide you with your own portal where your customers can also order. However, the websites look the same and you cannot actually customize it according to your preferences.

The problem with the general interface is that it decreases your authority in search engines. This could mean that it would be difficult for you to be on the first page of Google. This is also important because you are building your platform and competing with millions of users. 

Traditional Promotions and Recruitment

The business relies on the traditional method of promotions which includes raffles, samples and home parties to recruit. There are no new ways of sales or marketing tactics. 

Gaining income also comes heavily from recruiting representatives in your team. This is the trademark of MLM.


Their largest manufacturing site, the Chinese division, was accused of bribery. It faced a $135 million settlement. Another one is the animal testing issue that was handled by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).


Longevity in the Industry

MLM has problems when it comes to sustainability and staying in the growth line. But Avon was able to sustain and be made its way to  the leading companies in the business. And we are not simply talking about decades but more than a century of existence! 

This makes it hard for us to question their credibility.

Low start-up costs

Once you join them, just have to avail the $25 product pack which really equates to more or less $80 in retail value. There are also available resources to choose from, like kits at higher price points which costs $50 and $100. The advantage of this is it will really give you a big start! 

Living the boss life

As an Avon representative all you have to do is plot out your own schedule according to what works for you. Most of the Avon Representatives are actually full-time moms, this is why this kind of arrangement allows them to give a sense of fulfilment of still working.

No one tells you what to do and when to do it. You are literally the boss!

Great Commission

Generally, you should have $500 worth of sales to qualify for a 40% commission which is usually 20%. But in the KickStart Program,  new Avon Reps are given the privilege to automatically receive a 40% sales commission right from the start of their business. 

This increases the retention of their new representatives and keeps on going for a long time. 

Not just that, Avon’s commission percentage also reaches 50 percent based on the volume of your sales. For example, reaching the “President’s Club” level within the company allows you to earn the 50% commission.

This is true and is generous for multi-level marketing business

Best Alternative!

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Where can you start doing this?

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Is it different from MLM?

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Here are some important differences that you need to take note of:

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  1. Face to face selling is not required

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  1. Passive Income

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  1. Recruitment is not needed!

For MLM you really need to recruit to make some more income which is even harder for a saturated market.

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  1. Inclusives

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