What is Medifast Inc? (Things you need know!)

Thousands of MLM companies are rising and give very alluring testimonies of hundreds and millions of dollars income. Some people already learned from the pyramid schemes by reading reviews and legal verifications.

While some would choose to trust and justify joining the long-time running MLM companies. But are they more trustworthy than the news ones? Is that always the case?

Regardless of the length of the service of the company, it still pays to get to know any MLM company before you join them or better yet, find a better and safer industry where you can really start and grow a business that you can say you own.

In this article, we are going to dig some information and reviews about Medifast Inc.

Medifast Inc Review Summary

Product Name: Medifast Inc

Product Type: Multi-level Marketing

Creator: William Vitale

Summary: Medifast Inc is a famous American brand that focuses on nutrition and weight loss. Their main office is based in Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded by William Vitale in 1980. So, it is quite obvious that the company is running for decades now. 

Best For: Direct Selling

Rating: 2 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is Medifast Inc?

Medifast Inc is a famous American brand that focuses on nutrition and weight loss. Their main office is based in Baltimore, Maryland. It was founded by William Vitale in 1980. So, it is quite obvious that the company is running for decades now. 

The founder is a medical doctor and his team is also composed of people from the medical field. Its first customers are doctors as well who prescribed the products to their patients.

As the time passed by, there has been a change in marketing strategies and it is no longer limited or restricted for doctors or medical personnel to sell the products. Thus, this name has become known in the industry of multi-level marketing which distributes and sells weight loss and other health related products. Their products are also seen in franchised weight loss clinics.

How do you earn with it?

There is no disclosure by the company on how much you actually earn with them and how to start working with them. But when you are going to visit their website, you can go to their career opportunities and inquire for the career opportunities including being a distributor.

There are also very minimal reviews when it comes to becoming a distributor of their products. But there are few reviews that says it is the most successful branch of Medifast Inc.

Nevertheless, I am still going to discuss some general points on how MLM operates and works on a foundational level.

Selling and Recruitment

Generally, when it comes to the MLM business model, the distributor gains income by getting commission from the products that they are able to sell and another commission from the sales of their downlines.

Yes, you need to recruit because this is where most of the earnings come from. You will have to create your team of downlines and train them as you have been trained.


The earning system or percentage of commission varies depending on the allotment of the company. Some give a new member 50% percentage which is generous enough while some have a lower and more complicated commission system.

This is one of the things that you should clarify when asking the company about becoming a distributor.

Quota and Products

There are starter kits, packages or the monthly set of products that YOU MUST BUY. This is your monthly quota. You get and order more if you are able to sell them in less than a month. Some companies have a system that gives bonus and discounts to distributors who are able to exceed their quota.


There are also training with most MLM companies. They basically teach you about the product and how to sell them. Most importantly, they teach you how to sell and recruit members in your team. 


Best Awards

With its decades of service, Medifast was acknowledged and awarded with different rankings and titles. It was part of Forbes’s Best Small Companies, Trustworthy Companies in America and many more. 


Though they claim to be growing in the area of MLM, it is still kind of shady for me because of their lack of disclosure to those who would like to join. It is one of the common rules for all that offer business opportunities to give a comprehensive summary or description of the offer. This is because hypes are misleading people into scams and waste of time and money. 


It is quite common for most MLM companies to face allegations, be sued and violate certain laws buy how they run their business. With Medifast, it was accused of defamation, violation of California Corporations Code, and unfair business practices.

Most reviews are focused on Medifast’s Take Shape for Life program. It is also an alleged Pyramid Scheme. These kinds of schemes are more focused on recruitment and you do not actually earn from the products and services.

When it comes to their products, they do not actually sell in the traditional market and in telemarketing. It grows through the MLM, which is explained by the minimal and quota products that the distributors must buy and sell on a regular basis.

To be fair with Medifast, these are mere allegations which are dismissed by the company and the court. 

False Advertisements

Medifast’s pharmaceutical partner was charged with a $3.7 million as a penalty for false advertising. They made false claims on their products and drastic weight loss descriptions. It was stated that their Medifast 5 & 1 Plan is a low-calorie diet and that consumers can lose up to 2-5 pounds in a week of using it. The claims lacked scientific basis or clinical basis which is a requirement for any medical claim.

But, what is the truth?

Why are business owners after the MLM business format? Some say that the business becomes less about the product and service but the opportunity of earning money from it. Some wouldn’t even like the product they sell yet they join because of the payment system and bonuses when you get to sell and recruit.

However, when the sellers hit the reality of it they realize it is not as easy as promised. Some become successful in doing the MLM business but not all flourishes. So, how would you know if this is for you? Is there an alternative for this?


There is a better alternative when it comes to business where you do not have to risk much of your money and you will actually get more returns. 

Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest growing online businesses. A lot of people in any age range are drawn into trying it and succeed! There are a lot of advantages that are within your reach once you start with this business.

It is simple and easy. There is no recruitment needed and there is no need to buy the products! You can be an affiliate of a certain merchant like Amazon. You just need a website to start with that will serve as a platform for you to promote their products.

Yes! You don’t have to drag yourself into selling the products you do not want! As long as you have good content and make people buy though your affiliate link, commissions will start to flow into your account. You also get to choose what kind of niche you want to concentrate on. For example, if you love cosmetics and skin cares you can focus on that niche!

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3. Website Builder

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4. Keyword research tool

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5. 24/7 Technical and Community Support

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6. Worldwide partnerships

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