What is BigCommerce? (Is worth the try?)

We are currently facing a situation where our movements are limited and some establishments are restricted to open. And perhaps your business is one of those establishments that are closed because of the threat of CoVid-19 to our health.

And for the past months, we are getting the things we want and the things that we really need online for us to minimize the risk of being infected by the virus. Hence, many of the entrepreneurs are continually shifting into the online platforms.

Many shopping sites are considered to be a great way to introduce various products and earn money. Therefore, making them earn more money. Nonetheless, there are also sites that entice business owners to put up their stores in theirs for them to get money and to fool people. Hence, many business owners also are being scammed and are losing money because of the faulty site they logged into. 

Today, BigCommerce is a widely known e-commerce platform that helps entrepreneurs have their income increase. Just like other websites, this is a place where you can put up your store and sell products in it. Let us see if BigCommerce is a profitable, essential, and a helpful site for the entrepreneur’s use.

BigCommerce Review Summary

Product Name: BigCommerce

Product Type: eCommerce

Summary: BigCommerce is known as one the top e-commerce platforms in the world. It is an online platform that allows you to set up an online store. It allows you to add products to your store and get income on your website. It’s designed to help you to continually increase your income in selling online

Best For: Online Selling

Rating: 6 out of 10


What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is known as one the top e-commerce platforms in the world. It is an online platform that allows you to set up an online store. It allows you to add products to your store and get income on your website. It’s designed to help you to continually increase your income in selling online.

This is the best site for businesses that are developing at a quick pace. And other sites say that most people wouldn’t outgrow this site. This means that even when you will already have a large or a fast-growing business, this site will still be usable and profitable for you to use. 

This site has more features, sales tools, and other essential things an e-commerce site must have, compared to its competitors. Thus, making this site a fantastic platform to help boost large businesses.

How does it work?

BigCommerce works by assisting their customers put up their personal online store and make their money grow. They offer a variety of features that is very advantageous and very profitable, especially for fast-growing business. The site gives you a lot of chances to make money out of your products.

Before making money, you must first make an account and sign-up. Visit www.bigcommerce.com to access the site. And then, you must first pay the rates of the plans that you wish to have. The site will give you 3 choices to pick from. After paying the fees, you can now put up your online store and start making your products.

How do you earn it with it?

In simple terms, you earn in BigCommerce by putting up your own store and making your own products. By doing this, customers will come in and buy your products. The more customers you attract, the more money you’re going to make. So it’s very important for you to know different strategies and techniques that you can apply in marketing your product on this site.


It’s the most stable e-commerce site

This site boasts of its ability to continually develop or grow without having any major problems even though they are facing a large spike in production. This is a good thing for an e-commerce site like BigCommerce because this allows their members or the entrepreneurs signed in in this site to be assured that the site they’re a member of is a very flexible and a very stable platform to sell you products in.

It offers more built-in features compared to any of their opponents.

BigCommerce is known for its unique and more features that most of their competitors lack. This is a big advantage for this site to have. This can already attract more people to sign in because they have the guarantee that they’re income is more likely to grow in this site than in others.

The themes in the site are superb

The themes that you can choose from in this site are very impressive and striking. Members agree that the designs and themes that the site offers are of high quality. This will allow you to reach more customers because the designs you use are very magnificent. But sadly, not of all of the designs that you can get are free. Some themes

You can manage different sales channels on this site.

This is a great feature that allows you to sell across multiple and different channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, eBay, and more platforms that helps your product access and reach more people that can purchase your product. This will be your central point for you to control and manage the sites mentioned above. Hence, making you more productive while getting in touch with more people.

It supports different currencies

This is a great feature that a site like this has. This will not make your business nation-wide but also WORLD-WIDE! You can reach and sell your product to people across the 7 continents. Thus, gaining more money as you introduce you products to the world.

The site has three different pricing plans

BigCommerce offers three different pricing rates that goes from $29 to $299 a month. This enables their customers to be exposed to different choices that they have to pick from. But they must know that different prices include different advantages or features. The higher the price you pay for, the more advantages and benefits you will have.

Good Reviews 

A lot of people that already tried using this site testifies that they are having a good time and their money is continually growing. Many members attest of the great things the site offers as well as the things the site features.


The jargons and lingos used are hard for beginners to understand.

The site is more of an ’intermediate to advanced” level of entrepreneurs. This is because of the terminologies that the site uses are hard for amateurs to understand and grasp. Thus, making this site only for seasoned and experienced business owners.

Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate: Safer way to build a business!

If you are interested in starting or growing your business and in increasing you income, I highly recommend Affiliate Marketing! It is somewhat similar and different to dropshipping. Here are some reasons why.

Free Sign-Up

Just like the dropshipping, affiliate marketing also is a free start-up business for everyone. Online stores like Amazon and other popular products offer an affiliate program with a free sign up. Interested entrepreneurs can sign up and join the affiliate program to promote links of the merchants.

All you need to have is a website and a domain where you can market your products! Wealthy Affiliate is free yet very helpful when it comes to this because they cater the basic needs of an entrepreneur. It is like a one-stop platform for affiliate marketing!

Their features also include:

  1. Tools and Training – they offer training, tools and modules that will help you start up this business. Here a rough list of what you’ll have for free:

• Live Help – First 7 Days

• 1 Website

• Website Backup

• Beginner Training Course

• Personal Affiliate Blog

• Affiliate Bootcamp Training – Phase 1 Only

• Video Walk-Throughs

• Keyword Research Tool – 30 Searches

• Training Classrooms – 2

• Affiliate Program

• 1-on-1 Coaching – First 7 Days

  1. Community – you will not go through it alone! You can learn from people who have been where you are right now and learn from their experiences!

If you are looking for a one-stop platform for everything that you need then Wealthy Affiliate is also an excellent choice for you. It covers market research tools, web building tools, domain registration, website hosting, website backups, site security, and other related concerns!

Instead of paying different services from different companies, choosing Wealthy Affiliate will lessen your effort and expenses! It literally provides everything so you can start earning. Try it out!

Passive Income

This is one of the great things about affiliate marketing! It is profitable even when you sleep! You can earn a passive income with it. You have to work on your outputs and research but it doesn’t require a full-time activity for you. As long as you there are people buying products through your affiliate link, you are earning! 

Unlike dropshipping where you are in charge of setting up a store and inventory, in affiliate marketing you simply help them find the best deals and quality products by leading them to the right store or brand. This is safer wherein you wouldn’t have to worry about copyright and legal claims.

If you are to check Wealthy Affiliate, they are already partners to thousands of different legitimate merchants and products. It wouldn’t be hard for you to find the right niche!

No Customer Support

You wouldn’t have to worry much about the customer service and satisfaction because your merchant will do it for you. You simply have to look for the products and affiliate programs to join in. Then, simply keep the traffic coming in your website!

With Wealthy Affiliate, you do have to download multiple apps or get several services for the things that you will use. It already offers all the start-up and build-up that you will need in starting your business. Here are some that is included when you sign up for free:

  1. Access on their main website
  2. Inclusive of training, mentoring and videos!
  3. You will have a community to learn from and will you grow your business
  4. The tools you’ll be needing like a website and connections to channels are also included!

There more to see and find out! Check out Wealthy Affiliate!

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