Is A Scam? (Shoppers, Get The Real Scoop!)

Is a scam? From the findings I unearth in my investigation, stands out as a genuine platform.

In my journey through the vast world of online shopping, I’ve come across countless e-commerce sites., with its diverse range of products from home decoration to toys, kitchenware, and even an exclusive Disney collection, caught my attention.

But as always, I decided to dig deeper.

5 Concrete Pieces of Evidence That Prove’s Legitimacy

Navigating the online shopping realm can sometimes feel like walking on a tightrope.

With so many platforms vying for attention, how does one separate the genuine from the dubious? Here’s what I found about

1. Nearly a Decade-Long Domain Legacy

A screenshot of the domain information of in

The domain has been active since October 30, 2013, as per That’s a domain just one month short of a decade.

This isn’t just a random date; it’s a testament to their longevity in the e-commerce space.

Many scam sites pop up and vanish within a year or two, but not

Their consistent online presence for nearly a decade suggests a commitment to their business and, more importantly, to their customers.

It’s rare for scam sites to last this long, and this longevity speaks volumes about their credibility.

2. Valid Email Addresses

A screenshot of the home page of where they shows their customer service email address

One of the hallmarks of a genuine e-commerce platform is its transparency in communication.

A screenshot of the partnership page of where they shows their partnership email address stands out in this regard. They have dedicated email addresses for different purposes.

A screenshot of the result after I check the partnership email address of
A screenshot of the result after I check the customer service email address in

And these email addresses are also valid upon checking them in

For those looking to partner with them, they are using the email address

While for customer service inquiries, they’ve set up

What’s more reassuring is that after subscribing to their website.

I received a welcome email from the very same address, further solidifying their commitment to open and consistent communication.

It’s these small yet significant gestures that build trust.

When a company is willing to engage directly and promptly, it often indicates they have nothing to hide and are genuinely interested in serving its customers.

3. Realistic Discounts

A screenshot of the home page of where it shows the toy's that they are selling.

I’ve seen those sites offering unbelievable discounts, often too good to be true., on the other hand, offers modest discounts ranging between 2% to 4% on certain products.

This restraint suggests they’re not trying to lure customers with flashy, unrealistic promises. Instead, they seem to focus on providing genuine value.

4. Presence Beyond Their Platform

A screenshot of the official Facebook page of

A genuine e-commerce platform often extends its presence beyond its primary website.

A screenshot of the Pinterest page of’s active Facebook and Pinterest pages show they’re keen on engaging with their community on multiple platforms.

While I did notice an issue with their Instagram, their active engagement on other platforms is a positive sign of their authenticity.

5. Positive Customer Feedback on Amazon

A screenshot of the positive customer reviews of in their Amazon page.

Customer feedback is a goldmine of information.

I ventured to the Amazon page of and I was met with a plethora of positive reviews.

Customers praised everything from product quality to timely delivery.

Such consistent positive feedback over multiple products suggests they’re delivering on their promises and meeting customer expectations.

The Conclusion

So, is a scam? Based on my findings, I can confidently say that is not a scam. 

This site appears to be a genuine e-commerce platform that has been serving its customers for years. 

While the allure of online shopping is undeniable, it’s always essential to tread with caution. 

And in the case of, it seems like a platform worth exploring. But as always, trust your instincts and do your due diligence.

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