Fact-Check: Is iProfit a Scam?

People sometimes get scammed because they are blinded by the fast money that they earn through the products sold online. This is rampant in online jobs especially when it comes to marketing. 

You earn money when people buy your product. So, you aim is to make them go to your website and buy through your link. It is easier said than done. Marketing is really hard work and proper community.

iProfit is one of the newest brands that claims to give you a high profit when you use their item.

Reviews about softwares and products that promise fast cash must be read and you must learn from those who have put it to test. 

iProfit Review Summary

Product Name: iProfit

Product Type:Traffic generator

Creator: Billy Darr, David Kirby, and Justin Opay

Summary: iProfit is a new traffic generator software that promises you to drive traffic into your page for free and create money instantly in just 48 seconds! It is also a page builder and calls your page, the “money page”.

Price: Front-end: $22.95 plus Upsells

Best For: Website traffic

Rating: 2 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is iProfit?

iProfit is a new traffic generator software that promises you to drive traffic into your page for free and create money instantly in just 48 seconds! It is also a page builder and calls your page, the “money page”.

This is created by a team headed by Billy Darr, David Kirby, and Justin Opay.

It is worth $22.95 for the front-end plus Upsells. It is applicable to any kind of niche!

How does it work?

For this to work, you have to connect your Blogger, Twitter, Livejournal, Instapaper and your social accounts. After that, their software will post your page to the provided accounts. 

They also offer training with their product.

It seems as easy as what they have promised! But let us look at each item that is included when you purchase their product.


One of the disadvantages of having things for free are the unending OTO that you have to purchase in order to access and use most of the tools that you will be needing.

You might think that there is no risk because of the money back guarantee, believing that if you might not like it then you can easily give it back and get your money back as well.

But is this always the case? Not for the users that tried upgrading and purchasing their OTO. Here is a price list of their upsells that you might want to see.

  • OTO #1 – Ultimate Edition – $67

You will be able to create and build unlimited money pages. There are also additional features, tools and more training videos.

  • OTO #2 – Emerald Edition – $47

An additional scheduling feature is included in this edition. THe agency is also updated with more video training.

  • OTO #3 – Sapphire Edition – $47

This one includes up to 23 video tutorials with e-materials and ebooks. 

  • OTO #4 – Luxury Edition – $47

You can sell the entire product of the iProfit including its funnel and you get the full amount of the sales or profit.

  • OTO # 5 – Pink Diamond Edition – $197

The creators will custom your own funnel for you.


If you are going to check their sales page, they also provide a training that is worth $297. However for those who have undergone and checked their training, their reviews are not quite good. 

They said that they do not really put anything informative in the videos. Upon purchase, you will be getting five training videos that teaches you the following:

  • How the Software Works
  • How to Find Hot Offers
  • How to Build Bonus Pages Using the Software Around those offers
  • How to Get Traffic to Your Bonus Pages

But these are only 2-4 minutes of “training videos” and they do not tell much of how exactly it works and what are the mechanisms behind it.  

In my opinion, these kinds of foundational information cannot be summarized in a comprehensive way within the said minutes. Since they tagged it as a training, they are lacking in this part. All that they say is already stated in the sales page. 

And may be for this reason that you will be drawn into the upsells and upgrades which include numerous video training and ebooks.


The founders are actually known in the industry but they have a poor track record. In one of articles that I’ve read, they products are rated as substandard and 


Most of the reviews that you will see in the google results are all good things about the product but with the aim of selling the product through affiliate links. These are not honest reviews but only a reiteration of what is already explained in the sales page.


There is no need for content creation. All you need is to do some clicks for the posting of your money page to your social and professional accounts. One of the problems of automated tools and systems is the possibility of bots and traces of backlinks.

It is never a good record when google sees that you are flooding the space with your links and promotions. This will badly hurt your Page Domain and Authority, and also the brand that you are trying to build.

How Affiliate Marketing Really Works

When it comes to succeeding in Affiliate Marketing, taking shorcuts is not the way! Easy money is not always worth it and so are also the things that promise giving you that cash.

The reality in Affiliate Marketing, if you are going to check it, you need to have the right system to start with. Starting the business is very crucial because you are laying down your business’s foundation.

The marketing platform is really promising that is why a lot of scammers are also taking advantage of this opportunity especially to those who do not know any better. 

If you still want to go through the Affiliate Marketing Business then it is also important that you are able to find a trust Affiliate Network who will help and guide you in growing your business. 

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the TRUSTED and LEGITIMATE Affiliate Networks who helped millions of Affiliates succeed in their field.

This is also  why it is so great to have free sign-up successful programs online that are equally legitimate and successful as the paid one. It currently has millions of members and thousands being added weekly! Wondering why? Take a look at these freebies!

1. Free membership

You do not need to spend on anything to start with their training and in accessing the tools that you need. This is very helpful if you are starting or trying to build your business. Instead of paying for a lot of software, you can use those resources in other expenses where it is needed. You will save a lot and gain the same income through a Wealthy Affiliate!

2. Face to Face trainings

One of the advantages in Wealthy Affiliate is having face-to-face mentoring or training. You have access to videos and manuals that will teach and guide you in your online business. You get to ask questions real time and have a conversation with trainers.

This is more of an advantage rather than doing all the study yourself and figuring it out on your own. There is also a weekly webinar where you can learn up-to-date infos about the field or the market you are working on. Awesome!

3. Website Builder

Included in this platform is a website host and domain! It is very pricey to pay it on a different service. In Wealthy Affiliate, you can already have it in their package. They will also help you build and personalize according to your needs and market.

4. Research Tools (Keyword/SEO/etc.)

They do not simply ask you to click buttons to earn money but they will teach you skills that will help you contextualize your thoughts to your own niche and preferences.

Since SEO is a great determinant of your success here, they are also providing a research tool that computes the competitiveness of your keyword. Can’t think of anything? It is okay. It will also give good suggestions of high rank keywords for you!

5. 24/7 Technical and Community Support

iProfit does not mention that often about their community or their support for technicalities. This is very important specially if what they offer are purely and totally dependent on systems and codes!

What if something goes wrong? You do not have to wait for cue! You are welcomed by tech support 24/7. This will save you a lot of time and energy than waiting for another office hour to ask or figure out things by scrolling hours on the internet.

Another thing is the community within the program. You will not study the topics alone but you will also learn from other people who are also starting or are successful in the business. They are a very engaging, kind and active community.

6. Worldwide partnerships

Finding the right niche is very crucial and not easy. Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate because it already offers legitimate and successful affiliate programs! All you need to do is choose from their categories where your interests and likes fit. You choose from thousands of good programs.

So, why but something you can have for free? Check out Wealthy Affiliate and learn more!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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