Is A Scam? (Crypto Traders, Watch Out!)

Is a scam? Without a doubt, is a clear-cut scam, and I’ve collected undeniable proof to support this claim.

At first glance, it appears to be a sophisticated online platform for crypto trading, promising lucrative returns and a seamless trading experience.

But beneath its polished exterior lies a web of deceit, carefully woven to ensnare the unsuspecting trader. 

5 Alarming Reasons That Make a Scam

Before you even think of venturing into the world of, it’s crucial to arm yourself with the facts.

Just as a seasoned detective pieces together clues, I’ve meticulously gathered evidence that paints a clear picture of deception.

1. Mirror Image of Deceit

A screenshot of the home page of’s layout and content aren’t just familiar; they’re eerily identical to another scam crypto trading platform,

A screenshot of the home page of

Imagine walking into a room and seeing your reflection, but it’s not in a mirror; it’s standing right in front of you. That’s the level of deception I’m talking about.

This isn’t just a matter of inspiration or imitation; it’s a clear case of duplication.

A tactic often employed by scam sites to quickly set up shop using a proven template. 

2. Freshly Minted Domain

A screenshot of the domain information of in

Trust in the online world is often built over time. Established platforms have a history and a track record that speaks of their credibility., however, is like a sprout in a forest of ancient trees.

Registered on September 13, 2023, according to, its digital ink is barely dry.

Scammers often operate in shadows, setting up platforms that have a fleeting existence.

They shine brightly, attracting victims, and then disappear without a trace, only to reappear under a new guise.

3. Absence of Any Company Information

A screenshot of the home page of where it shows the absence of any company information

Legitimate businesses are proud of their origins, their teams, and their mission.

They wear their company information on their About Us page like a badge of honor., on the other hand, is shrouded in mystery.

No faces, no names, no base of operations. It’s like a play with actors but no credits, a story with characters but no author.

This lack of transparency isn’t just a red flag; it’s a blaring siren warning of potential deceit.

4. Ghostly Communications

A screenshot of the privacy page of where they show their email address

In the age of digital communication, an email address is more than just a point of contact; it’s a lifeline, a bridge between businesses and customers.

But’s bridge seems to be broken.

A screenshot of the result after I search the email address of in

Their email address,, turned out to be invalid after I checked it on

I’ve cast out a line by reaching out to them, hoping for a response. The silence from their end is deafening so far, but I remain hopeful.

And if ever they decide to break their silence and respond, I’ll be sure to update this article with their feedback. 

5. Disturbing Referral Structure

A screenshot of the referral page of

The allure of easy money is hard to resist, and knows this all too well.

Offering a Ponzi-like referral structure with a staggering 40% commission from referral fees. and 0.1 % trade commissions.

It’s like a siren’s song, promising riches beyond imagination.

But in the world of investments and returns, such astronomical figures are not just rare; they’re fantastical.

These kinds of schemes are designed to lure, entice, and ensnare, creating a web of deception where the only winners are the puppeteers pulling the strings.

The Conclusion

So, is a scam? Clearly, is a scam, and it is backed by undeniable evidence.

From its uncanny resemblance to another scam site to its ghostly email communications, the red flags are hard to ignore.

As you navigate the vast online landscape, remember to trust your instincts, do your due diligence, and always prioritize safety.

After all, knowledge is your best defense against the snares of the digital world.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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