QUICK REVIEW: What Blog to Biz Hive?

Passive income is one of the things that entrepreneurs want to obtain. There are a lot of options that you can choose from. You can acquire passive income through selling stock photos, creating an app, network marketing, designing t-shirts, and many more options that can suit your abilities and skills. Having said that, people can use their skills in generating passive income.  

Even though there are more advanced or brand-new skills that are available now, people still choose to create a website in order to produce a passive income.  Perhaps it is their strength and passion, or a hobby that they enjoy doing.

Therefore, they are most likely to rely on the things that they are good at in order for them to have a secure income. However, the skill or the talent isn’t enough to make your income grow and generate more money. Thus, it is helpful for them to continually learn techniques and tricks that they can use in order for them to produce higher passive income.

Blog to Biz Hive is one of the most known and recommended sites that people often use for learning. It is a platform that you can use so that you can inform and educate yourself about different things that you can do and apply in your site. You can enter this site through enrolling in an available course.

Today, let us see if this site will be beneficial and is worth your time and effort.

Blog to Biz Hive Review Summary

Product Name: Blog to Biz hive

Product Type: Training Platform

Creator: Melyssa Griffin

Summary:Blog to biz is an online course that enables people to transform their online site to a platform wherein people can learn and acquire knowledge. In other words, the site will guide online sites on how to create an interactive and engaging online e-courses that people can undergo. 

Price: $699

Best For: Training Courses

Rating: 9 out of 10


What is Blog to Biz Hive?

Blog to biz is an online course that enables people to transform their online site to a platform wherein people can learn and acquire knowledge. In other words, the site will guide online sites on how to create an interactive and engaging online e-courses that people can undergo. 

Not only will it help people develop a better blogging site, but it will also guide you on how you will have more income through the use of online sales funnels such as Facebook ads and email sequences. 

Another key thing to remember is the simple fact that this site concentrates in finding your blog’s focus, increasing the number of your audience, having more income than you used to have. 

Moreover, the course will become a guide in making an online course that you can upload and you can sell. Hence, it will become a great starting point for your business to grow and generate money. 

This online course was made by Melyssa Griffin. She created this e-course to educate online bloggers to turn their skills and passion in writing to a growing and a developing business.

How does it work?

This site works differently as compared to different e-course sites. It helps you develop your site into a money-making machine through making e-courses. 

That said, Blog to Biz hive enables people to produce higher-income and greater amounts of money. Once you mastered making the strategies and techniques that this site is providing. It wouldn’t be that hard for you to reach the success that most bloggers today are having.

As of the moment, there are six units that are currently present in the site. These are following the units that are present there.
1. Growing your traffic

2. Starting an email list and newsletter

3. Growing your email list

4. Planning your online course

5. Creating your online course

How do you earn with it?

In simple terms, you can earn in this site through the making an e-course that people can undergo. You can sell those e-courses and generate income from it. The lessons that you are constantly learning on this site are techniques that you can use in order for your blogging site to become more efficient and more profitable to use.

As you advance and become a pro in handling and making courses, your passive income will become more and increase exponentially.


Producing great income even with a small audience.

Coupled with hard work and determination, the income that you get in making online e-courses will produce big income even though you’re just starting out.

The income potential that you have is limitless. With this in mind, you will ultimately become more eager and more driven to do the things that you love and you consider doing.

It can be used by beginners.

It is common for sites to help beginners to start their online blogs. However, some sites use hard terms and expressions that beginners can understand. 

Nonetheless, sites like Blog to Biz hive, educates beginners to start making their own online courses and make their sites more profitable. You can cause growth and improvement in your blogging site, provided that this Blog to Biz will help you from planning the course until the last phase of uploading the course. 

That being said, beginners can have a great jumpstart in making their personal blogging site generate higher income.

No trading options

Most e-courses sites will encourage you to make money through trading online. That said, the different sites lure you to a trading site without the assurance of having money and increased income. Well that is not the case for this site. 

Blog to Biz encourages you to produce higher income through making informative and important courses that will benefit you and the people enrolled in the course.

Informative contents

Many of the contents that you can see in this site will enable you to become more productive and develop your present skills in writing a blog. 

The contents of the courses include growing your audience, increasing your traffic, nurturing your hive or you focused audience, becoming a go-to expert, picking an e-course idea, creating e-courses and webinars, writing impactful emails, and earning a passive income while sleeping.

 Having said those things, we can all say that the site is really informative.

Good Reviews.

Many people who tried out Blog to Biz Hive testifies that the site that they underwent caused their income to plummet high in the sky. They claim that the techniques taught by the course enabled them to produce high-quality e-courses that helped them increase their income. 

Moreover, users are continually reaching success due to the effective and efficient work habits they obtained through the training.


Bad presentation layout

Even though the courses and modules provided are very informative and very effective, people still consider the layout of the presentations. From the title pages up to the page numbering, there are flaws and loopholes that the site still has. However, this will not be a problem if you are organized and neat.

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