Is A Scam? (USDT Enthusiasts, Think Twice!)

Is a scam? The answer is a resounding yes. From the evidence I’ve gathered, is not only suspicious but downright deceptive.

The website entices unsuspecting individuals with promises of distributing tokens and lucrative investment opportunities in USDT cryptocurrency.

But as the old adage reminds us, when something seems too perfect, there’s often a catch.

6 Shocking Reasons that Make a Scam

Diving deeper into the murky waters of, several glaring red flags emerge that cannot be ignored. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of why this USDT cryptocurrency platform is more smoke and mirrors than genuine opportunity.

1. Cloudflare’s Warning

A screenshot of the warning given by cloudfare afrer trying to access the scam site

Venturing for the first time into the realm of, I was immediately halted by a stern warning from none other than Cloudflare.

Now, for those who might be scratching their heads, Cloudflare isn’t just some random pop-up.

It’s the internet’s vigilant guardian, ensuring that web traffic flows safely and securely.

When Cloudflare throws up a red flag, it’s like a seasoned detective sensing something amiss at a crime scene.

Their vast network acts as a protective shield, filtering out potential threats and malicious sites.

So, when they label as a potential phishing site, it’s a glaring neon sign screaming, “Proceed with Caution!”

2. Blatant Assertion of Affiliation

A screenshot of the home page of showing that they are using the logo of

The audacity of knows no bounds. Claiming ties with is like a street magician claiming to be on par with Houdini.

A screenshot of the homapage of, even if it is questionable these past few years still has carved a niche for itself in the crypto world, renowned for its operations and pioneering the concept of stablecoins.

These digital tokens, help revolutionize the crypto landscape.

And for to insinuate any association is not just misleading but a blatant attempt to ride on the coattails of a giant. 

It’s a classic bait-and-switch, hoping to lure the uninformed with a name they might recognize.

3. Domain Was Registered Just A Few Days Ago

A screenshot of the domain information of in

A little detective work on revealed an interesting tidbit. is like that new kid on the block, having set up shop only on September 18, 2023.

Now, being new isn’t a crime. But in the world of online investments, a fresh domain combined with over-the-top promises is a recipe for suspicion.

It’s like a pop-up shop offering luxury goods at bargain prices. Sure, it might be legit, but would you risk it?

4. Absence of Company Information & Contact Details

A screenshot of the home page of showing that they don't provide any company information of contact details

After diving into the website, I was met with a deafening silence.

No company backstory, no physical address, and a glaring absence of any genuine contact details.

It’s as if they’ve built a digital fortress, keeping the outside world at bay.

In today’s age of transparency and open communication, such secrecy is more than just odd; it’s a massive red flag.

Legitimate businesses thrive on trust and credibility, and hiding essential details is not the way to go about it.

5. Scamwatcher’s Seal of Disapproval

A screenshot of the result after I search the domain in which shows that they flag as an investment scam is like the neighborhood watch for the online community. When they flag a site, it’s based on meticulous research and user feedback.

Their verdict on An investment scam.

It’s like having a seasoned food critic declare a restaurant unfit. You wouldn’t want to dine there, would you?

6. Countless Negative Feedback

A screenshot of a few of the negative reviews about in

Delving into the reviews about, a tapestry of cautionary tales unfolds.

One user, curious and cautious, approached with an empty crypto wallet. The site’s response? A demand for an “active” wallet, hinting at ulterior motives.

Another user spotlighted the platform’s dubious “$USDT Token Distribution” claims, casting shadows on its credibility.

But the warnings didn’t end there. Tales of withdrawal challenges surfaced, painting a picture of locked funds and elusive returns.

The overarching message from this chorus of voices is clear:

When navigating the digital realm of, it’s wise to tread with eyes wide open, because appearances most of the time can be deceiving.

So, is a scam? Without a doubt, yes. The signs are clear-cut, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

It’s essential to be vigilant and steer clear of such dubious platforms.

Remember, your hard-earned money (or in this case crypto coins) deserves better. Always do your research, and when in doubt, trust your instincts.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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