WATCH OUT: AdvoCare Scam!

Most of the risks of online job seekers are the blinding fake testimonials for get-rich-quick schemes or promises of high earning. Going unchecked, these could bring you greater loss than the earning you are expecting.

There are also those who promises thousands of dollars of earnings once you join their team but actually is a pyramiding scheme that is all about the recruitment of people and not the sales.

It is important to research the companies and products that you want to join in before actually saying yes to them especially in the area of marketing and AdvoCare is one of the names you come across with when you search the internet.

We are going to dig some truths about AdvoCare and help you weigh the pros and cons so you can decide the best kind of business that fits you and your goals.

AdvoCare Review Summary

Product Name: AdvoCare

Product Type: Direct Selling/ Multi-Level Marketing

Creator: Charles Ragus

Summary: AdvoCare is a business that sells and distributes dietary supplement products and other health related products. It is also a Multi-Level Marketing MLM company that encourages people to join as a distributor and recruit team members.

Best For: Direct Selling/ Multi-Level Marketing

Rating: 2 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is AdvoCare?

AdvoCare is a business that sells and distributes dietary supplement products and other health related products. It is also a Multi-Level Marketing MLM company that encourages people to join as a distributor and recruit team members.

The name’s meaning is “Advocates who Care” and was founded by Charles Ragus, a former Herbalife distributor. The company started its operations last 1993. It became famous because of it had famous athletes and celebrities as endorsers and distributors.

It is headquartered in Plano, Texas. When it comes to their ratings and rankings, it received an A-plus a from Better Business Bureau. This means that it positively responds with customer complaints and reviews.

How does it work?

When you want to join AdvoCare, you will be either a customer or a distributor. You can see this information as soon as you enter and browse their website. If you are a customer the most likely you are a registered retail customer or a qualifier for a discount and a preferred customer.
Becoming a distributor means being involved in the business aspect of AdvoCare. This can serve as a business opportunity for individuals and have extra income.

You will have to but their products at 20 to 40 percent discount and you can sell them at a retail price to earn your own profit.
Their basic kit for the 24-Days Challenge costs around $250.

What are good things about AdvoCare?

Scientific and Medical Advisory

They claim that their formula-based products are proven to be effective science and nutrition. These are overseen by 8-member advisory and regulatory board. It is a group of medical doctors. In addition, they are also a member of the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

They do not have banned-products in their formulas and it is also regulated by the FDA. These accreditations somehow build the credibility and safety of the business and the product.

Longevity in the Industry

MLM has problems when it comes to sustainability and staying in the growth line. But AdvoCare was able to sustain and be made its way to the leading companies in the business. And we are not simply talking about years but decades of service in the industry.

This makes it hard for us to question their credibility.



Though it says it has complied to the requirements for regulatory on food and nutrition as well as the legal aspect of it, it has still proven that along the way AdvoCare turned out to be a pyramiding scheme.

Federal Trade Commission or FTC filed a case against AdvoCare and called it a pyramiding scheme. We all know that MLM companies sells and recruits distributors. But with AdvoCare, FTC said they swindled hundreds of thousands of their members and consumers.

In a legal MLM model, you get a commission from selling and from the sales of your downlines but this is not the case with AdvoCare. They give bonuses to their members not because they were able to sell but because they were able to recruit a lot of downlines and make them buy the products through the required packages. This is pushing new members to spend hundreds and thousands of their money for a business opportunity.

Low Income

They mention in their website that people could actually leave their work and go on full time business with them. This is how stable the business is promised to be but this is not how it turned out to be.

The complaints filed alleges the company that 72% of their distributors lost money and did not earn anything from the business. And another 18% only earned up to 250% a year! That was almost all of the active members did not benefit from the business opportunity offered.

Hard to Sell Products

Even before thinking of getting into this business you have to make sure that your niche is actually big. If you are going to look at it, your income should be able to sustain the expenses that come with the business.

You are going to pay for the sign-up and have a monthly purchase of their PP. If you do not have people to buy your product then it will really be hard for you to sell.

In addition, it will also be hard for you to recruit additional distributors for extra income or commission.

Growth of Income

The reality behind MLM marketing is that the person on the top of the training is the one really getting the highest form of income. If you are simply looking for a part time job, this can be helpful because you can actually earn.

However, if you want to start your own business and have a stable source of income then this is not the right thing for you.

LEGIT Affiliate Marketing and Real Income!

If you really want to make an extra income, then I think you should start looking for honest platforms. A business thrives even in challenges because of the trust they build with the customers and clients.

It will not hurt to put some efforts at first if you know that it will lead to a legit success after a while. This is the kind of work that Affiliate Marketing offers. It is being affiliated to a certain merchant and earn from them by promoting their products.

You get to choose which merchant you would like and what products to promote. There is freedom of choice as to what kind of niche you would want to target. You are not being dragged to something you do not want.

You get to tell people your own opinion and take on the products. You are not misleading them but giving them the facts about it! If people will buy through your affiliate link, then you will get a commission from it. It starts with hundred dollars for the first months and it will steadily grow. Good thing, you can earn without misleading people.

Affiliate Marketing has a simple business plan. You simply sign up in the existing affiliate programs of different big businesses and get an affiliate link where their customers can buy their products. Gaining income from this comes from the commission that you will get from the sales.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the well-known affiliate networks where you can actually start this kind of business. It has millions of members and thousands added weekly.

Unlike any other website, it is transparent in its information and they also have an online community where you can directly ask from their users.

There are a lot of benefits and advantages that you can get from the Wealthy Affiliate. Aside from the good things of working at home, there are freebies that you can get directly from it that will also directly benefit your platform!

Multiple Training

Wealthy Affiliate also offers different kinds of training to its users. Others only put in an e-book, cd or software, but for Wealthy Affiliate they make sure that they are giving one on one mentoring, webinars and conferences.

Their creators are also active and connected to its users. They are speakers and trainers in the events and training mentioned. 

Webinars are scheduled weekly and conferences are yearly depending on the announcement and circumstances. 

Tools Featured

Necessary tools like Website, Keyword, SEO and anything related to the field is also covered by Wealthy Affiliate. Even if you are not well-versed or tech savvy, this is still an opportunity for you to earn.

They are the website host for WordPress domains and they also give you Keyword tools to help you boost your blogging and drive traffic to your website.

Explanation and demonstration of the mentioned tools are included in the training.

24/7 Technical Support and Community 

Most of the complaints that other websites get is that their users cannot take a hold of them when they have questions or problems. This is also one of the reasons why people tend to think that a certain service is a scam or fraud.

For Wealthy Affiliate, their technical support is ready to guide you 24/7. If you have queries or issues to their services then you can directly contact and get your answer immediately from their team.

If your problem is more on how the business works then you can ask and learn from the people in the community who have already tried and succeeded in the field. You can access their forums and discussions on the website.

There are also legitimate testimonials from the members and users of Wealthy Affiliate. These can be proven by the websites of its users and the kind of training that they give. They do not trap people into spam or fraud but teach its affiliates on how to properly promote products.

These are just some of the various benefits that Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out and start earning now!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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