Omnilife Reviews (Red Flags You Don’t Always See)

Most of the risks of online job seekers are the blinding fake testimonials for get-rich-quick schemes or promises of high earnings. Going unchecked, these could bring you greater loss than the earnings you are expecting.

It is important to research the companies and products that you want to join before actually saying yes to them, especially in the area of marketing, and Omnilife is one of the names you come across when you search the internet.

In this article, we are going to check how legit and true are their claims, weigh the pros and cons, and decide the best kind of business that fits you and your goals.

Omnilife Review Summary

Product Name: Omnilife

Product Type: Multi-level Marketing

Creator: Jorge Vergara

Summary: Omnilife sells supplemental vitamins and other things that aid in slimming and self-care. Aside from the consumables. The nature of their business is Multi-Level Marketing. This means that instead of selling just in a store, they also hire people to market and sell their products on a face-to-face basis.

Price: $39 for the Kit and 300 PP per month

Best For: Direct Selling

Rating: 5 out of 10

Not Recommended

What is Omnilife?

Omnilife originated in Guadalajara, Mexico. It is a Latin network marketing company. It has been around since 1992, and its founder is Jorge Vergara. The founder is a businessman and film producer.

It sells nutritional supplements, personal care, and cosmetic products. It aims to improve the lives of people through its products.

Their products range from slimming coffee mixes (which is their bestseller) to vitamins for detox to moisturizing agents for the face.

It doesn’t end with the consumables. The nature of their business is Multi-Level Marketing. This means that instead of selling just in a store, they also hire people to market and sell their products on a face-to-face basis.

Also, you have to recruit other distributors to sell the products. They are going to become a part of your team or your downlines. Doing this will help you earn more apart from your sales. 

What Are Omnilife Products?

Omnilife sells organic supplements that promise to hydrate the body, provide energy to help you perform throughout your day, snacks to manage your weight, and custom items based on your dietary plan.

It offers green coffee, aloe-lemon juice, and fruit-flavored shakes. They also sell cosmetics/ Body creams, eye serums, lipsticks, hair gels, after-shave balms, and other cosmetics are also part of their product lines.

How do you earn money from it?

The job opportunity with Omnilife allows you to earn from the commission that you will get from your sales. Here is an overview of the process of joining and eventually earning from them.

In order for you to be an official distributor, you have to pay and buy a distributor fee of $39. It. Is inclusive of a bottle of supplements, promotional DVDs, catalogs, a training manual, and a backpack for the additional marketing and training materials.

For you to maintain your membership, you have to buy a minimum of 300 personal points or PP worth of their product every month.

Your commission ranges from 20-50% and is highly dependent on how much you are able to sell in a month. Here is a simple guide that I was able to research. 

  • 0-999 PP: 20%
  • 1000-1999: 25%
  • 2000-2999: 30%
  • 3000-3499: 35%
  • 3500-3999: 40%
  • 4000+: 50%

If you were able to have recruits under your team, then they give you a Quick Start Bonus of 10% within their first 90 days on top of your sales.

The commission on this is also dependent on what level of distributor you are.

What makes it Shady?

It is quite interesting that in the few reviews that Omnilife has online, they always mention common practices by the company and distributors that are quite disturbing and something you should think about.

Let us look at them one by one.

Credibility of the Founder

Omnilife actually started with a lot of allegations. According to some research online, the owner is actually a partner of the owner of Herbalife.

When they were starting the business, Vergara took advantage of the trial phase to get the products approved by the Mexican Government, blindsiding his partner.

The moment they got it approved, he established his own brand, Omnilife, instead of going with Herbalife.

Exaggerated Claims

Omnilife is an active business worldwide, especially in Argentina. They did an investigation on the distributors of the product to find out their selling techniques to customers.

Their investigation showed that the distributors are making unprovable claims about their products. They take advantage of the needs of people by making them think of their worst memories. That is the time that they will sell you the product and claim it to be therapeutic. 

When in reality, their products are just dietary supplements with no therapeutic claims. The misleading information that they give could actually hurt the customers.

Expensive and hard-to-sell products

Even before thinking of getting into this business, you have to make sure that your niche is actually big. If you are going to look at it, your income should be able to sustain the expenses that come with the business.

You are going to pay for the sign-up and have a monthly purchase of their PP. If you do not have people to buy your product then it will really be hard for you to sell.

In addition, it will also be hard for you to recruit additional distributors for extra income or commission.

Growth of Income

The reality behind MLM marketing is that the person on the top of the training is the one really getting the highest form of income. If you are simply looking for a part time job, this can be helpful because you can actually earn.

However, if you want to start your own business and have a stable source of income then this is not the right thing for you.

How about the good things?

20 Years Of Presence Online

Omnilife is a well-established company that has built a reputation for itself over the years. Although it has faced some controversies, it has successfully managed to maintain a positive image in the industry.

With its long-standing history, Omnilife has established itself as one of the most successful enterprises in the market, with a proven track record of providing strong business opportunities to investors.

Its years of experience and expertise have helped it become a trusted name in the market, making it a reliable choice for potential investors.

Unique Payment Plan

It also has a unique payment plan and ranking for its distributors, which inspires its distributors to strive more and sell more.

It seems to be helping some people thrive in the business. 

What Do Others Say About Omnilife and Their Products?

Here are some testimonials from customers who have benefited from Omnilife’s offerings.

Effective Products

Numerous individuals have testified to the efficacy of Omnilife’s products in combating sugar cravings and reducing body fat.

They have experienced a marked increase in energy levels and a decrease in sudden food cravings, significantly enhancing their overall well-being.

It Helps Them Earn Money

One particular individual had been struggling with an ulcer for years but was eventually able to heal the condition by incorporating Omnilife’s products into their health regimen.

Additionally, this person became a member of Omnilife and reached the diamond level through diligent effort, which has allowed him to earn more than $10,000 per month, significantly improving their financial stability.

Is Omnilife a Scam?

Nope, Ominilife is not a scam. And not all MLMs are scams. Pyramiding scams do not sell products but only want you to recruit more members and simply give your promises on income.

For Omnilife, they give you your commission, and you are really getting paid from selling. However, there are numerous malpractices that have been found in their business.

You are not just hurting the reputation of the business but also you as a seller of the product and as a recruiter of the distributors.

But, there are still some great ways that you can earn money online.

The Best Alternative!

If you really like to build your own brand and business, and still be a part of the marketing industry then Affiliate Marketing is the best for you!

Affiliate Marketing is a growing business online that focuses on promoting products from merchants and earning from commission. The great thing about it is that you get to choose what kind of niche you want to focus on and promote.

Where can you start doing this?

One of the effective ways that people use to succeed in Affiliate Marketing is being connected to an Affiliate Network. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most recommended because of the brilliance behind its services.

How different is it from MLM?

You can actually spot obvious differences between MLM and Affiliate Marketing. These differences only show that the latter is safer and gives lesser risks to the clients. 

Here are some important differences that you need to take note of:

No cash-out

You do not need to buy anything or try anything to start your online business. All you need to do is choose your merchant and get an affiliate link from them for your sales.

No face-to-face selling

If you are not comfortable with talking to people or you get tired easily from doing it then you should also try Affiliate Marketing!

You can promote the products on your website and own accounts where your niche can access them.

Passive Income

You gain even if you are sleeping or doing another extra job. Once you are able to establish your website and affiliate link then you just have to wait for your commission to enter your accounts!

No Recruitment

You do not need to recruit anyone to earn more in this area. You can honestly gain from the commission you get from the merchants you partner with.


With the Wealthy Affiliate, you can already start your business for free. Training and tools come with their free sign-up! These are the basic and important things that you need to learn and have when starting or growing your business.

You have one-on-one mentoring and weekly webinars for the updates. They also have comprehensive tools for building your website and in writing a good article. Included in the training is learning how to use the tools to make your website and articles a better one.

Also they have keyword search and SEO tools that can help you build and increase traffic to the website. This will spare you from fraud and scams on website traffic. 

They have thousands of legit merchants that you can choose from depending on your interests and likes!

There is a promising future for you, and these are not empty words but verified by their millions of members who did not simply earn thousands of dollars but also grew in their skill! Visit Wealthy Affiliate and see it yourself! 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on our research and analysis. However, we are not liable for any inaccuracies or errors, and readers are encouraged to conduct their own investigations. If you have concerns about the legitimacy of a website, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form to initiate a discussion.

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