Is Fiveer Legit?

Freelancing was and is a popular way of earning money. Even before the internet was invented, freelancing was already a known way to earn money. There are skills that we have and we can use in order for us to make money. And we can utilize these skills through freelancing. It does not necessarily mean that you need a job whenever you enter a freelancing job. Even if you have a full-time job, you can still become a freelancer.

There are many sites that give these people to be paid while doing the things that they are passionate about. There are sites that fool people and there are also sites that give people the chance to earn money. These sites are beneficial and are advantageous for people looking for other sources of income. However, the scam sites only make their situation even worse.

Fiverr is one of the freelancing sites that many people sign-up in. This site is a great platform for people that would like to earn money. They can do it through the freelancing services that they can offer to their clients.

Today let us see if this site is like the other sites that bring advantages or disadvantages to the freelancers.

Fiveer Review Summary

Product Name: Fiveer

Product Type: Freelancing Platform

Creator: Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger

Summary: Fiveer is a web-based site that offers one of the best deals for freelance work in the industries such as copyrighting and logo designing. As easy as doing those things, you start earning money while doing the things that you enjoy and love doing.

Price: Free

Best For: Freelance Earners

Rating: 7 out of 10


What is Fiveer?

Fiveer is a web-based site that offers one of the best deals for freelance work in the industries such as copyrighting and logo designing. As easy as doing those things, you start earning money while doing the things that you enjoy and love doing.

In addition, this site is a good platform for freelancers to earn money as long as they are doing the things that they are an expert in the task that they are completing in order to assure greater quality of the service that they are providing, in order to assure great compensation coming from the clients. In other words, it’s much easier to make money on this site whenever the freelance work you’re doing is your expertise and proficient in that type of work.

Furthermore, the site is hiring freelancers in different areas that would do different tasks that their clients are asking them to do. There are policies that are embedded in the site that the freelancers need to follow to ensure their protection.

The site was created in 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. They released the site after coming up with a concept to make an online market that would benefit buyers and sellers of digital service that would bring a lot of help to the world.

How does it work?

Fiverr is a site or a platform that would ultimately help you make money through doing freelance work that would be passed to the clients that you are serving. However, before doing so, you must first create an account that you will use. When you are finished in making your account you can now start doing your freelance work. Regarding the fees, the site is free for clients and freelancers to use. The clients are the only one who will pay for the compensation of the freelancers. And by doing those steps, you can now start making money.

How do you earn with it?

In simple words, you earn on this site by doing freelance work such as designing logos, copyreading, translating, arranging documents, and many more. In doing these things you have the chance to earn money and generate a bigger amount of income.

Doing these freelance works would ultimately help not only you but also the client that you are doing the service for. However, you must be sure that whenever you offer your service you give your best in order for your clients to give you a higher compensation.


Great Policies

Policies are being made by different sites to ensure efficiency and the best experience when using their services. That being said, Fiveer has many good policies and rules that both freelancers and clients need to follow to guarantee great service being provided by the site. One of the most notable policies that you can notice in sites is the cancellation of orders.

Whenever the freelancer fails to give you the delivery on a certain period of time, the buyer has the chance to cancel the order. However, unlike other sites, Fiverr gives the freelancer the chance to extend the period. This just one of the policies that make this site a wonderful platform to earn money from.

The transactions are recorded

One of the things that people look for in sites is the transparency of the site when it comes to the transaction. Luckily, this site is offering you a record of the transactions that are happening whenever you are having discussion with a client or a freelancer. The site tracks every deal that you are making on their site. In other words, the site is really reliable to transact with. Hence, attracting many people to enter their site. 

Great customer service

Whenever members of this site encounter different error or issues as they use this site, they need assistance from the management in order for them to overcome the challenge that they are facing. The customer service that this site provides is excellent. Not only will they help you overcome the challenge but they will also help you avoid the different issues that you may bump into in the future. As the site is trying to make their services better, however they can’t avoid errors and different issues that the site can. Nonetheless, you must know that whenever you ask for assistance, the action will be done exactly 24 hours after the issue was submitted. 

Easy screenings

The site does not require that much experience in order for you to have a freelance job. A simple and an easy way is provided by the site whenever you want to be a freelancer. This would give the amateurs or the beginners the chance to acquire money even though they don’t have that experience that a lot of freelancers have. Nonetheless, experience would be your advantage whenever you become one of the service providers on this site. This will give you an edge because of the skills that you acquired in your experience will help you give better services to your clients.


Low compensations

The biggest downside of this site is the compensation or the payment that you receive whenever you offer your time and service to the clients. You can be paid as low as $5. The compensation being given to the freelancers is not that fair on their side. Even if you did a job well done to the tasks your clients gave, it has the tendency that you would become underpaid whenever you make anything on this site. This is a big red flag that you have to consider before signing up on this site.

The clients can be rude sometimes

One more thing that you need to consider is the rude clients that the site has. I ‘m not saying that the clients found on the site are rude. However, there’s a good number of rude clients that really would really piss off the freelancers. Some of these rude clients even give low compensation whenever it comes to the payment of the freelancers. This again, is a big red flag freelancers need to know before they sign-up on this site.

What about earning with lesser risks?

If you are hesitant because of the risk of investment and money, there is a better way to earn money by promoting the things that you love.

Affiliate Marketing is known for the opportunities of earning passive income and there are a lot of benefits from it as compared to the MLM business structure. No capital. No recruitment needed and you earn even when you are asleep!

And there are a lot of Affiliate Network Platforms that can guide you in this, like Wealthy Affiliate. It has better deals and lesser risks and that is what I am going to talk more about next.

Free sign-up

Unlike other business structures where you need to pay for a capital or spend even before you earn, with Wealthy Affiliate there is no need for that. 

You can sign up on their website for free and are able access most of their features! This way you would have to lose anything in your start up. All your earnings will be yours and there are no deductions for capital or expenses. 

No Recruitment

In Affiliate Marketing there is no need to recruit a downline for you to earn income. All you need to do is partner with merchants and get an affiliate link from them. Every Time someone buys through your affiliate link you get a commission from it.

There is also no face to face selling that will happen. This cuts your mileage expenses and other from meeting people. It also saves your energy!

Legit Merchants

One of the best things about Wealthy Affiliate is that they already did the filtering for you. On their website, you find thousands of partnerships from different niches!

No one will be forcing you to sell something you do not personally recommend. You are also not limited to promoting only one product or brand. You can choose to partner with different merchants depending on your liking.

Training and Tools

Wealthy Affiliate also offers training of various kinds. From one on one mentoring to conferences, forums and discussion. You can also access their files on their website if you need references.

There are also available tools for Keyword search, SEO and in building your website through WordPress. Part of the training is learning how to use them and in advantage to your niche and context.

You wouldn’t have to go through it alone because they have an active community of over 1M members and thousands added each week. You can freely ask and learn from them through the discussion posts and forums.

Their 24/7 Tech Support is also a good service if you need troubleshooting or guidance in the technical aspect of the field. 

These are just simple overviews of the promising future you can have with Wealthy Affiliate. Lesser risk and more income! Check their website to find out more

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