Is A Scam? (Ladies, Beware Of Fashionable Facades!)

Is a scam? Without a doubt, is a scam.

While they may present themselves as a trendy online store selling a variety of fashionable ladies’ clothes.

A closer look reveals a web of deceit waiting to ensnare unsuspecting shoppers.

5 Convincing Facts That Make a Scam

Before you get swayed by the chic designs and tempting offers on, consider these undeniable facts that expose the site’s true colors:

1. Domain’s Fresh Footprint

A screenshot of the domain information of in

In the digital realm, a website’s age speaks volumes. A domain’s registration date can often be the first clue to its legitimacy., with its digital birth certificate dated July 26, 2023, as per, is still in its infancy.

Now, while being new doesn’t automatically spell deceit, in the world of e-commerce, it’s a cautionary tale.

Scammers often operate on a hit-and-run model: set up shop, lure victims, and vanish before the heat arrives.

This fleeting existence is their modus operandi, and fits the bill a little too snugly.

2. Shady Company Ties

A screenshot of the contact us page of where it shows what company they are under.

Behind many scam websites is a puppeteer, orchestrating the deception.

For, that puppeteer is SAYHI INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED.

This isn’t just any company; it’s a name that echoes ominously in the corridors of online vigilance forums.

A screenshot of list of website that are under the scam company Sayhi International Co., Limited

With a dark legacy of backing fraudulent ventures like 


This company’s involvement is a massive red flag. It’s like finding a known criminal mastermind behind a new business in town.

3. Fraudulent Flags

A screenshot of the result after I search the domain in where it shows that they flag this site as fradulent

The digital age has birthed many guardians, and platforms dedicated to safeguarding netizens. is one such sentinel.

That’s why when it flags a site like as fraudulent, it’s not a mere suggestion; it’s a blaring siren.

It’s a digital neighborhood watch, and when it points at a house with suspicion, there’s usually a good reason.

4. Alarming Content Scheme

A screenshot of the about us page content of

Authenticity is the lifeblood of genuine businesses.

A screenshot of an article of about the Uniqueness scam network

But when a site like pumps out content that mirrors the descriptions of on the content of websites under the Uniqueness Scam Network use.

It’s a cause for concern.

It’s not just a matter of lazy copy-pasting; it’s a deliberate act, a breadcrumb trail leading back to a den of deception.

A screenshot of the list of websites that are under the notorious "Uniqueness scam network".

This network isn’t just infamous; it’s a digital hydra, known to operate a plethora of fraudulent websites. Here are just a few of its many heads:


5. Email Discrepancies 

A screenshot of the home page of where they show their email address

In the digital realm, an email isn’t just a line of communication; it’s a brand’s signature.

A screenshot of the result after I check the email address of in

So, when’s official email,, turns out to be invalid after a check on

It’s more than just a technical glitch; it’s a sign of something more sinister.

But the plot thickens. After subscribing to their website, I received a welcome message, not but not from their official address.

A screenshot of the email that I receive from but not from their official email address.

But instead, it is from an entirely different one:

A screenshot of the list of fradulent website that use the same address as according to

This isn’t just a random email switch. This specific email address has a dark history, being associated with multiple social media scams.

A few of these dubious sites include:


The Conclusion

Is a scam? The evidence is clear: is not just a scam but a well-orchestrated trap for the unwary shopper.

From its ties to shady companies to its misleading email practices, the site is riddled with red flags.

As you navigate the digital shopping realm, remember to steer clear of this site and always prioritize your safety.

Knowledge is your best defense against such online pitfalls. Shop smart, stay informed, and keep your hard-earned money safe from such treacherous traps.

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