Is A Scam? (Be Careful Of Malicious Streaming Platforms!)

Having navigated the intricate web of online streaming platforms for quite some time, I’ve developed a keen sense for spotting the genuine from the deceitful. 

The digital age has brought with it a plethora of streaming platforms. But as with all things, there’s a dark side. 

Enter, a platform that promises free streaming of movies and TV series. 

(But as I’ve seen time and again, not everything that glitters is gold)

Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the realities of

4 Powerful Reasons Why I wouldn’t recommend

Diving deep into the world of online streaming, I’ve encountered both gems and duds., at first glance, seemed like a promising oasis. 

But as I’ve learned, sometimes the waters can be deceptively murky.

1. Domain Was Registered Just Last May

A screenshot of the domain information of in

The age of a domain often tells a story. A seasoned domain suggests a history, a track record, and often, credibility. 

But Fresh off the boat, registered just this past May. 

In my experience, such fresh domains, especially those offering a treasure trove of content, can be a potential red flag. 

They pop up, make their mark, and often vanish, leaving users in a lurch.

2. Free Streaming Platform? No legit company will do that!

A screenshot of the homepage of where they are telling that you can watch in their platform for free

The world of genuine content creation is intricate and costly. 

Even behemoths in the streaming industry like Netflix, HBO, and Amazon Prime charge a fee, and for a good reason.

They understand the value of the content they provide and the costs associated with producing or acquiring it.

So, when a platform like, especially one that’s just starting, claims to offer a plethora of movies and TV series without a price tag.

It’s a direct affront to intellectual property rights. 

It’s not just about the money; it’s about the countless hours creators pour into their craft. 

And offering it for free? It’s not just suspicious; it’s a slap in the face to every genuine creator out there.

3. DMCA page contains a link with a misleading domain

A screenshot of the DMCA page of where the other link is shown

Transparency is the hallmark of genuine platforms. But It’s a maze.

Clicking around, I stumbled upon a peculiar link on their DMCA page, with the domain name”“.

A screenshot of the homepage of

But here’s the kicker, it just loops you back to the homepage.

(It’s not just confusing, for me that is downright deceptive)

Such behavior raises more than just eyebrows, it raises serious concerns about the platform’s intentions.

4. They are using Bait-and-Switch Tactic

A screenshot of the homepage of where they are telling that you can watch for free without registration paints a rosy picture, they are proclaiming that they are a free streaming platform without the hassles of registration.

A screenshot after I click a movie title

But after venturing a little deeper, and after a click on a movie title, and also clicking on the alluring “watch in HD” button.

A screenshot of where I am redirected after clicking the "Watch In HD" button

Suddenly, I’m not in Kansas anymore. I’m redirected to a website with the domain name ““, a completely different domain.

It’s classic bait-and-switch, and it’s not just misleading. It’s a potential trap waiting to ensnare unsuspecting users.

In conclusion, the online world is a wide expanse, filled with wonders but also with pitfalls., with its maze of deceptions, serves as a beacon, warning users of the dangers lurking in the shadows. 

Personally, after wading through its murky waters and uncovering its deceptive practices.

I wouldn’t recommend venturing into for your movie or TV series fix. 

It’s a powerful reminder that in the digital world, one must tread with caution, be armed with knowledge, and always trust one’s instincts. 

After all, in the vast sea of online streaming, it’s the lighthouses like these that guide us away from potential shipwrecks.

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