Who Is luxuryfactory-service@outlook.com? (Be Wary of This Dubious Email!)

Who is luxuryfactory-service@outlook.com? This email address has become a notorious symbol in the world of online scams, used by deceptive sites to exploit consumers. 

These sites, often appearing legitimate, use this email to create a facade of authenticity, luring unsuspecting shoppers into their traps. 

But what lies beneath this veneer of trustworthiness? How do these sites operate? Let’s unravel the truth behind this dubious email.

How Scam Site Associated With luxuryfactory-service@outlook.com operate?

Let’s dissect how scam sites associated with luxuryfactory-service@outlook.com operate. 

These findings are not just alarming but eye-opening, revealing the sophisticated methods used to deceive online shoppers. Here’s what you need to know:

Recent Registrations

A screenshot that shows the domain information of armeds.online

A striking pattern among sites associated with luxuryfactory-service@outlook.com is their recent domain registration. 

For instance, armeds.online, a typical example, was registered on September 4, 2023. This recent creation date is a common trait among scam websites. 

Scammers often set up new sites rapidly, use them to deceive people, and then shut them down before moving on to create another. 

This tactic helps them stay ahead of authorities and continue their fraudulent activities under the radar. 

Dubious Company Connections

A screenshot that shows armeds.online operates under the company Novva Limited

Many of these scam sites are tied to Novva Limited, a company notorious for its involvement in online fraud.

A screenshot that shows the list of scam sites that operates under Novva limited as per scamwatcher.com

Here is the list of scam sites under this dubious company as per scamwatcher.com:

  • bewoix.com- bewoix@gmail.com
  • garagenbest.com | support@koronacide.com
  • hasaletoy.com- support@hasaletoy.com
  • coarswe.com- support@coarswe.com
  • productlistus.com- support@productlistus.com
  • inventorypromotion.com- customerservices@inventorypromotion.com
  • swapplaceca.com- customerservices@swapplaceca.com
  • uliaeats.com– support@uliaeats.com
  • strataet.com- support@mqnetworktechnology.zendesk.com
  • ceurwa.com- support@ceurwa.com
  • reachpageca.com– customerservices@reachpageca.com
  • zeyiuor.com- support@zeyiuor.com
  • universitycask.com- customerservices@universitycask.com
  • bersect.com- support@bersect.com
  • sonatarice.com- customerservices@sonatarice.com
  • inventoryretailer.com- customerservices@inventoryretailer.com
  • yiseten.com- support@yiseten.com
  • blocksupercc.com- customerservices@blocksupercc.com
  • alwaysbigca.com- customerservices@alwaysbigca.com
  • modnear.com- customerservices@modnear.com 

This company operates a large number of fraudulent sites, each designed to trick consumers. 

The connection to Novva Limited is a significant red flag, indicating a high likelihood of scamming activities. 

Identical About Us Page Content

A screenshot of the about us page content of armeds.online

A common tactic used by these fraudulent sites is the plagiarism of their ‘About Us’ page content.

A screenshot of the list others websites that used the same about us page content

This content is also identical to the content of other questionable sites, such as:

  • capri-diamond.com- support@capri-diamond.com
  • rosely-qubder.com- support@rosely-qubder.com
  • beautyfeii.com- support@beautyfeii.com
  • supine-cat.com- support@supine-cat.com
  • peryfisoin.com- backing@peryfisoin.com
  • deceive-or-delude.com- support@deceive-or-delude.com
  • iridescent-silhouette.com- support@iridescent-silhouette.com
  • eneralizek.com- support@eneralizek.com
  • voyagell.com- glow@voyagell.com
  • raidley.com- service@raidley.com
  • purenessy.com 
  • northernw.com- prompt@northernw.com
  • tonal-diamond.com- support@tonal-diamond.com
  • peemonal.com- value@peemonal.com

This lack of originality is a clear indicator of a scam. Legitimate businesses take pride in their uniqueness and authenticity, crafting original content that reflects their brand. 

In contrast, scam sites often cut corners by copying content, revealing their lack of legitimacy and intent to deceive.

Risky Mode Of Payment

A screenshot that shows armeds.online only allow credit card transaction as mode of payment

These scam sites typically limit payment options to credit cards, a method that poses significant risks to consumers. 

By restricting payment methods, these sites aim to bypass more secure options like PayPal, which offers additional layers of protection and dispute resolution. 

Credit card transactions on unverified sites can lead to unauthorized charges and identity theft. 

Fraudulent Websites Associated with luxuryfactory-service@outlook.com

A screenshot that shows armeds online use the fraudulent email luxuryfactory-service@outlook.com

When delving into the world of online scams, certain websites stand out for their shady connections to luxuryfactory-service@outlook.com. These include sites like:

  • armeds.online
  • mastely.online
  • scopese.online

These platforms, claiming to be legitimate e-commerce sites, use the luxuryfactory-service@outlook.com email to lend an air of credibility. 

However, a closer look reveals a pattern of deceit. From offering non-existent products to fabricating customer reviews, these sites are designed to trap the unwary. 

The Conclusion

So, who is luxuryfactory-service@outlook.com? It’s a façade for a network of online scams, intricately woven to deceive and exploit unsuspecting shoppers. 

These sites, often linked to the dubious Novva Limited, use plagiarized content and risky payment methods to ensnare their victims. 

As we journey through the digital age, staying informed and vigilant is our best defense against such deceptions. 

Remember, in the vast expanse of the internet, not everything is as it seems. Stay alert, stay informed, and let’s keep our online world a safe space for all.

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