Review: Is Gigicup A Scam, Or Is It Recommended? Review: Is Gigicup A Scam, Or Is It Recommended? came to us a few weeks ago, and when we looked at it, we added it to our list of possible scam websites. The main reason being that they seemed to give a bogus address, were using three different email addresses, and (when we reviewed it), they seemed to have everything for the same price.

Recently (within the last day or so of posting this), we were asked again about this site, and so decided to take another look into it. We had unfortunately thought the site had gone down, but realized that we were going to the wrong domain (if we had known this, we would have reviewed this much sooner).

Is Gigicup a scam? That is the question that we hope to answer with this article. As you will soon see, we come to the conclusion that, while it may not be a scam, it also might not be a site that you want to purchase from. But we’re jumping ahead of ourselves.

What Is About?'s main page is a site that seems to sell beach clothes. Swimsuits, bikinis, and other swimwear can be found on this site. And what’s interesting is that Gigicup has a sale going on that everything is $9.90.

Discounts are common ways for a scammer to get someone to their site. They’ll offer something for a low price, and because it is often to go to be true, the person will buy it and get scammed. Of course, we’re not saying that Gigicup is a scam, but we’re just stating what we know.'s discounts

Because of the site looking similar to a scam site, we decided to investigate further as to what this site was, who was behind it, and if it was connected with anything else.

Email Address And Connecting The Dots

Email addresses will often tell a larger tale about something, especially if they are connected with other websites, or with some sort of fraudulent scheme.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case when we received an email address from But it did leave us a bit confused. associated with

The email we received seem to not have any connection with Gigicup. This made us even more skeptical, especially when the email address came from a site called But, we found something even more strange on’s Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy Mentions

For those who can’t see what the screenshot says above, the Privacy Policy on starts with! This is a little different than normal. Usually, a Privacy Policy will start with the companies name (like Gigicup) instead of another site.

So, we went to and checked it out. It was a site that had a similar layout to, but was selling dresses (among other things).’s pages, like the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, About Us, Delivery, etc, were nearly identical (if not exactly identical) with’s pages.

What’s even more stunning is that if you go to the end of the Privacy Policy (both on Gigicup’s and Sotita’s), you find another email address that comes from a completely different domain!

Email Address On The Privacy PolicyEnter And

The email address we found on the Privacy Policy went to a site called, which was also selling swimwear at $9.90. Long story short, as we were searching around’s site, we found that they were connected to

Feel free to take a look at both of those sites, and you’ll notice something very interesting. Besides for the domain name, they appear to be exactly identical of each other! Now, maybe where you come from this is perfectly normal, but when we come across two different sites that are identical, it usually means you’re dealing with some sort of fraudulent website.

And here is where things get a little more confusing.

We decided to see just who was behind these two sites, and To do this, we quickly added some clothing to our cart, filled out all the info, and opened PayPal as the payment method. Up top, we saw just who we were paying to:

Micro Bee Limited

These sites are owned by a company named Micro Bee Limited. There really isn’t much found on the internet about them, but we were able to find that they were a registered business in Hong Kong.

Micro Bee Limited Info

Now, why is this so interesting?

If we do the same exact thing with, or, we come to find out that they actually are part of a different company name. They claim to be part of a company called YouMobi Co., Limited.

YouMobi Co, Limited On PayPal

Doing several searches on the internet doesn’t really reveal much about YouMobi Co., Limited. They do have a LinkedIn page, but it doesn’t seem like there is much that can be gleaned from it.

The question that arises from this is, why do these sites have two different company names? Why are these sites associated, but don’t appear to be part of the same business? There could be a possibility that Micro Bee Limited owns YouMobi Co., Limited (or vise-versa). But there isn’t anything to suggest that anywhere.

Similar Sites And A Review

We did some more poking around the internet, and found two other sites that appeared similar to They were and Both were extremely identical to Gigicup, with similar images, as well as the discount of $9.90

Also, one of the sites also mentions Gigicup in their About Us page (the other one does in search results, but doesn’t actually on their site, as it appears the About Us page seems to have been deleted).

That’s now about four sites that we have found that are similar to each other, as well as two other sites that are identical to themselves.

But we continued searching.
When we searched for reviews of, we found one review posted two days ago (as of writing this) from Trust Pilot, a popular place to leave reviews.
Now, you do need to understand that there has been sites that will go onto Trust Pilot and leave fake reviews to make certain sites look more popular. So we must always use Trust Pilot with caution.

Trust Pilot Review

The reviewer tells about how they made a purchase and their card was billed, but they never received any sort of tracking number, nor the product either.

They also mention the name of who billed them – Micro Bee Limited. Now, this is very important. They didn’t say that it was YouMobi Co,. Limited, which is what PayPal gave as the owner of The review says that it was actually the other company that owned those other sites ( and
This makes us think that the review is probably a real review and not something that was cobbled together by someone who just wanted Gigicup to have a bad review. Which means that probably shouldn’t be trusted.

Is A Scam?

So, with all of this information that we found, and our review of ending, what exactly do we think of Gigicup? Do we think it’s a scam?

We wouldn’t go so far as saying that it’s a scam. Maybe, just maybe, there really is a legit company out there called Micro Bee Limited, and they sell clothes, dresses, and swimwear. There is no evidence yet to suggest otherwise.

But, if we were the ones who had the choice to order from this site, we probably wouldn’t choose There are too many look-alike websites connected with The email addresses, while associated in some way, just don’t quite make sense with either.

Having multiple email addresses and multiple sites just doesn’t make this site, and the others, too legit in our mind. We won’t go so far as to say that they are a scam, but we personally wouldn’t recommend using them, nor trust them without further proof.

Fraud Is, Sadly, Always Around.

Whether or not Gigicup is a scam really isn’t the issue. The issue is that many times, sites aren’t what they claim to be.

In the online world, there are many ‘bad actors’ and scammers who want to take your money from you. Which is why we’re here to help.

We’ve created a video course on how to detect an online scam. We share our own methods on how to spot a scam, all without having to order something from the actual site.

We’re also pleased to offer our course for 50% off. If you have been scammed, or are worried about being scammed in the future, we would highly recommend that you check out our course today!

What about you? Have you used and did you purchase something? Did you receive it? Do you have other information about Gigicup? We would really love to hear about it. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and share it with us!

138 Replies to “ Review: Is Gigicup A Scam, Or Is It Recommended?”

  1. I placed my order with on Sunday, 4/14. I have not received any shipping information yet, but the website says it takes up to 5 business days to process the order. I will report back on Monday to let you know if I have heard anything.

      1. Placed my order on 3/26. Have not received it. Called the customer service number and it said not in service

        1. Sorry to hear that Michelle. We’ll have to update our update on this review, since it appears that it isn’t legit any more.

    1. I made my purchase April 6th, I emailed them yesterday through the “contact us” option on the website. No response yet but almost 2 weeks after I placed my order and still no shipping/tracking info & when I check status on the website it has my order #, how many items I purchased and that’s it and has a bar that stops at the number of items and the bar has not reached complete.. I feel like I should call my bank and dispute ????

      1. Thanks for letting us know Steph. I would recommend that you contact your bank, and see if there is anything they can do to get your money back. From the reviews and comments we’ve been getting, it seems like everyone has been scammed so far.


        1. Update: I had called my bank last week to tell them I never got my items….well today I got 1 of 3…but I’m not calling my bank till I get all 3 to reverse payment ? I never got a tracking #, no replies to emails, nothing to indicate my order was on the way. So I guess it’s like a Wish for bathing suits you pay cheap prices but you wait a looooonnnggg time to get your order and don’t get follow ups after you pay!

      2. I orderon april 8 2019 have the order number but i havent got a respond back i have email them but nothing no respond so sad…

        1. Sorry to hear about the Denise. Have you tried talking to the people that you made the purchase through (like your credit card issuer, or bank)? They may be able to help look into the issue, and see if you can get a refund for you money.

          Best of luck!

      3. It is exactly what happened to me! I ordered with “” some swuimsuits since June 2019, I claimed them and they replyed saying to excuse them and waint for 10 days more, since that time I am still waiting my order 🙁

    2. Just to give an update… after filing a claim with PayPal, GiGicup finally responded, but it hasn’t helped. They sent a tracking number, but not a page to track the number on. I tried it on several sites and all of them say invalid. I think it’s safe for you to move them to the “Scam” category.

      1. I purchased a swim suit on April 16th. I’ve emailed term twice. No response and no product.

        1. Same to me, sent two messages – got no reply, no tracking number even! had the same problem, with no tracking number, after 3 month now the site has gone away and isnt working and I havent got my oarcel yet.

  2. Hello! Well i like the information that you was able to pull up from, i Made 2 orders on the website and i just got a reply from them and they only information that they gave me was not to Worry Since the shipment take 12-21 days, the repply was from aftersales(@), on facebook we can find the page as chic Guided anda had several bad reviews and information that
    this is a SCAM and all the information from the comments are deleted, and now i’m block from the page too.

    1. Thanks for letting us know, Milena. I had found the Chic Guided page on Facebook, but never referred to it, because it didn’t seem to give any helpful insights on anything. I’ll have to go back and look at those reviews you were talk about. Thanks once again!


      1. Hey Andi today i finally recieved 1 of the 8 swimsuit from the 2 order that i place back in 04/12 , the swimsuit is really beautiful ??i really hope that the other arrive too.

  3. I ordered a swimsuit April 10th 2019. I was emailed with a order number and such but still havent received anything. Thankfully it was only $15 and not at $40 swimsuit!

    1. If the company is indeed from Hong Kong (and if we pretend to assume they are legit), you may need to wait two or so weeks before it arrives. Like my dad loves to say, it’s probably on the slow boat from China, and may take a while.

      Thanks for leaving a comment! It will be interesting to know if this really is a scam, or if they are legit.


    2. I haven’t ordered, but several of their images are stolen from other websites (cupshe was the brand that I noticed)

  4. we placed 6 items last 4/11, i received an order confirmation but no tracking number was included, i emailed them on how to track our order but theres no reply yet, and on my account states that the transaction was completef already.

    1. Sorry to hear that Tin. Have you tried going to the company your paid through (bank, credit card issuer, etc) and explained the situation? They may be able to help you get your money back.


  5. Hi
    I made a purchase on Apirl 8th and i contacted them through email and have not yet recieved a reply. 🙁 i knew it was too good to be true.

    1. Sorry to hear that Theva. Sometimes, we fall for internet scams. The best thing to do is learn from our mistakes and help others.


  6. I bought online from as well. I found it on my Facebook page, billed 109aed for the 3swimsuits. Order placed last April 14,2019; now it’s April 20,2019. I send them email back asking when my shipment be coming. But got no reply. Omg! It’s my first time to hear about an online shopping scam. Everything on this page was what I’ve experienced. Email for sotita, got billed from micro bee Lmtd. With tracking number but can’t track the number in their page.

    1. Sorry to hear about that. Thanks for letting us, and others know. Can you dispute this with your bank/credit card issuer (or however you paid)? There should be a way to get your money back, especially if you didn’t receive a product.


  7. OMG, i purchased 7 items from this site. I got suspicious when I saw that my order has been completed already, no tracking number or on process status whatsoever. I contacted them via email and got a response from telling me not to worry as the shipment will arrive usually between 12-23 days, and now their website is not accesible 🙁

    1. Hey Coko,

      Their site seems to still be up. Just make sure that you go put the www in front of (That’s what was happening with us a while back). Doing that should get you to the site.


    2. same happened to me. It is said complete also. I don’t know what does it mean, completed payment or completeed shipment..

      1. Just to update you guys, I receive via email tracking number (after multiple times of follow up)unfortunately as per Diana, (the lady I was emailing to )said that only two bathing suits have been shipped and the remaining 5 to be followed. She said that the 5 suits are best sellers and will take a while to be shipped. I placed an order in apr 14 fyi.. still waiting ???

      1. Placed an order on April 11 and nothing yet. I have sent them 4 emails already, but since found this,I won’t try to reach them anymore ?

  8. hey..
    I’m from Indonesia, & the same thing also happened to me.. Was ordering on 4/14/19 but after purchasing the are no email at all.. as I ever shop from out of the country before & I received an email directly after submit my purchase. I’ve emailed them in the “contact us” but no respons at all.. I’ve spent $27.9 & that time I just received email from the bank that I use for payment, nothing from gigicup.

      1. I’ve contact the bank, but they said if it is already paid, they can’t cancel it & get my money back.. that is my problem with the merchant, they said.. huuffhh..

          1. Compre el 14 de abril, se débito enseguida de mi tarjeta de crédito, nunca me mandaron el tracking number, he enviado algunos mails y no he recibido ninguna contestación. Cuando quiero ingresar a la cuenta q abrí en esa página me sale q mi password es incorrecto, luego reseteo mi password y no puedo ingresar y me contestan que ya llevo muchos intentos. Mi compra fue de $39. Ingrese por Gigicup y luego me llegaba el correo de confirmación de Yssdress. Y el débito de la tarjeta de crédito está como Micro bee limited.

  9. Yo realice una compra por 29,70 dólares, el pasado 14 de abril, me enviaron un correo agradeciendo la compra con un número de orden y los artículos que compre, hasta la fecha no e recibido ningún correo con el envío de los productos y les escribí tanto por correo electrónico como directo dentro de la mensajería contacto de su página, en la cual estoy registrada y puedo ver mi pedido que solo dice completado, más no da ninguna otra información!! Llamaré al banco el día de mañana para ver que pueden hacer por mi, realmente si esto se trata de una estafa hay que hacer denuncias porque aunq son montos relativamente pequeños de uno en uno suman quizás millones, ya que por lo que e revisado publican tanto por Instagram como por face book y hacen supuestas ventas a nivel mundial!

    1. Thanks for letting us know Carolina. It is true that everyone should spread the word that this (and other sites like it) are scams, and shouldn’t be trusted. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


      1. I have ordered a couple of things from China before. After 2 weeks of hearing nothing, I usually get scared. What I have come to realize is that if you order from places like China and you live in the US, the orders can usually take a month or a little longer to actually come in. I’m not saying this place may not be a scam, but from my experience, give the orders at least a month.

        1. Thanks for the tip Ella. It does make sense. Though in this particular case, I still don’t like them being connected to so many websites, and how they have two different business names.

  10. I purchased 2 dresses for 57usd from on the 8th of April and up to date no shipping and tracking information. This site is a scam

  11. I ordered 2 items in last April 11,2019 but never received anything until now. Still waiting for their response. ?

  12. I ordered 3 items from on april 14th. I was already charged. I did get an email from them because I forgot to write my zip code so I replayed and they gave me a tracking number (but not a word about where can I track it) and that my order will be sent in 4-5 days. its now 10 days after and nothing. on their website it says that my order is “processing”, and the email I got is from aftersales(@)
    Sent them an email again and tried to contact them through the website. will wait for an answer. That’s the first time I buy clothes online 🙁

    1. Hope you get a response Anni, but unfortunately, it’s doubtful you will. Sorry to hear that this was your first online purchase of clothes. Hopefully the next time you order from somewhere you have a completely different experience.


  13. Hello
    So i ordered on the 7th of April, and i still haven’t heard anything from the company! I informed paypal and they are busy investing at the moment but its also interesting to see the company using different names on instagram and facebook with the same link to gigicup! This company is so dodgy and i hope paypal can get my money back! I also hope that someone can stop people like this from taking innocent peoples money! I will definitely be more careful in the future with ordering anything online!

  14. I ordered on 4/11/19 and experienced basically the same scenario as all other comments. Charged immediately by Micro Bee; no follow-up info; reached out several times with no response; etc.

    I saw the one comment where someone said they received their order – has anyone actually received their order from GIGICup or the associated sites? If it’s just a poorly run company that will get me a product late then I may not be ready to dispute my payment just yet – fingers crossed!

    1. Hey Kinsey,

      I’m not sure if anyone has gotten anything. We did receive one comment that they received it, but I never heard back from them. So I’m not sure how legitimate it is. And while there is one comment of someone getting what they ordered, there are a ton more comments of people not getting the product. So I personally would recommend opening a dispute. But it’s up to you.


  15. I ordered from gigicup april 10 and received a confirmation email, they got their payment and since i havent received any more emails, have written them 3 mails and still no response. its a total scam! my bank wont give me back the money, lucky for me it was only $ 29.00. I feel so stupid!

  16. Guilty here on my first time shopping because of an add I saw online. I received a tracking number and have sent followup emails without reply. Was billed by Micro Bee. When I went again to the site, “contact us link”the email teply I got was from ? written with grammatical errors and it was a generic reply that had a chart and said merchandise could take up to 23 days to be shipped. I tried calling the phone number, 555 just like the movies, not real. The “store”address is in London, also fake.

  17. I did receive a confirmation. Order number. I have sent two. Emails with no reply. I went to the page again and wrote to them, reply came from Reviews of the products are taken from Phone is fake and also the store address. Was billed by Micro Bee. Email was a chart and also said processing could take up to 23 days before shipping. No contact number….

  18. I ordered from Gigicup on 4/4/19, haven’t received my order yet. When I contacted them through their website I got no response. So I decided to use the email address on the PayPal confirmation I had received and I actually got a reply. This was the email reply….

    Thanks for your purchasing.
    This is our hot sale product, the prepare time maybe a little long.
    Could you please wait about 3 days? One of the item in your order is on the way to our warehouse.
    May we know is it OK for you to take it first and we send the other items to you later?
    Waiting for your kindly reply,

    I replied right away, but no response from them almost a week later. I’m probably going to put in a claim with PayPal.

    1. This is actually fascinating, Christee. You From what you wrote above, they said their name was Diana – is there a coincidence that the only comment we received on our site was from someone named Diana (and she never replied to the follow-up questions I asked)?

      Out of curiosity, do you mind sharing the email address that was on the PayPal confirmation?

  19. I placed 2 orders at for swimwear on April 11, 2019. Each piece was advertised for US $14.90. US $149.00 was charged to my credit card for the first 10 items then just under US $30.00 for the additional 2 items. I received an email confirmation of the orders from . The following day I discovered that the same pieces were advertised on GIGICUP for US $9.90 each. I tried creating an account at but received a message that the email address was already registered (because I used that email address to register at So I created the account at using a second email address. I then received an email from Heba Stun asking whether I still wanted the order placed on I confirmed the order but asked for the lower price offered at I was then advised that the price quoted at each website cannot be changed. They however offered to cancel my order at I requested that only the first order for 10 pieces at be canceled. On April 22 I received an email confirming cancellation of the first order from for 10 items. I was told that I will immediately receive a refund of US $149, but it may take up to one week. I was pleasantly surprised that the full amount of US $149 was indeed refunded to my account today April 30, 2019. Meanwhile on April 23 I ordered 9 items from An additional amount of US $89 was charged to my card. They advised me today by email that only 1 of the 2 items from my second order at tianabuy was in stock and asked whether they should ship that 1 item and cancel the second item that was out of stock. I confirmed the cancellation of second item. They also advised me yesterday April 29 that they are still preparing my gigicup order but some items are not in the warehouse as yet. While I am yet to receive confirmation that the 9 items from gigicup and 1 item from tianabuy have been shipped, I am relieved that the amount of US $149 charged for 10 items from tianabuy was refunded within the 7 days period as promised. All charges for the 3 orders placed by me from tianabuy and gigicup (21 items total) were from Micro Bee Limited. All email communication regarding my gigicup and tianabuy orders were sent from the same email account Heba Stun , signed by ‘Diana’ ‘Lyn’ and ‘Melody’. Hope this is helpful. I will update further.

      1. Andy, I am pleased to report that I received last week 1 of the 2 items placed at tianabuy (same gigicup folks). They promised to ship the second item soon or cancel if I so request. I also placed a second order for 9 items through gigicup. They sent me a tracking number to show that 5 of the 9 items were shipped early this
        week. They again promised me a refund for the 5 items in 7
        days. I did receive a refund in April for 10 items placed though tianabuy. In essence their customer service is poor. Delivery takes forever but the quality of the product when received is good. The bottom line is that there are other legitimate sites like shein that offer the same kind of swimwear at similar or better prices. No need to go through the stress with gigicup.

        1. In fairness to the company I’m pleased to report that I received an additional 4 swimwear today. That brings a total delivery of 5 items of the 11 items placed with gigicup and tianabuy (same company because they merged my accounts). I’m sorry I can’t upload pics of the products received. I requested cancellation and refund for the 6 items that have not yet been shipped. They are legitimate but take forever to process orders because the products are not available at time of order. It appears that the items are produced after an order is placed. Then they ship in several batches depending on size of order. This is unlike Shein. I ordered several swimwear from Shein recently at less than US$10 each after discount. All the items were shipped by Shein within 2 days without the hassle of several emails.

  20. I wish I would have found out this website was a scam before purchasing. This website YssDress came up as an ad on Instagram and after purchasing from them yesterday something seemed fishy. I never got an email confirmation and like others said, it was charged by Micro Bee. So, I began to research and look around and found that the website was suspicious. Some of the links on the website like privacy policy and returns and exchanges, don’t work. I then looked more closely at the reviews for the clothing on the site and saw that some were dated in the year of 1970! Then I noticed that one of the reviews said something about cupshe. I found a website called cupshe that sold the exact same things but at a higher price. Not only that, the review on the bathing suits were the exact same ones as the ones on yssdress. Basically, they took the reviews and pictures from cupshe, which I believe is a legitimate website. I also found a facebook page, named CHIC GUIDED, that I believe belongs to Gigicup and is deleting any negative comments people are posting about them on their posts. I think that there are a lot of small websites with different names that are all part of this scam. Also it no longer works to email the email contact they have on their website. I don’t get why someone would do this 🙁 This all definitely yells Scam, wish I would’ve noticed before purchasing.

    1. UPDATE:
      Two out of three bathing suits arrived today!( took about 22 days). I did receive a delivery notification email five days ago saying the items shipped, but I didn’t actually think they would. The email said that if you ordered more than one items it will be separated in two packages. So I will see if the last swimsuit will ever arrive. Also I thought I never received a confirmation email, but I did, it was just in my spam folder. It also looks like they fixed their website on yssdress, because the links actually work now. The swimsuits are pretty good quality, however I won’t be buying from this site again.

  21. Just thought this might interest you– I did receive a swimsuit that I bought from this website. It took about 1 month to arrive (I’m in the US), and they never responded to multiple emails about the status of the order, and this is definitely a scammy website. But apparently there is something semi-legit about it.

    1. Really? Can you provide with some more details about it? Who was the sender? Did you take pictures of the parcel prior to open it?
      I think by now you’re the only person claiming to have received your order (apart from that Diana -who sounds fishy…-).

      1. I am also curious about the quality and sizing of the product? did it run small like stuff from Asia tends to? or was it accurate to their sizing charts? I really wanted to order from this site, but I’m very concerned about it.

      2. I received 1 of the 8 swimsuit that i order back in 4/12 and they didnt send any type of tracking, package came from China

  22. Too bad I didn’t found this page before I spend 70$ on it! What a thieves… I ordered at April 4, 2019 and got no answers whatsoever… Hope one way or another this people pay for what they do!

  23. Placed order April 10 immediately got a confirmation email. As time went on I got worried after reading all the comments so I sent GIGICUP an email with no response. I escalated a claim on paypal and they immediately began responding. They gave me a tracking number but it never worked. They finally responded to paypal yesterday and gave me a legit tracking number. It says my package is in NJ at the moment so we shall see how this turns out in a few days!

  24. I have purchased ten swimsuits on around 8 April. Once i have purchased i also found the website was suspicious and did all those things you did before, checked everything about this company. And yes, that why im pretty sure it is a scam.

    They did replied my email on and off. First person said that wanted to confirm my quantity of my order, oh well. After a few days someone sent me a tracking number which I couldn’t see any shipping info, then they said before 5 of 10 items I bought were of out stock so they could send me the 5 first. I replied the email saying i would get the 5 and the rest of them i would make a cancellation. And what so funny is, after a few days again they said i have 2 in stock and the rest they would send later (What?) from this point, I definitely know they wanted to delay everything until the 60 days after I purchased finished. The 60 days means the customers could ask the credit card company to make a refund if the company found it is a scam. So Guys!!!! Please fill the form of your credit card within 60 after purchasing!!!! There is still chance to get back the money!!!!!!!

    1. this is an update of my order:

      Today I finally got my TWO out of TEN swimswears….
      well…however I still dont know where are the 8 out of 10 have gone…

  25. I just placed an order yesterday! No way I didn’t try to first search on the internet wheter the website was safe or not… I feel so ashamed now…
    After reading all your comments, I guess the only thing I can do is open a dispute through Paypal about it, but I guess I should wait some days until I can claim the items as unsent?
    The thing is that I haven’t received an email confirmation of the order from Gigicup, only the $30 paypal payment with the order details…

    1. Hey Alice,

      Waiting a few day might not be a bad idea, though from the comments we’ve received, you might get a ‘tracking order’ by then – I don’t know if that would make it any harder to dispute it on PayPal. But I don’t think waiting a few days is going to hurt anything.

      1. After writting them to
        “Dear Alice,

        Thanks for your letter, we are sorry to keep you waiting, your order will be shipped out within 7 days, because it is our hot sales product, so we spend more days to prepare your order, please understand.

        Any problems, please feel free to contact us .

        Have a nice day !


  26. So I’d also like to share my experience with this website. I placed an order on their website on April 5, 2019. I ordered 3 swimsuits because of the “great” and “limited” deal they were having (newsflash: their “sale” is happening all the time ;)). Because I ordered 3 swimsuits I got free shipping. Here’s the catch — there is no estimated shipping /delivery date for free shipping because they don’t tell you what type of package it’s coming in (very sketchy). About a week later I received an email saying: “Your GIGICUP Order NO. (my order number) has been shipped by ePacket, tracking number is (my very short tracking number). Please allow a few days for shipping. You can track your order at corresponding official website.” Nothing else– no “corresponding website” to track it on, and to this date, the tracking number has not updated on the USPS website. So I checked on how long ePackets take to ship on their website and it’s about 12-20 days. Lies.

    I received another email from them on April 25, giving me another, longer tracking number that actually processed in the USPS system. However, by this date, I should have already received all of my swimsuits. So, I sent an email to the customer support email and did receive my answer within 48 hours, as promised. However, this email was not very professional. I have copied and pasted this email word for word– spelling errors and all:

    “Hi Dear,

    Thanks for choosing GIGICUP.

    Please kindly noted that we had seprated your order into 2 packages cuz some itmes you ordered are out of stock now. One package was shipped out already, you would get them in 10- 15 working days. The rest items will be sent in 7 days.

    Try (in stock) URL: if you could not wait so long, the rest items can be replaced as you required.

    Any request, please feel free to contact us.”

    This was on May 2. Funny thing is, my friend (who also ordered from this website one day before me) received the EXACT same email verbatim. So they really aren’t paying that much attention to what you are saying to them.

    Today, May 7, I finally got one of my swimsuits that happened to be in the “faster ship” section. So, not a total scam, I got at least one of my products, but I have no clue where my others are, and will not be ordering from them again.

    1. Interesting. Thanks for sharing Megan. I wonder if they are doing this so that you can’t dispute the others that don’t come. Say for example, the other two swimsuits don’t arrive – Because you received one, it may be harder to open a complaint against them. So like you said, it’s not a total scam – that is, if you only order one product from them.


      1. Same thing happend to me. I have ordered 7 swimsuits in total, they shipped only 2 swimsuits and the rest are to be followed. Their reason for the delay is that the remaining are best sellers so it will take a while to be released from the warehouse. I will probably receive the two, but 50/50 on the other 5 suits ??

    2. I HAVE FINALLY RECEIVED MY SWIMSUITS! On June 13 I went to check the mail and was pleasantly surprised to find a package with my other 2 remaining swimsuits in it. Unfortunately, they didn’t fit the way that I wanted them to, but to those who are still waiting, just have some patience. I waited over two months for mine, but they did come.

  27. Hi Megan.
    Thanks for sharing. I’m used to order from Chinese shops at Aliexpress and ePacket is a valid option and it usually takes 20 or up to 40 days to arrive depending on the transit.
    The thing is, will you get the other 2 swimsuits? I also ordered 3 items due to the free shipping costs, so hoping to get mine also…

    1. Hey Alice! I received another more professional looking email today also from customer support essentially saying the same thing, without the mistakes. So emailed them back and asked them about the out of stock items, and if I’ll every get them. I’ll keep this updated to see what they say…

  28. I am absolutely shocked to be saying this…. but I got my swimsuits today! As it turns out, they are not a scam, they are just the most poorly run company ever. It took a month, there was terrible communication, and zero customer service, but… the swimsuits are really nice, exactly what I ordered and true to size. For everyone who ordered, just try to be patient.

    1. Interesting. Thanks for letting us know about this Heidi. We’ll have to update our page at some point if enough people have the similar story (not that we don’t believe you, but there is more power in multiple testimonies). Never-the-less, it’s good to know that you got everything, even if it did take a while.


      1. After contacting the company on my PayPal statement , they finally sent an order but it was wrong and now they are ghosting me. Rip off. Crappy product as well. They must have randomly chosen one of them, the others have rotten elastic. I’m going to try to deal with them again through PayPal .

      2. Placed an order and now micro bee is charging the account multiple charges. Will be disputing with the bank. Seems like a scam

        1. Sorry to hear about that Amber. We’ll just have to continue to monitor this site, and see whether it is indeed legit or not.

  29. I ordered from GiGiCup just yesterday (5/9/19) and after reading all these review am wishing I hadn’t. I’m a little nervous. My friends and I did a total of 4 swimsuits on one order. I thought it was strange that tax didn’t get applied and that I didn’t receive an email after I placed the order. I get on to go look at the order today, and their website is down for maintenance. I feel like that’s a little concerning. Guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  30. También hice una compra el 24 de abril, me hicieron el cobro a Micro Bee, no he recibido la mercancía. Escribí un email y me contestaron que dos de los ítem están out of stock que sólo había uno y que lo hija a estar recibiendo. Hace unos días recibo otro email de ellos indicando que puedo entrar y cambiar los ítem no disponibles para enviarmelos. Cuando entró al enlace es en japonés el idioma, obvio no puedo hacer nada. ?

  31. Wish I had read this article first. All of the comments mirror my own experience. Placed an order April 18th, sent 2 emails and still nothing from them. I’m hoping the bathing suits show up in time for summer. I will be very sad if they don’t show up at all. It took a lot of time and browsing to find ones I liked. Oh well. My own fault.

    Th ke fkr the review guys

  32. I placed an order on April 27, got right away a confirmation email and then nothing up until 2 days ago that i decided to send an email to them. They responded on the same day giving me a tracking number saying that one item was shipped, one was to be shipped in 3-7 days and one was out of stock and i could replace it or wait longer (my order was for 3). I emailed them back with an alternative item and they again answered a few hours later saying they had updated my order. They were polite and quick to answer but after reading all the comments on the website i’m quite worried (and curious) about the outcome… Well fingers crossed and i’ll give an update if i have any news (probably in at least a month, from the looks of it)

    1. I got the same email. 3 items ordered, 1 shipped, 1 out of stock and 1 to be sent in 7 days… They provided a tracking numbers but who knows…

  33. Placed an order on April 19th, emailed for update no response. Showed up as the youmobi on my bank statement

  34. I received 1 of my bathing suits I ordered on April 9th still waiting on the other 4 but I’m happy I received 1 for now. Maybe this site is not a scam and it actually just takes a long time for orders to come.

    1. I made an order on Apr 7 and after constantly threatening with canceling the order through PayPal, in a miraculous way they contact me but just send me part of the order. I’m still dealing with this terrible situation they suck! Sorry ? for my French ?.

  35. I just ordered a bathing suit from them about five days ago and I still haven’t had an email saying they have sent it
    But they did take my money So
    Anyways I made a comment about where is my bathing suit
    They messaged me back and said it’s on back order and it will be shipped when they get it …
    So of course they sent me an email and tell me to contact them
    So I do that and here is where I am reading all of this ….
    So now my question is how do I get my money back or do I even get my bathing suit ????
    I don’t even know where to go
    I can’t even get a 1 800 number to talk to someone ..

    1. Hey Kim, it appears that much of this is being shipped from China, so it takes about a month or so to get your bathing suit. we haven’t gotten enough comments saying that this is the case for everyone, but there is one (possibly two) here that have gotten something. So you can either wait, or try to get your money back by going to the people you paid through (credit-card, bank, etc).


      1. I had a similar experience. Reported 5-7 business days to process the order then 7-18 to ship or some such thing. Emailed back to my order confirmation saying that they are a whole sale company and sometimes it takes a long time to process the order. Order placed beginning of May. Received 1/3 beginning of June. Never received tracking info until following up with them again 2 weeks ago.. again last week. I was sent some shipping details then. Yesterday June 24th I received 2/3 to complete my order. The deal was great suits are decent quality but it took forever. All return addresses were to China.

  36. I ordered my swim suits on April 6th and the website said could take up to 21 business days. Today was the 20th business day and there my bathing suits were in the mail. I think it’s just taking longer to get here because one it’s coming from China but two it’s a new website and probably got a lot of orders very quickly. Website is not a scam and bathing suits seem to be good quality.

  37. I ordered on April 20th and FINALLY got a good tracking number. After several attempts at trying to get someone to answer me. I finally made a claim through paypal regarding the issue and got like three different people from gigicup reach out to me about 1-3 days later after I did (all on different days) with a tracking number. So hopefully I will get mine soon as well. Tracking says that it’s in the US as of yesterday.

  38. I’ve placed an order with their website on the 7th of April, as of late I’ve received 3 items out of 11. They claim that they need to take time to process the order but upon checking the website, a lot of their items have been pulled down. I then found another website with all the same products at the same price range but with different emails.
    I would say they’re 50% scammy, will update if I ever receive the other items.

    1. Lol. 50% scammy. I like that. Yeah, the more comments we receive, the more ‘unknown’ Gigicup is. I’m going to have to update my ‘update’ soon, ha-ha.

  39. I order from this site on 4/30/2019, have yet to receive any products or tracking information after I have sent 2 request to their “customer service” for the information nearly a month later.
    “I would appreciate that you will please arrange to have these items expedited to me as it has now been a total of 12 business days since purchasing the items.
    ( An ENTIRE business week passed the 3-7 business days)
    These were purchased with the intent of taking on vacation I have scheduled for next week. I need to have these items no later than Monday 5/20/2019.
    I would also appreciate tracking information for these items as well, thank you!’
    Their response was “We have received your order and will arrange delivery for you as soon as possible, the items would be sent out in 3-7 days cuz they are on the way to our warehouse. Have a nice day!-Anna514” sent from Heba Stun
    The company information listed on my paypal transaction is Youmobi Co., Limited, clearly NOT A SINGLE thing adds up to this “gigicup website.
    The correspondence with this “company” is apparent they are running a scam. (The correspondence clearly shows use of improper language/ slang and multiple names used through out the email. ) They have not delivered the products I purchased and are refusing to provide tracking & shipment details about this purchase. I cannot get any customer service number to speak with a person on their behalf. I have filed a dispute and asked paypal to remove this transaction and my money refunded.

    1. Hey Zoe,

      Thanks for letting us know. We’ll have to update our review at some point to reflect this, and dig a little deeper into the comments and who left them. Thanks for leaving this information!

  40. I have purchased a swim suit on April 4 and today is May 18 and I received nothing. Neither an email confirming my purchase or anything. Only a message from the bank telling me that for how much I paid and there was no GIGICUP mentioned only what’s called Micro Bee. I paid a lot for that and I which I can get my money back ?

    1. Sorry to hear that Merna – have you tried going to your credit card issuer yet and seeing if they can explain the situation?

  41. I did place an order of 3 swimsuits on 8th April, till now nothing arrived, say it is processing… I paid with paypal, do you think I can get my money back?
    Thank you

      1. I did, and I sent a message through paypal they sent the tracking number, for 2 swimsuits of 3 that I ordered, I have till 7th of June to claim for paypal if doesn’t arrive until there I will do it. The 3rd swimsuit they said I had to wait longer or choose another one as is out of stock, so I chose another one and they said they would send it today. I asked for another tracking number, let’s see, but apparently I will receive my swimsuits, even if take 2 months, fingers crossed 🙂

  42. I received my package yesterday! Although it took for a month for me to get the package, I think I’m still lucky to receive it. During a month waiting, their aftersales support sales mail me constantly to check the address and the name. Every time I mail to them, they respond soon. Yet, if you ask me will I buy this website again? My answer is no. I was nervous that I got scammed like all the others, but thank god that I didn’t.
    BTW, the package was sent from China, not the U.S.
    Hope this message will help others.

  43. I finally received my GiGiCup swim suit and I love it! It fits perfectly. It took about 2 months and the company doesn’t respond to email..or phone. But I got the swim suit and it’s great.

  44. i recieved 1 swimsuit i ordered from 2 months ago. i’m still hoping to get the 3 more swimsuit that i purchased.

  45. hello. i ordered 3 swimsuit and only one came 18/05/19.When will the other two be sent? order id#101135438

    1. We honestly don’t know. Some have received their stuff, and others haven’t received everything. If you are lucky, it will arrive at some point. But it’s hard to say when exactly it will appear.

      1. Same here – ordered 3 received 1. Maybe they are kind to those who make “large” orders. Opened a dispute through PayPal – hopefully we’ll get the money back from them… Great article and investigation!!! Well Done.

  46. I ordered 3 suits on April 23. I emailed them a couple weeks later as I had not received anything and received no response. Last week I received one of the suits! I am hopeful that they just got really really overwhelmed with all the orders and did not have enough stock and staff to keep up. Hoping to receive the other two, but the quality of the one is enough to justify the price of 3 honestly so if they don’t come, they don’t come.

  47. I ordered 3 swimsuits on April 11th, I contact them by email on May 23 to know any status, they replied very prompt and told me that they make the purchases of every order since we made our order with them, they do not have in stock, that is why lasts an eternity. And as like many people, there are only 1 of my items “can-be-ship” within 7 days from today :(. They only offer me to change them from anothers that suppose to be in stock but no offer me to refund me for those that not have in stock.

    1. Updating, I was informed from they that my order still delayed, i request a refund and receive the refund very fast, two days after.

  48. I am kicking myself for ordering from this company without doing a little more research first. I ordered 4 suits on April 13. As of today, I have only received one suit, which was defective. Literally, the bottom half was sewn on BACKWARDS. I have reached out to two different emails with no response. I emailed a total of 9 times, including pictures of the swimsuit. Nothing. I also have called the only number I can find and it is disconnected. Is there any way I can get my money back through my bank or PayPal? Help!

    1. Assuming it’s not too late, you may be able to dispute it with PayPal, assuming you purchased it through them. Also, checking in with your bank, and seeing what they can/can’t do wouldn’t hurt either.


  49. I ordered 3 items on the 03/05/19 and today 30/05/19 I have received 1 item, but… I RECEIVED A SWIMSUIT THAT I DIDN’T ORDER!!!!!! Not the model nor the size was correct (and it’s an ugly one I will never dare to use), so the only thing I’ve got is something I didn’t order.
    SO… Paypal dispute in 3, 2, 1… go!
    The problem is that they took down all the models from April-May and now I can get the info from the correct item to show it to Paypal…


    1. Sorry to hear about that Alice. Wish we had a screenshot of the info that you needed. But we probably don’t. Best of luck and wishes to you!

  50. I placed my order on April 7. I did not recieve anything. I asked for my money back and still no answer. they are a true fraud

    1. I paid through Paypal, so I’m fighting for it, will see in next weeks…
      As soon as I contacted Paypal they sent me 2 tracing codes, one for a shipment placed on that same day and the other corresponding a shipment delivered to US (I’m from Spain, Europe)…

  51. I placed my order on 1 April and get nothing till 4 May. I emailed them to ask for my purchase. They told me that they had seprated my order into 2 packages cuz some itmes are out of stock. Then, I received the first package that is bad qualify swiming suit. Now 14 June, I not yet receive the rest. They told me only “Already shipped”

  52. So now that I have received all of my order’s items I can safely say my whole experience.
    I placed an order on the 28th of April for 3 swimsuits. Despite many of the comments reporting problems with communication, mine was actually quite good. They confirmed my order right away, gave me tracking numbers and answered all my emails within a few hours after sending them. To some people that don’t know on which site to use the tracking number, just put it on your local post service site or Google it – that’s what I did and it came up with several working tracking sites.
    The packages were separated, the first one arrived beginning of June and the second one just today, more than a month and a half after I placed my order.
    The swimsuits were not what the pictures had shown but rather something similar and inferior in quality. I do believe as others have claimed that the pics (and many reviews) were taken from some other site. Since then I ‘ve noticed that those pictures were replaced by others of the actual item they send out-at least for the ones I ordered.
    All in all I guess I got what I paid for. For me it’s not exactly a scam, but a definite NO.

  53. Hey,
    Just wanted to add my experience with them.

    I ordered 3 swimsuits on April. I received one on, and two on 13 June.

    (I love how on the bottom of the invoice they sent from their no-reply email, it says “Please reply to this e-mail if you have any questions.” Ha.)

    The received products are very poor quality and the material is nothing like on the photos advertised.

    Throughout these two months I have tried to track things down, so emailed their costumer services, but the emails received were very poorly worded and weren’t very informative, apart from ‘sorry, we purchase items after you place order’ and ‘2 items you ordered are our hot sales products so we need more days to prepare your order, the item would be sent out in 3-7 days cuz they are on the way to our warehouse’.

    So, all in all, I did receive all the items I ordered, but not within the “12-23 days” as promised, and they were of worse quality than expected (not worth the wait, not worth the price, no matter how low).

    I shall now attempt to get a refund, but I don’t have high hopes.

  54. Definitely a scam. I bought 3 swimsuits in April and have been trying to contact the company bc I never got shipping info or even another email. I finally messaged them on Facebook and all they keep telling me is I have already received it go check my mailbox. They even talk back to me saying like well it shows you got it last month or it shows you signed for it or telling me I can contact usps. And then They will tell me to give them a little while and I never hear anything from them. Guess I’m gonna go to my bank soon….

  55. So here’s my update. I placed an order on April 24th, fast forward to May 15th and from an order of 10, I received only one item. I had tried to reach the company and no response. but when I received only one item, I decided to write again. I noticed that I was receiving their emails on my spam and that they were trying to reach out to me because a few items were not available. So I wrote back and told them to cancel part of the order but to continue shipping with another part. I received a return on my credit card account and within days I also received a total of 6 bathing suits. I was already thinking in calling my credit card company to complain about this purchase and see if I could get my money back. If you haven’t received your order send an email to the company, check your spams or be patient. You will get your order in the mail.

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