Is A Scam? (Shoppers, Discover The Disturbing Truth!)

Is a scam? The answer is a resounding yes.

Posing as an online store offering a variety of fashionable clothing for men and women,’s true colors are far from its stylish promises. 

But what exactly makes this site a no-go zone for shoppers? Let’s peel back the layers.

Disturbing Truth That Shows is a Scam

Navigating the online shopping world requires a keen eye, especially when encountering sites like

Here, we uncover the truth behind its facade.

Recently Created Site

A screenshot that shows the domain information of in

When it comes to online shopping, the age of a website can be a crucial indicator of its legitimacy. 

In the case of, its recent registration date – November 15, 2022, as per – raises immediate concerns. 

Typically, scam websites have a short lifespan; they pop up quickly, scam unsuspecting customers, and then vanish. An established website, on the other hand, has a history that can be traced back years, building trust over time. 

The youth of’s domain is a classic hallmark of a potentially fraudulent site, suggesting it hasn’t been around long enough to establish credibility or a reliable track record. was Flagged As A Scam

A screenshot that shows flagged as a scam

The credibility of takes a further hit as it has been flagged as fraudulent by, a reputable source for identifying fraudulent sites. 

This external validation is significant. When a site is marked by scam watchers, it means that it has been reviewed and found to exhibit characteristics typical of scam operations.

These may include deceptive practices, false advertising, or other dubious activities. 

This flagging serves as a clear warning sign to potential customers that is not what it appears to be and that engaging with it could lead to potential risks like financial loss or identity theft.

Email Discrepancies

A screenshot that shows the official email address of

The official email address provided by,, initially appears legitimate. 

A screenshot that shows the official email address of was valid

Since after I ran it through a validity check using, it showed it was valid. 

However, a closer examination of their legal pages reveals a concerning discrepancy. 

A screenshot that shows the unrelated email address use by

The privacy policy lists a different email address,, which is not only unrelated to their domain but also non-existent upon further validity checks. 

A screenshot that shows the unrelated email does not exist

This inconsistency is alarming. Legitimate businesses typically maintain consistency in their contact information. 

The use of an unrelated and non-existent email address suggests a lack of professionalism and transparency, often seen in scam operations. It raises questions about their willingness to communicate honestly and handle customer inquiries or complaints effectively.

Stolen Product Photos

A screenshot that shows the product image of

The authenticity of is further undermined by the discovery that they are using stolen product images. 

A screenshot that shows the same product image but from Aliexpress

For instance, the image of the “Women’s Highland Cow Print Hoodie” on their site is actually taken from Aliexpress, a well-known online retail service. 

This practice of using stolen images is a significant red flag. It indicates that may not have the original products it claims to sell, which is a common tactic used by scam sites to lure customers. 

Genuine e-commerce sites invest in original photography to showcase their products, ensuring that what you see is what you get. The use of stolen images by casts doubt on the legitimacy of their entire product catalog.

The Final Verdict

So, is a scam? is undoubtedly a scam. Its recent registration, external warnings, email discrepancies, and use of stolen indicate that is a scam. 

My advice? Steer clear of this site and remain vigilant. Remember, not every stylish storefront leads to genuine deals in the digital shopping world. 

Stay informed, stay safe, and keep your shopping experiences scam-free.

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