Is DoWeeklyWork A Scam?

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Do Weekly Work is one of those sites that seems to make a lot of claims about you making money, but doesn’t give you a lot of answers if you’re curious.

Is Do Weekly Work a scam? That’s what we’ll be taking a look at in this article today. This same scam has been popping up quite frequently, and it ones that many unfortunately keep falling for.


Product: Do Weekly Work (DWW)

Creator(s): Unknown

Description: A site that claims that you can
make money, in a relatively short amount of time, all by just having
people click through your referral link.

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Rating: 1 out of 10

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DWW (Do Weekly Work) has been around for 6-12 months now, and gives no sign of giving up it’s bold and enticing claims.

And just what are those claims?

That you can make a lot of money, in a little a mount of time possible.

DWW’s Claims

You see, DWW starts off by giving you a false sense of hope in making money:

Easy Money Claims

It’s as easy as setting up an account, working as little as possible, and getting paid. But is it really that easy? And how exactly do you get paid to make money?

Introducing Your referral Link

DWW claims to give you a referral link, and for every unique visitor you get to click through that referral link, you’ll make 5-10 dollars.

Is this true?

The Referral LInk They Give You

As you can see from the above screenshot, the answer is that yes, they do actually give you a referral link. If you create an account with them, they’ll give you a referral link back to the DWW site, and you can start earning – or can you?

5-10 dollars per unique visitor isn’t the norm for most affiliate programs. You’ll be hard-pressed to find even one referral system that pays that much just for a unique visitor.

But do you actually make any money with this system?

Show me the money!

55 dollars

As you can see from the above screenshot, I’ve ‘made’ about $55. Notice though, I put the ‘made’ in quotes. Because, as we will see, you don’t actually get paid for any of it.

You Are Being Scammed!

While the site claims that I’ve made 55 dollars, I won’t see one single cent of this money. Even if I made it to 300 dollars (which is the minimum amount you need to make before you get paid), DWW still won’t pay me.


Because I’ve tried it on other sites, and it didn’t work. Did you know that DWW’s exact website, and exact scam, can be found on another 30+ websites?

It’s true! I’ve cataloged some 39 URL’s that have the same exact website as DWW. Same website, but a different URL. You can check out all of those sites here.

I’ve made over 600 dollars on another site, and even still, I wasn’t able to get paid. But to show that this specific site doesn’t pay you, I decided to hit the minimum threshold, and see if this site also would pay me out.

They say that I have to click through a link to get paid. I’m very skeptical of links, but since I’m in the profession of getting scammed for you, I clicked on it, and took a look at the link.

It basically tells you to click another link, which sends you to a place to fill out a pay form. But in order to get the pay form, and you need to do a survey (or something else that the site suggests).

I did everything that they wanted me to do, and even still, it seemed like nothing was working. Either, I wasn’t getting far enough in a survey, or I couldn’t log into something.

Finally, I finished something, and was redirected to a place that I could supposedly download my pay form. Unfortunately, the site didn’t give me what I wanted.

File not found!

What? My pay form file can’t be found?

So these scammers get me to do a bunch of surveys for them (which makes them money), and then I don’t even a pay form for it…

Help me, help me!

I know that I’m getting scammed, for those who want me to go to the end, I’ll humor them. In cases like this, you’ll want to go to support, and ask them to help you out. Once again, even though DWW claims to have a support page, the email they provide help you.

Email not real

As you can see from the screen shot above, my email service provider sent me an email saying that they weren’t able to send an email to DWW, because the email DWW gives isn’t a valid email address.

So even if this scam was a legit place to make money, there is no easy way to get a hold of them, in the case something does happen (like you can’t get paid).

DoWeeklyWork Is A Scam!

Is DoWeeklyWork a scam? Absolutely! There is no doubt about it. You can’t get paid by them, as well as get in touch with them if you need help.

I wouldn’t recommend you use this site, since it will only lead you to end up losing a lot of time, and not making anything because of it.

There are programs out there that do make you money though. Not every program out there will try to scam you out of your money.

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