Review (They Have A Look-A-Like Site?) Review (They Have A Look-A-Like Site?)

While we were looking into another site, showed as looking exactly like the other site. They had nearly everything exact and the same – just with the domain name being different.

Is Strectrend Legit? From what we saw on this site (and the other look-a-like site), it doesn’t appear to be so. In this article we’ll do our best to help show you just why we believe isn’t an authentic shop, nor why they should be trusted. Hopefully this review will help you think twice before purchasing through stores like these.

(Note: This article was majorly copied from our article about – The Discounts

When going to, the site seems like a normal one. In their About Us page, they claim to be a leading store that offers discounts and lower prices. So much lower that they claim you can save 30%-70% of the retail cost.

However, when you take a close look at their discounts, and their products for that matter, you’ll notice a common theme. And that theme is that every single product they list is being sold for $12.95:

Prices all 12.95

We’ve seen this enough times to know that this is a scam. If a site has that many products on their store for that low of a price (and all the same price we might add), then it truly is a scam. There really is no need to investigate further about it.

You don’t purchase lawn-mowers, computer desks, or even beach chair sets for that low of a price.

This is just a common ploy by scammers to get traffic to their site. People see low prices, go to the scammer’s site, purchase something (because they think they are getting a good deal), and lose money over it.

Now, like we said, we could stop our review there, and say that the site is indeed a scam. But, just because we’re convinced that it’s a scam, doesn’t necessarily mean that you, the reader, are convinced. So, it’s on the next issue with the site.

Privacy Policy And Default Theme Issues

Did you know that each online shop and store are required to have a Privacy Policy on their site? For them to operate correctly, a website needs to have some sort of page where they explain what info they collect, and how they keep your information private.

While does have one on their site, we wouldn’t really call it authentic. If you notice in the screenshot above, you’ll find that we’ve highlighted several sentences in their Privacy Policy. Each sentence starts with ‘INSERT’.

What this means is that just grabbed a default Privacy Policy, and never even updated it to their terms and agreements. Which means they never really set up their store, or their Privacy Policy, correctly.

Sites that have issues like this shouldn’t be trusted. If a site claims to have discounts, and claims to be a leading shop in the retail discount business, then they should have better site set up.

This is once again a common issue with scam websites. Since they are up one day and gone the next, they are often found with errors, like the ones above.

Additionally, their About Us Page can be found to have issues with it:

About Us Error

It appears that the owners forgot to completely set up their About Us Page as well, as you’ll notice in the screenshot above. Highlighted is the words ‘Store Name’, which is probably supposed to be changed to the actual store name.

But the way it is written is actually okay. Because it leads us to our next issue with And that is their ‘store name difference’.

Who Is

Does the above image look familiar? It should, since it’s the same image that uses on their site.

While we were writing a review of, we noticed the similarities between the two stores. Like, for example, how they have the same exact contact info:

So, why does have literally the same exact website as, but just with a ‘store name difference’ ?

We don’t know, but (as we’ve said before), this is common among scammers. To have several sites that look alike, and are running the same scam on them is pretty typical for a scam owner.

Redirnow's contact info

Additionally, there was another site that also claimed to be that exact location, though their site didn’t seem to want to load for us.

So that is three sites that all claim to be at one location. When you see something like that, it usually means only one of them is telling the truth.

WalkTrends 24/7 Support?

According to Walk Trends contact info, they claim to have 24/7 support. They even give an email address to use in the case that you need to get a hold of them:

Walk Trends' Contact Info

We took the liberty of contacting them, and see how quick their service was. We contacted them all the way back on June 3rd, and we still haven’t received a reply from them, even though it’s been over a week since we sent the email:

No Response To Question

We asked a simple question, about PayPal, to see if they would respond. And they haven’t yet (so much for 24 hours service).

Now, some of you may think that this doesn’t matter. But it deeply matters, since their email is the only way that you can get a hold of them. And if we could contact Walk Trends, then we doubt we could contact Strectrend

What happens if you decided to order something (even against everything we’ve shown above), and wanted to get in touch with them? Maybe the order didn’t come, or you wanted a refund? The only way to contact them is through their email address, and they don’t appear to be answering that.

Is Strectrend Legit?

In a short answer, no, doesn’t appear to be legit. They are running a site that doesn’t have a very clear Privacy Policy, that has discounts which are typical for a scammer-run website, and several other sites look just like them (and have the exact errors they do!). is connected with, which is a scam site. So there is really little likelihood that Strectrend is legit. In the end, is a site that we wouldn’t recommend ordering from.

Learn Not To Get Scammed!

All the information we presented was all free for the taking. It’s just a matter of learn what to look for, as well as knowing resources that will get you the answers you want.

Over the last few months, we’ve compiled our method for detecting online scams, and have created a video course about it. It goes through free resources, as well as the different ways that we use to check if a site is indeed a scam.

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