Is A Scam? (Consumers, Be Wary Of Alluring Deals!)

Is a scam? The answer, based on the evidence I’ve meticulously gathered in my investigation, is a resounding yes, is a scam.

This site claims to be a trendy online store specializing in women’s dresses and blue jeans. But as with many things on the internet, not every shiny deal is golden.

Join me as I unravel the truth behind this seemingly attractive platform.

5 Compelling Reasons That Make A scam

Before you get lured by the flashy deals and trendy outfits, it’s essential to dig a little deeper.

Here’s why raises more than just an eyebrow:

1.’s Recent Registration

A screenshot of the domain information of on

In my years of navigating the online shopping realm, I’ve come to realize that the age of a domain can often be a telling sign of its legitimacy.’s domain was only registered on August 1, 2023, according to the records on

Now, you might be wondering, why is this significant? Well, in the vast world of e-commerce, trust is built over time.

Websites that have been around for years, serving customers and building a reputation, are generally more reliable.

On the other hand, scammers often set up shop quickly, lure in unsuspecting shoppers, and then vanish without a trace.

This recent registration date, in my eyes, is a classic red flag.

It’s like walking into a new store in your town that popped up overnight, with no prior advertisements or announcements. Would you trust it immediately?

2. Red Flags From Scam Watchdogs

A screenshot of the result after I search the domain in showing that is a scam website.

There are a few online platforms I’ve come to trust over the years, and is one of them.

It’s like the wise old sage of the digital shopping world. When they flag a website as potentially fraudulent, it’s a sign to tread carefully. has been flagged by them, which immediately sets off alarm bells in my head.

It’s like a trusted friend warning you about a shady store in your neighborhood. Would you still shop there, or would you think twice?

3. Deceptive Content

A screenshot of the about us page of

Every website has a story to tell, and the “About Us” page is where they usually narrate it.

But what if the story isn’t original?

A screenshot of the article of about the Uniqueness scam network

The content on’s “About Us” page is eerily similar to descriptions that warns about, typical of sites under the Uniqueness Scam Network.

List of website that are under the Uniqueness scam network according to

This network is notorious for owning a slew of dubious sites, including:


It’s like reading a book and realizing it’s a blatant copy of a bestseller. The lack of originality isn’t just lazy; it’s deceptive.

4. Discounts That Defy Belief

A screenshot of the homepage of showing unrealistic discounts to their products.

I’m all for a good deal, but some offers are just too good to be true. showcases products like the “Tummy control black skinny jeans”, originally priced at $68, now available for an astonishing $9.99.

Massive discounts ranging from 81%-86%, while tempting, often hide sinister motives.

From my experience, these are bait tactics, designed to lure you in with the promise of unbelievable savings.

But once you’re hooked, the real game begins – be it receiving subpar products, getting charged more than advertised, or worse, not receiving anything at all.

5. Risky Mode Of Payments

A screenshot of the checkout page of showing that the available payment options is through credit card only.

A genuine online store will offer multiple secure payment options.

And that’s why’s insistence on only credit card payments is a glaring red flag.

In today’s digital age, options like PayPal, which offer two-way verification security, are a must-have.

By sidelining such secure methods and pushing for credit card details, the site exposes its customers to potential fraud.

It’s like being asked to pay cash in a dimly lit alley instead of a well-lit, secure shop. The risks are just too high.

The Conclusion

So, to answer the burning question, “Is a scam?” From my thorough investigation, the answer is crystal clear: yes.

The online world is a blend of golden opportunities and hidden traps. So, what do you need to do?

Always stay informed, trust those instincts, and always prioritize safety.

After all, in this vast digital world, being well-informed is our best armor against deception.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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