Is A Scam? (Shoppers, Learn What’s Real Before You Buy!)

Is a scam? is a suspected scam site, and I personally recommend shoppers to steer clear of this site.

This online store, which claims to sell a variety of t-shirts and shorts, is riddled with suspicious signs that every online shopper should be wary of.

In today’s digital age, where scams are rampant, it’s crucial to be discerning and vigilant.

As I’ve delved deep into numerous online scams before,’s tactics are all too familiar.

Join me as we uncover the truth behind this seemingly innocent online store.

Compelling Reasons Why I Wouldn’t Recommend

Diving into the world of online shopping can sometimes feel like navigating a maze. With every click, you hope you’re making the right choice., with its enticing offers, might seem like a safe bet. But as we peel back the layers, a different story emerges.

Deceptive Doppelganger

A screenshot of the home page of

Have you ever stumbled upon a website and felt an uncanny sense of déjà vu? That’s the sensation I got with

A screenshot of the home page of

Every pixel, every product description, eerily mirrored another malicious site

Now, you might wonder why this is significant. Well, it’s not just about borrowing design elements; it’s a calculated move.

Scammers often clone other scam sites, And by doing this, they present a familiar interface, just to deceive potential victims into a false sense of security.

Freshly Minted Site Domain

A screenshot of the domain information of

In the vast digital landscape, longevity often equates to trustworthiness., with its domain birthdate of August 28, 2023, as per the records in, is practically an infant in internet years.

Now, I’m all for giving newcomers a chance, but in the online shopping realm, a brand-new site warrants extra scrutiny.

Scammers are notorious for their hit-and-run tactics: set up shop, lure victims, and vanish before the heat arrives.

This digital game of whack-a-mole means they’re continually crafting new sites and fits the bill of their modus operandi.

The Phantom Email Address

A screenshot of the home page of where they show their email address

Communication is the backbone of any genuine e-commerce platform.

A screenshot of the result after checking the email address of in

But when I ran to’s email address,, through, the results were alarming. The email was non-existent.

This discovery raised an alarming question in my head.

How can customers contact them if they encounter problems regarding their transactions?

But in the spirit of fairness, I reached out to them using the same address.

As of now, there’s been radio silence, but I’ll keep this space updated with any developments.

the Infamous Phone Number

A screenshot of the contact us page of where they show their phone number

A unique phone number is a basic identifier for businesses. 

A screenshot of the result after searching the phone number of in Google.

However, upon searching’s contact, +1 213 816 7409, in Google.

I discovered that this isn’t exclusive to them. This number is linked to several other questionable sites, including 


Such shared contact information across multiple platforms is a glaring sign of interconnected scams, hinting at a larger network of deceit.

Misleading Claims On Payment Options

A screenshot of the product page of where they show that there are multiple payment options available when purchasing through their site

Transparency in payment methods is a hallmark of trustworthy e-commerce platforms. showcases a plethora of payment options, from the modern Apple Pay to the trusted PayPal.

A screenshot of the checkout page of where it shows that the available payment option is through credit card only.

But here’s where the illusion shatters: upon attempting a purchase, the only gateway available is via credit card.

This selective availability is not just misleading but also poses risks.

Credit card transactions, without the protective layers that platforms like PayPal offer, expose customers to potential fraud.

So, is a scam? is a site that you should be suspicious of. that’s why I recommend venturing to other sites that are known to be legit.

From its uncanny resemblance to another scam site to its misleading payment methods, the red flags are numerous.

As always, it’s crucial to do your due diligence and trust your instincts. Remember, in the digital world, knowledge is your best defense.

Stay informed, be cautious, and always prioritize your safety over fleeting deals.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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