Is A Scam? (Plant Enthusiasts, Beware!)

Is a scam? Personally, after diving deep into its digital roots, I can affirmatively say that is a scam. 

They paint a picture of a lush online store, boasting exotic house plants and gardening shoes. 

But as I’ve learned from countless hours of unearthing online deceptions, appearances can be deceiving.

Cold Hard Facts That Makes a Scam

The digital realm, much like a sprawling garden, has its share of both blooming wonders and hidden thorns., with its vibrant allure, might seem like a gardener’s dream. But as I dig beneath the surface, some concerning truths begin to emerge.

Plagiarized Company Description

A screenshot of the home page of’s narrative isn’t just similar to; it’s almost a mirror reflection.

A screenshot of the about us page of, a trusted sanctuary for plant aficionados, has been around for years, cultivating trust and a loyal customer base.

Their “About Us” page tells a tale of passion, dedication, and love for all things green.

Now, imagine my surprise when I found echoing the same sentiments, word for word, with only the brand name and address changed.

Such blatant copying isn’t just lazy; it’s a clear sign of deceit.

Genuine platforms cultivate their own stories, rooted in their unique experiences and values.

When a site resorts to borrowing another’s history, it’s a glaring indication of its dubious intentions.

Inaccessible email address

A screenshot of the home page of showing their email address and phone number

In today’s digital age, communication is paramount.

A legitimate online store ensures multiple avenues for customers to reach out, ask questions, or voice concerns. provides an email,, as their primary mode of contact.

A screenshot of the result after checking the email address of in

But here’s where it gets thorny: this email is inaccessible after checking it in

An unresponsive or non-existent email isn’t just a customer service flaw; it’s a significant red flag.

It suggests a lack of transparency and a possible intention to evade any direct interactions.

But just to be fair, I’ve sent out queries, hoping for a beacon of response, but so far, it’s been met with silence.

I’ll be keeping a close eye on my inbox, and I promise to update this article if they ever decide to respond.

Location Discrepancies

A screenshot of the home page of showing their address, phone number, and email address

Geography might seem like an odd thing to trip up on, but in the world of online verification, it’s a vital clue. proudly claims its roots at 5462 North Johnstown Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74126, United States.

Which simply tells that they are based in Tulsa Oklahoma.

However, a twist emerges when I look at their provided phone number: +1 (714) 980 74 49.

A screenshot of the result in Google after searching the location of the area code 714

This number resonates with the Californian vibes of area code 714, covering cities like Anaheim and Santa Ana.

Such a mismatch, especially when the address and phone number are so geographically distant, is more than just a minor oversight.

It’s a jarring inconsistency that raises questions about the site’s authenticity.

If they can’t get their location straight, what else might they be misleading us about?

Stolen Product Image & Descriptions

A screenshot of the product page of showing a plant with a hanging basket

Every plant lover knows the joy of browsing through product descriptions, imagining how each green addition might fit into their space. offers a range of products, complete with images and descriptions. But here’s the twist: these aren’t their images and descriptions.

A screenshot of the same plant in a hanging basket but in
A screenshot of the product description in

A quick comparison reveals that products, especially the “Hindu Indian Rope Plant – Hoya – Exotic/Easy – 4.5″ Hanging Basket,” have been directly lifted from

Such practices not only question their authenticity but also highlight a glaring lack of originality and ethics.

The Verdict

So, is a scam? The evidence that I gathered is clear: is a scam and they should not be trusted.

From stolen content to mismatched contact details, the site is riddled with red flags.

Remember, it’s essential to do your due diligence and prioritize safety over enticing offers.

Because in the vast world of e-commerce, knowledge is your best defense.

Stay informed, trust your instincts, and always tread with caution.

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