Who Is seenilinwa@hotmail.com? (The Email Every Shopper Must Avoid!)

Who is seenilinwa@hotmail.com? At first glance, it might seem like just another email address.

But after delving a little deeper, I discovered countless digital pitfalls.

Seenilinwa@hotmail.com is an email address that fraudulent websites cunningly employ to ensnare unsuspecting individuals.

As online shopping continues to surge, so do the tactics of these digital tricksters.

Join me as I unravel the mystery behind this infamous email address.

How scam sites related to seenilinwa@hotmail.com work?

The digital realm is vast, and within its expanse, seenilinwa@hotmail.com weaves a web of deception. 

Here’s how sites associated with this dubious email address operate:

Newly Established Domains

A screenshot of the domain information of waseemin.com in Whois.com

The allure of a fresh website can be enticing. New designs, new products, and the promise of unique offerings. But behind this facade often lies a trap.

Take, for instance, waseemin.com. Registered on March 20, 2023, it’s a mere fledgling in the vast digital landscape.

But why is such a recent registration alarming?

Scammers often set up shop quickly, scam unsuspecting victims, and then vanish before any real action can be taken against them.

By the time consumers catch on, these fraudsters have already moved on to their next digital haunt, leaving a trail of disgruntled victims in their wake.

Carbon-Copy Layouts

A screenshot of the home page of robinlopezi.shop

Imagine walking into different stores in various cities, only to find the exact same layout and products in each one. Suspicious, right?

That’s precisely what many sites associated with seenilinwa@hotmail.com do.

A screenshot of the exact same site layout and images but from the home page of quinonesy.shop

They replicate layouts, product listings, and even user testimonials from each other.

This cookie-cutter approach is a telltale sign of a lack of authenticity and originality.

It’s a lazy (yet sadly effective) tactic to lure in those not paying close attention.

Pilfered Product Images

A screenshot of the product page of waseemin.com showing a stone turtle

A picture is worth a thousand words, but where those pictures come from tells an even more compelling story.

A screenshot of the product image of the stone turtle but from amazon.com

Many sites linked to seenilinwa@hotmail.com blatantly steal product images from legitimate platforms like Amazon.com.

These stolen images, often of high-quality products, are used to create a veneer of legitimacy.

However, a discerning eye can spot inconsistencies in product descriptions, mismatched reviews, or even watermarks from other sites.


A screenshot of the contact us page of tatumhe.shop showing that they are under the company HONGLU INTERNATIONAL CO LIMITED

Beneath the vast canopy of online retail, some entities cast a long, dubious shadow. HONGLU INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LIMITED is one such entity.

Not just content with one form of deception, this company is a chameleon of scams.

A screenshot of the list of scam website under the company HONGLU INTERNATIONAL CO LIMITED

From insidious social media scams to cunning phishing frauds, their repertoire is vast. Websites likeĀ 

  • redehoziman.shop
  • oarkanas.shop
  • abasige.shop
  • robinlopezi.shop
  • ramnray.com
  • melthurs.shop
  • praneth.com
  • jiyesaba.shop
  • rihansesi.com

Each of these websites that operate under this shady umbrella is playing a part in a grander scheme to deceive.

Echoes of the Uniqueness Scam Network

A screenshot of the about us page of tatumhe.shop

There’s a haunting familiarity in the content of many sites associated with seenilinwa@hotmail.com.

A screenshot of the article of fakewebsitebuster.com about the uniqueness scam network

Their descriptions, promises, and even their guarantees eerily mirror those detailed on fakewebsitebuster.com, a site dedicated to unmasking scams.

This mirroring is no coincidence.

These sites are puppets in the grand theater of the Uniqueness Scam Network, a notorious syndicate known for its shell companies that prey on unsuspecting customers.

A screenshot of the list of websites under the uniqueness scam network

Their modus operandi is replication, deception, and swift exploitation. Some of the sites that have been identified as part of this scam network include:

  • mellifluity.shop
  • flipblow.com
  • kaulous.com
  • ladymanca.com
  • cyclecycle.shop
  • classicheader.com
  • hotsdiscount.shop
  • phwono.com
  • widthwing.com
  • amazingbox.shop

Each of these websites, while having its unique domain, shares striking similarities in content, layout, and deceptive tactics.

Making them part of the larger web of the Uniqueness Scam Network.

Dubious Websites That Are associated with seenilinwa@hotmail.com

A screenshot of the list of websites that use the email address seenilinwa@hotmail.com

While the email seenilinwa@hotmail.com is the common thread, the fabric of deception is vast.

Here are some of the fraudulent sites associated with this email:

  • waseemin.com
  • tatumhe.shop
  • onurining.com
  • hotsmarkett.com
  • mayeasi.shop
  • quinonesy.shop
  • haenbobo.shop
  • jarenic.shop
  • susankelly.com

These sites, while seemingly distinct, share a common goal: to deceive. That’s why it’s crucial to tread with caution and always do your due diligence.

Alternate Emails That Websites Linked With Seenilinwa@hotmail.com use

A screenshot of the contact us page of tatumhe.shop

Seenilinwa@hotmail.com isn’t the only mask these scammers wear. Here are other email addresses that websites associated with seenilinwa@hotmail.com use:

These emails, like chameleons, change their colors but have the same intent: to scam.

The Verdict

So, who is seenilinwa@hotmail.com? It’s an email address used by the shady company HONGLU INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LIMITED, a shell company of the notorious “Uniqueness scam network,” to deceive and scam consumers.

As the digital age progresses, it’s imperative to stay informed, vigilant, and always trust your instincts.

Remember, in the vast world of online shopping, knowledge is your best defense.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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  1. So embarrassed to say they rip me off for $119. I tried many times emailing them if you have any problems with your order go to our store store closed unavailable. I sent him pictures of what about when I ordered it my order number of my delivery and tracking number none of that was good enough. I get my money back. What a scam. Great article.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Sherrie. Sorry to hear you got scammed. Hopefully you learned something from this article to help better yourself for the future!



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