Is A Scam? (Crypto Traders, Stay Informed!)

Is a scam? Absolutely, it is a scam. And I’ve gathered undeniable pieces of evidence that is not what it claims to be. 

Portraying itself as a legitimate online platform for cryptocurrency trading, this site raises several red flags that demand a closer look.

Compelling Evidence Against

Let’s peel back the layers of to reveal its true nature.

The following evidence shows why this site is a minefield for unsuspecting crypto traders.

Dubious Content and Imagery

A screenshot of the home page of’s website is a patchwork of content and images strikingly similar to those on other questionable sites like and

A screenshot that shows the similar content as but from

This replication is a common strategy among scam sites, designed to create an illusion of legitimacy. By borrowing elements from other platforms, they aim to quickly establish trust with visitors. 

However, this lack of originality is a significant red flag. Genuine and reputable trading platforms invest in unique, high-quality content that reflects their brand and services. 

The mirrored content not only questions the authenticity of but also suggests a lack of professionalism and an intent to deceive. 

Misleading Claims of Longevity

A screenshot that shows assert to start on June 2018’s claim of being operational since June 2018 is easily debunked. 

A screenshot that shows the domain information of in

A simple verification of their domain age on shows that the site was registered only on December 5, 2023

This discrepancy is not just a minor oversight; it’s a deliberate attempt to mislead potential users. 

In the digital world, the age of a website can significantly influence its perceived reliability. Older domains are often associated with stability and trustworthiness. 

By falsely claiming a longer operation period, tries to sidestep the natural skepticism that comes with new online ventures, particularly in the high-risk area of cryptocurrency trading.

Flagged by Scam Watchers As Fraudulent

A screenshot that shows flagged as an investment scam

Being flagged by as a scam is a serious charge for any online platform. is known for its rigorous analysis and unbiased reporting on potentially fraudulent sites. Their flagging of serves as an independent and reliable confirmation of the site’s dubious nature. 

This flagging is based on various factors, including user reports, website analysis, and comparison with known scam patterns. 

When a site like is marked by such a trusted watchdog, it’s a clear signal to users to exercise caution and steer clear of potential financial dangers.

Notorious Founder

A screenshot that shows was founded by Hank Weizen

The involvement of Hank Weizen in is a critical piece of evidence. Known for his connections to numerous online scams, Weizen’s reputation is a significant liability. 

A screenshot of list of investment scam sites founded by Hank Weizen

His name has been linked to a variety of fraudulent crypto sites, as listed by These sites include.


The association with a figure notorious for founding crypto scams casts a long shadow over’s legitimacy. 

It suggests a pattern of fraudulent behavior and a high risk for anyone considering engaging with the site.

Ponzi-like Referral Scheme

A screenshot of the referral scheme of

The referral scheme employed by is reminiscent of a Ponzi scheme, where returns for older investors are paid out from the contributions of new investors. 

Offering referral commissions ranging from 2.5% to 50% is not only unsustainable but also indicates a scheme that prioritizes recruitment over actual investment or trading value. 

In legitimate trading platforms, earnings are typically generated through market activities, not through the recruitment of new members. 

This type of scheme is a major red flag, often leading to the collapse of the platform once recruitment slows down, leaving many investors at a loss.

The Conclusion

To answer the question, “Is a scam?” – it unequivocally is. This site is a minefield of deception, designed to trap unwary investors. 

Remember, in the volatile world of cryptocurrency, staying informed and cautious is your best defense. 

Avoid and invest your time and resources in platforms that offer transparency and trustworthiness. 

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and most importantly, stay safe in your digital trading endeavors.

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