Is A Scam? (Cyclists, Beware Of Hidden Costs!)

Is a scam? No, it’s not.

But would I recommend them? Absolutely not.

Now, before you start pedaling away, let’s dig into the nitty-gritty. claims to be your go-to spot for all things cycling—sales, repairs, you name it.

But hold your horses, or rather, your handlebars. There’s more to this shop than meets the eye.

While they have been around for a while and have a physical location that can be verified, there are several alarming issues that have come to light.

From viral videos showcasing customer dissatisfaction to a slew of negative Yelp reviews.

It seems that has a track record of questionable business practices.

What’s Not to Hate About

While it’s easy to jump to conclusions, let’s first explore some positive aspects of that could make it seem like a reliable choice.

A Century-Old Domain

A screenshot of the domain information of in

Ten years in the digital world is like a century in human years. has been around since January 25, 2013.

That’s a lot of time to scam people, and yet, here they are, still standing.

It’s not uncommon for scam websites to disappear after a few months or even weeks, so the fact that this site has been around for so long might seem like a good sign.

However, it’s important to remember that longevity doesn’t always equate to legitimacy.

There are plenty of businesses that have been around for years and still engage in shady practices.

Additionally, the website’s age doesn’t tell us anything about the current management of the shop.

There could have been a change in ownership or management that led to a decline in service quality.

Store Address Is Legit

A screenshot of the result after I search the address of in Google maps

Their address, 12319 Wetmore Road, San Antonio, Texas 78247, is legit according to my search for them in Google Maps.

So, they’re not a ghost shop, at least.

Many scam websites do not have a physical address, or they list a fake one, so this is a positive sign.

However, a physical address alone does not tell the whole story about a business’s practices or customer service quality.

It’s always important to check customer reviews and other online indicators to get a more complete picture of a business.

Why I would not recommend

Now that we’ve covered the good, let’s delve into some concerning aspects that make me hesitant to recommend

Negative Videos Circulating Online About Them

A screenshot of the youtube video about

You’ve probably seen it—the video circulating on YouTube and TikTok.

Customers are up in arms, and not just because they’re trying to balance on two wheels.

The video that I recently watched is a prime example.

This video shows a customer confronting the shop owner about a bill that was almost $500, even though the original agreement was for $150 worth of repair.

The owner insists on the full amount and threatens to take and sell the customer’s bike.

This incident raises serious concerns about the shop’s business practices and how they treat their customers.

It’s one thing to have a misunderstanding about a bill, but it’s another thing entirely to threaten to take someone’s property and sell it.

This kind of behavior is not only unprofessional, but it could also be illegal.

(This is, by the way, happening to them now because some customers do file a lawsuit against them)

Countless bad reviews on Yelp

A screenshot of the negative reviews of in

If you’re still not convinced, take a peek at their reviews on

Spoiler alert: It’s not pretty.

Customers are complaining left and right about unauthorized add-ons and inflated bills.

One reviewer even mentioned that the shop did more work than authorized and then held the bike hostage, trying to extort more money.

This kind of behavior is not only unethical, but it could also lead to legal trouble for the shop.

It’s important to get authorization from the customer before performing any additional work that will incur extra charges.

Holding someone’s property hostage and trying to extort money from them is definitely not the way to run a legitimate business.

So, is a scam? No. But would I trust them with my bike, let alone my money? Not a chance.

To wrap this up, might not be a scam in the traditional sense, but they’re skating on thin ice.

From overcharging customers to holding bikes hostage, the red flags are just too glaring to ignore. 

So, if you’re thinking about taking your bike there for a tune-up, you might want to pump the brakes.

I, for one, won’t be rolling into anytime soon, and I suggest you steer clear too.

Remember, a business is not just about its products or services, but also about how it treats its customers.

It’s important to support businesses that value their customers and operate with integrity

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