Is A Scam? (Online Shoppers, Determine The Truth!)

Is a scam? Yes, is a scam. 

Posing as a diverse online marketplace, boasts an array of products, from Iron Man masks to cozy Christmas trees and even car seats for children. 

But can you trust this jack-of-all-trades shop with your hard-earned cash? Let’s peel back the curtain.

Compelling Proofs That Shows Is a Scam

Diving into the world of online shopping, we often hope for a treasure trove of deals. 

However, not all that glitters is gold, and is a perfect example of fool’s gold in the digital marketplace.

Less Than A Month Old Domain

A screenshot of the domain information of

A new website isn’t inherently bad, but it’s like a book with no reviews — you proceed with caution.’s recent entry into the market on October 18, 2023, is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. 

In the online world, longevity can be associated with credibility. 

A site that’s only been around for a few weeks could be here today and gone tomorrow, taking your money along with it. 

It’s a common trend among scam sites to have a short lifespan, and’s recent registration is a red flag that warrants a second look.

Legal Page Discrepancies

A screenshot that shows's legal pages has in it

Trustworthy sites ensure their legal pages are in order, as these are the foundations of user trust., however, lists another domain name,, on these crucial pages. 

This inconsistency is a significant concern — it’s like a business card with the wrong contact details. 

It doesn’t just cause confusion; it raises questions about the site’s legitimacy and whether it’s a front for something else.

Unbelievable Pricing and Stolen Images

A screenshot that shows an electric bumper car for children that is selling

Navigating in search of deals leads me to an unexpected discovery. 

After I click on their product list, it reroutes me to, a separate entity altogether. This redirection is the first sign that not all is as it seems. 

The plot thickens when I’m examining their product images.

A screenshot of the same electric bumper car but from Amazon

Take, for instance, the “Electric bumper cars for children.” The images are identical to those on Amazon, suggesting they’ve been lifted without permission. 

What’s even more concerning is the price tag. They are selling this at a shockingly low price of €9.99 ($10.66), a fraction of Amazon’s price of $159.96. 

These significant price discrepancies are not just unusual; it’s a glaring warning signal. 

It’s common for scam sites to use attractive images and unrealistically low prices to draw in shoppers, only for the reality to be vastly different—if there’s any reality to the products at all.

Duplicate Reviews

A screenshot of the customer reviews in

Reviews are the lifeblood of online shopping, offering a glimpse into the experiences of past customers. However,’s reviews raise a red flag. 

A screeshot of the exact same reviews but from

Upon closer inspection, these glowing testimonials are word-for-word matches with reviews I found on

This isn’t just a case of shared opinions; it’s a blatant copy-paste job. This discovery undermines the trustworthiness of the feedback and, by extension, the site itself. 

Authentic reviews are diverse and varied, reflecting the unique experiences of each customer. 

When reviews are duplicated across sites, it suggests a fabrication designed to deceive potential buyers into feeling reassured by a false sense of satisfaction and reliability.

Misleading Payment Options

A screenshot of the wide variety of payment options that displays

The concerns with extend to the checkout process. While the site displays a variety of payment methods, the reality is starkly different. 

A screenshot that shows is only accepting credit cards as mode of payment

An attempt to purchase an item redirects me to, where a credit card is the only payment option available. 

This limitation is not just a minor inconvenience; it’s a significant variation from the promised payment flexibility. 

Additionally, credit card-only transactions can be a gateway to phishing scams. They lack the security layers that modern payment services like PayPal and Apple Pay offer. 

This misrepresentation of payment options is misleading and puts consumers at a higher risk of financial fraud. It’s a deceptive practice that diminishes the trustworthiness of

The conclusion

So, is a scam? The facts speak loudly: yes, it is.

With its freshly minted domain, mismatched legal pages, redirecting antics, plagiarized product images, and dubious payment practices, is a site that you should approach with extreme caution—if at all. 

Remember, in the vast world of online shopping, it’s better to avoid such dubious deals. Shop smart, stay informed, and keep your online shopping spree scam-free.

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